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Monday, March 31, 2008

Wookin Pa Nub

Slowly getting back in to the swing of things. Last week knocked the crap out of me. I was sick, bored, and not treating myself well. Which of course made me sick for longer, my bad.
But now I feel revived, fresh, clean, and vibrant! Why you ask? Well let's see.

1. Got my new phone, a blackberry, and can actually make phone calls. My old one had to be plugged in as the battery was toast 6 months ago.

2. Because I got a new phone number with my phone, don't ask, I had to make the rounds and get a hold of anyone who has my old number. Family, friends, debt collectors, you know? the whole gang! It was great to catch up with so many friends that I really had no reason as to why I hadn't spoken to some of them in sooooo long. Any bloggers out there wanting my new number can just email me or ask via IM.

3. My house is almost livable again. Neighbors moved out this weekend and with them goes that damn dog! I fucking hated that thing. See I live in a duplex with paper walls and whenever they leave the dog barks and howls THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME THEY'RE GONE!!! There is even a hole in my wall where my foot banging went a bit far one Saturday morning around 7 fucking am. AND they gave me their old dishwasher!!! WOOT!!!! My kitchen is now cleaner then when I moved in!!!

4. My workplace surprised us with a nice little bonus last week! This gets me ohhhhh sooo much closer to being out of debt. Man that feels good!

5. And finally being sick has some rewards. Losing Weight!!! I finally got down below 200 baby!!! People who haven't met me might want to know I'm 6'4" so that's about where I want to be. Now I just need to get healthy and keep the weight off. This wasn't exactly the most ideal way to get thinner but I'll take it.

I would have mentioned the weather helping my mood and all that stuff that comes with Spring but it still fucking snowed last week and pissed me off.

Poker? Covered most of The Big Game last night. Didn't play the tourney but threw some money away in a blogger cash game. OHHH and I won a PUSHFEST last week!!!! Yeah baby!!! Vindication!!! This week looks to be like most with BuddyDank Radio shows on Tuesday, Wednesday and now Tragedy will be regularly doing Thursdays as well. I'm still looking for someone to fill in on Mondays!!!
Most likely not playing tonight BUT tomorrow everything starts over with the BBT3 points if you're looking to score the next $2000 prize package for Aprils point leader. Things are still too close to call for March as the top two are seperated by small margin. I might have to log in to check that out!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pro's playing with bloggers? WTF?

Tonight you have a chance to take a shot at beating Josh Arieh during the Bodonkey. There is even a bounty of $100 on him so make sure and get in the game! BuddyDank Radio will be live on air this week during the Bodonkey and Skillz games! Who will be on live with me? No clue! But I'll find something.

Everyone around me being sick finally caught up with me. So I'll be taking some naps today and then drink a redbull or something for tonight!

Any Blackberry users out there? I'm getting ready to purchase one so I'd love to know if people like the Curve or the Pearl more??? They do have a gold Curve to match my car though......SOLD!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Wii Theory

Woot! Final table streak continues! I went out of the Mook last night in 6th.(I think?) Had a good run of cards at the right time and again won some races yadda yadda yadda. But my big test last night was with the Wii. Hoyazo had posted about his recent run of cashes in the 50-50 and playing Wii Baseball during the breaks. So last night during the Mookie I played the Wii Baseball homerun contest during every break and even after some beats I took. Surprisingly I continued to make good progress in the tourney and was even the chip leader at the final table for a short time. Did playing the Wii help my game? The results aren't complete yet so I might have to do some more testing. It is a fun way to get out some aggression quickly and may have stopped me from tilting. I did make some crucial mistakes at the final table that I have hopefully pin pointed. Now that doesn't mean I won't make those mistakes again but knowledge is power people!

Tonight is the Riverchasers! Too bad I suck at Omadraw. But BDR will be on air and I know how excited you all are about that.(crickets)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Radio interruptus

After a short day at the office I headed home. Upon arriving I find that I have no internet. No biggie. It happens. Reboot the modem and wait.....wait....huh? Still not coming on. Screw around some more....nope. Nada. WTF???
Goes to get phone and beep beep bip bop beep.....ring........ring.......Thank you for calling Qwest, someone should be right with you.....................
First gentleman I spoke to did some digging and came back saying I had been disconnected for nonpayment. I can't remember how long it's been since I'd paid it so that makes sense, my bad. So he transfers me to another department that can take a payment and turn it back on. CLICK......oops we got disconnected. I call back and of course no one has a clue that I had called before, why would they? Problem is that this new guy can't find anything in the records that show I've been disconnected.
'You only owe $42 sir, that can't be the problem.'
Took some time to convince him that I had indeed been disconnected. And this time the lovely transfer worked so I could make my payment.
'They disconnected you for $42?' says the guy taking my info.
Sounded odd to me too as I have paid late before up to $120 due. I never did get a straight answer for why I was disconnected this time for so little money due. But now that I'd paid that huge some of money owed to them he promised that it should be back on in 2-4 hours. Woohoo! But by this time it was already past normal working hours so I asked if that mattered at all. YEP! THEN WHY SAY 2-4 HOURS WHEN HE KNOWS THERE IS ZERO CHANCE OF IT HAPPENING THAT DAY!!!!! FAIL!!! No internets for me!

