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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Party Tonight!

From my honey!
Tomorrow is Canada Day, which means that we are sitting on the eve of an extra long weekend up here in the Great White North. Tomorrow also happens to be my wonderful husband's BIRTHDAY, so the party is going to start extra early tonight!
Go sign up for the Mookie and tune in to BDR for all the fun, festivities, shots and shenanigans!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010


After a brief streak last month I ended up busto about 2 weeks ago. Too many tourneys and not enough cash games killed me in the end. Cash game getting stronger but mainly I continue to have success with Rush games.
So anyway I built my bankroll back up by purchasing tickets with my FT points and my iron man medals. Worked my way up almost immediately to a $75 ticket. Cashed that out with a matrix super turbo for a $40 cash. I'm enjoying this simple system but have not been able to recreate my original success quite yet.
But I also got a msg from muhctim last night telling me about the Pokersluts game. I've played in this a small number of times but this week it was $1 rebuy!! woot woot. I ran goot and took 2nd. Pinkystinky was spewing chips early but made a huge late run to get into the money. I especially ran goot against him. It was brutal. And FANTASTICALLY FUN! Me loves some $1 rebuy action. Thanks Mike and thank you PokerSluts!

Don't forget about the charity game this Wednesday. Same time as The Mookie. We actually intended to replace The Mookie this week but ended up with both. Oh well? We'll get over it.