So no BDR last night or poker for me because I'm such a degenerate that I can't pay my bills on time. Lesson learned. Not completely understood mind you but learned.

MOOKIE MOOKIE MOOKIE MOOKIE!!! Tonight! Be there or be ghey!!!

Something has been bothering me lately. It has to do with this whole Governor of New York scandal. Yes I know, total shock to all that a man in a position of authority would do something like this. That's not what bothers me. The problem is that if you are going to pay that large sum of money for sex with a woman then there are reasons behind it right? I mean, if it was the hottest 18 year old virgin on the planet and you get to pop that then maybe. But we know that is not what he was paying that much for. So why so much. Well it's rather obvious that a man in his position would only have 1 reason. BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING SECRET NO ONE CAN FUCKING KNOW ABOUT!!!! That's it! That's all!!
So here's my beef with this. It's no longer a secret. Everyone knows!!! But what I want to know if did he get a refund???? If I paid that amount of money for a service that was expensive because of privacy issues and it got leaked.....I WOULD ASK FOR MY FUCKING MONEY BACK!!!! MAYBE EVEN SUE THE BASTARDS!!! You're already ruined. Life in politics is over for you and you may need that money some day. They broke the deal and now it's time for some payback!!
Well this might have been discussed before but I didn't see it anywhere so there you have it. Sorry but it's been bothering me.

Make sure and tune into BDR tonight!!! That is unless I forgot to pay my power bill.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fear of Waffles

Made a last minute decision to play in the MATH last night. Hadn't won a token but after some success last week I didn't see it as a horrible idea just to buy in. I was also trying to get a new dj in training going on BDR when I look up as my table opens and there is Waffles! Damn it! And of course right away we get in a hand when I'm dealt Aces. Board was 72x something and when the 3rd heart came on the turn I slowed way down. Funny thing is that Waffles had Kings and got away cheap. Damn it! I feared the hammer raise from Waffles but more so the ridicule that would almost certainly destroy me if I went out against Waffles. That's real fear right there. After last week when I was trying to open up my game more, this turned out to be a great format to continue with. I can count on one hand how many 6max tourney I've played but this was my best finish by far. Shortly after the first break I got a little aggressive with AQ but managed to double up when AQ>AK! Woot! And that was pretty much my only suckout of the entire game. I did crack Aces with K3s but that was his own fault for slowing playing the rockets so not really a suckout. Slowed down when we got to 3 tables and soon enough I was at the final table! Woot! Went out in 5th jamming K9s from the SB but was four flushed by Q2.

I love the idea of other people running the show on BDR so I can focus on poker at least some of the time. Either that or I'm just on a lucky streak.
Thanks to Numbono for DJ'ing last night and I hope he enjoyed it enough to come back!

Skillz? Bodonkey?? Not sure I'll be playing yet but you should! So go sign up!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I love poker!

Holy shit! If you missed the Friday donkarama then you missed out. 13 entrants. Down to the final table of 9 within the first half hour of play. Twoblackaces pushing almost EVERY hand in the first hour. And by almost every hand I mean I saw him fold twice! Even though he didn't have an exact count for the number of rebuys he almost certainly broke the record. After the rebuy hour finished we had over $160 in the prize pool. I personally contributed about $27 myself. Twoblackaces and I had both lost on the last hand of the hour so we were the short stacks. He hit me up with a little last longer bet that I ended up winning. But my streak continued as I fought my way to heads up against Schaubs. It took him getting set over set to take me out so I don't feel too much like his little bitch. Again! Good Times! 2 2nd places in 2 days is good for me and my bankroll!

Happy St Patty's Day! Now I have a good excuse to get ripped tonight! Woot!

MATH tonight! Not sure if I'll donate but I'll think about it. Maybe even do some drunken Irish radio or sumthin'. Might even have a new host for Monday nights!! Still looking for people to take over on nights other than Wednesdays!!?? Hit me up if you want to give it a try.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't forget that today is a holiday!

Now all I need to do is go get the perfect steak!(also needs to be capable of giving me a BJ)

Good times

It was nice to actually have fun while playing poker again. I'd been on such a cold streak that it was getting discouraging. But last night during the Riverchasers I was able to get to the final table and even heads up against Swimom. It was great! Not as great as it would have been if I won. But still great. So yes 2nd place for me and she get's the TOC seat dang it. I felt I played well but of course had some pretty darn entertaining suck outs to stay alive when I need it most. Like I said, Good Times!

I said this last night on the show but I'll say it again. When I sat down last night to play I had a feeling. Plus since I had no guest for the show I had decided to mainly play music and concentrate on the game. Weird part is that it seemed to work for me. Guess I'll have make sure I play the game ever now and again instead of trying to do a full blown show on BDR and just waiting for aces.

Woot! The weekend is here already and the weather is finally getting better. No clue what I'm doing but it will most likely involve much laziness.
Peace out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Some have pointed out and others may have noticed(or not) that I have not been on the air personally since last Wednesday. Well tonight I will definitely be back on the air! Just needed a little personal time for Buddy. But of course BDR has not been off the air this whole time. Tragedy has been doing a stellar job of covering the events! Thanks IT! You're the bestest!

Tonight we have The Mookie as the 8th? event of the BBT3. As well as special coverage of the HUC finals between Emptyman and Recess Rampage. Should be good times so make sure and tune in.
Special Guests??? Errr.....anyone wanna be on tonight who hasn't before??? Holler at me if interested.

No new remembrance of dreams but I'll let you know when I do.

I have something kind of interesting that I might be writing about here in the near future. It's a bit personal and it would probably open myself to tons of ridicule but what the fuck do I care? Right? Hmmm...we'll have to see I guess.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What to do to die today

So there I am, licking my balls! The taste was salty but sweet with the occasional hair stuck on the back of my tongue. Nothing out of place. All was normal. And my view of this normalcy started me thinking. Do I really have the dexterity to lick my own balls??? Wait??!! These are MY balls that I'm licking right? So weird because nothing seemed odd about licking my balls. The odd part was that I was more flexible than usual.
After a little more grooming of my nether regions I came to realize that: 1. I wouldn't lick my own balls if I could.(maybe?) 2. I physically can't!(although they are kinda stretchy?) 3. If I am doing this then there must be another explanation.(BAM)
Then I woke up.

This was the first time I can remember being in a dream and actually figuring out for myself in that dream that I was in fact dreaming. This was an interesting revelation for myself. Because if I am able to know when I'm dreaming then I should be able to control them. I've heard of this before but don't know anyone capable of it.
Rarely do I ever even remember any of my dreams. I've read about keeping a notebook by the bed and writing down your dreams right when you wake up but have never tried. I'm not even sure this would help with the controlling aspect of a dream. Maybe I need to do some more research?

Anyone else out there with a similar experience? Aside from the ball licking of course but not limited to it either.

Last week on and special Iowa Boy edition of BDR we were discussing holding our own event here in Iowa. Corn Vegas!!! We have a number of bloggers who are pretty close to our area up in Minnesota. A few others in surrounding states and even more who said they would be willing to travel.

WOW! Really? Iowa? People using vacation time??? for Iowa??? Well OK!

Now we just need to find a good time when it would be suitable and fit in the schedule of the 20+ events that are already planned. So keeps your ears tuned in and we'll figure something out.

Wow? Really?? Iowa??

BuddyDank Radio should be live tonight during the Bodonkey and Skillz challenges.
Tune in!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


How you doin'?

For some odd reason my head hurts today. Hmm..oh well. Probably something to do with Buddy having a little fun last night. Went out early in the Mook so I had plenty of free time to get my drink on. Sure hope everyone enjoyed the acoustic death metal version of Country Roads.
I did however get 3rd in the Dookie for the 2nd week in a row! Woot!!!

I'm so fawking tired as of late. No more radio for me until next week. I need a break and to actually get some shit done around the house. I did get a good start by putting my extra set of couches on Craigslist. Funny because I'd never used CL before so I put it in the Free section with the title FREE CRAPPY COUCH!! I have now received over a dozen responses from people who can come get it right away. In fact I only had 1 person requested a picture of it because they had a long way to drive to come get it??? Weird. I think I need to start post more on CL to get rid of my old crap. I really just wanted the couch and chair out of my office at home for more expansions to BDR. Now I think I might be able to make some dough selling oddities. Why not? Right?

Tragedy will be on air this evening for the Riverchasers. I'll be watching LOST and doing some mental masturbating to fantasies of Kate hooking up with Jack. I hate it how she keeps hooking up with Sawyer. Fawking stop it!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh happy day!

Weird. My entire weekend was interesting but I was the most excited about one thing. I'VE LOST OVER 20 POUNDS!!! WOOT!!! I had not been on a scale since around Christmas and I was over 225 at the time. So after changing a few of my eating habits I was sure I had lost some weight but I was surprised to see how much. It was a nice little lifting of my spirits.

Made the last second decision to play in the Big Game. Survived the first 2 hours but went out shortly after that running the best hand I'd seen in a hour into Hoy's rockets. GG.
Of course everyone knows by now who won. Congrats to all who made it deep.

The other last second decision of the night was to broadcast on BDR. Maybe not the best idea since I was playing but oh well. After I was knocked out it seemed like a good idea to finish up some work on the computer. And I never made it back to the broadcast due to falling asleep while waiting for an update to finish. Thanks to Tragedy and ScottMc for finishing things up. No clue how long they were on but I appreciate it none the less.
No show tonight but tune in Tuesday for coverage on the Skillz and Bodonkey.