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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Box O' Wine=Dookie Win!!

Fawk me. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to get so hammered that early last night. I forgot to play old clips from shows I had spent hours cutting up. I lost track of who was going to come on air and was too wasted to help those having trouble getting connected. And I'm pretty sure that I made a huge ass of myself on the webcam.


I had one hell of a good time!

Thanks to everyone who stopped in and hung out during the show. I had hoped to get more people on but failed. My memory isn't the greatest from that later hours so hopefully I'm not forgetting something stupid I did or said.

However I do remember WINNING THE DOOKIE!!! No clue how I won but I'll take it. I just remember looking down at the final table to see just 3 of us left and I seriously have no idea what got me to that point. I hope I have the hand histories saved because I thought I was folding the whole time but must have a played a few hands in there. And I've read that I was a 10-1 dog when we got heads up. Maybe I should try to play poker more often after half a box o wine?

I feel like hell today and can't imagine doing much tonight but I'll stick my head in during the Riverchasers to see what's up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 1st Anniversary for BDR

Today is the day. One year ago this week I did my first coverage of The Mookie on BDR. Tonight will be about catching up with what has happened in the past year. Clips from old shows and hopefully a slew of friends hanging out all night. Might even have to get the webcam out again.

I have contacted some previous guests to make appearances but I want to invite you all. Anyone who wants to come on for a short bit who has previously been on or not just needs to contact me. Jet me an email Or you can reach me on Yahoo Messenger at cracksmokingrobot.

We'll be drinking ourselves silly and having a good old time playing in The Mookie so drop on by and stay awhile. I'm going to try to get started early but with most of the festivities starting around 9pm Central.

I'd love to sit here and write about the past year but I still have a bunch to get done for the show tonight. TUNE IN!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Celebrate Good Times!

Wednesday May 28th!!! BuddyDank Radio/Live Poker Radio will be celebrating its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! So make sure and tune into the show during The Mookie this week. We will have clips from old shows and guests returning live all night long to join in the festivities. There just might be a couple super ghey games and ghey prizes. Can I get a WOOT!?

Get ready to bring the funk!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm going to kill everyone

Frustration, stress and life in general are really starting to get to me. Today I had thoughts of just running down a rollerblader with my car, strangling the girl who made my sandwich at Subway, and turning my car around to chase the fucker who yelled at me while at a stop sign. I, of course, would never harm another human without better reasons then I had here but something about today has me fuming. The slightest things have been setting me off.

But poker is not one of them. I find myself caring less and less about playing poker. My chances of winning anything worthwhile in the BBT or the Bodonk series are slim to none. I still enjoy playing but I've lost sight of any goals for the time being. It may have more to do with money being tight than anything else but for now I'm content playing once or twice a week. Plus I keep hearing more and more about people not being able to withdraw funds from FT and PS. Not that it's a big issue with me at the moment but it's kind of a buzz kill.

I'll stop my bitching and moaning for now and get on with things.

We are still looking for people interested in submitting logo ideas for Live Poker Radio. Email me

Don't forget that next week is BDR/LPR's 1 year aniversary! We'll be drinking it up, heavily, next Wednesday during The Mookie. Tonight we'll be on air doing that thing we love to do. Tune in!

PS- I really need to get laid. That should help with the murderous thoughts don't ya think?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Better Times

(cue Enya music)

I sit here and stare at the animated gif I have 2 posts down and I remember a time in my life where I was being creative and challenging myself. Doing the things I loved as well as the the neccesities in life required to be an adult. Most of those 'happier' years were spent living in Colorado. Over the past 18 years I have lived in Colorado 3 times. The last ended after working a dead end but very good job for 3 years. I moved back to Iowa in search for something different but really I have no clue what I was looking for besides a change.

Things started off well but now another 3+ years have gone by and that itch for change is back. I don't think it's necessary to rehash all the moving around I've done in my life but we'll just say 3 years in a row is the longest I've ever lived anywhere. Most had moderately successful outcomes but always went nowhere. Friends have been lost and forgotten. New ones take their place and an illusion of normalcy sets in.

Will this time be different? Will I be happy? Am I ghey?(swing away Tragedy, swing away)

I have to say that I believe so. I believe it in my heart and that is not a regular occurrence.

The change is coming. Soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My mind is racing

.....just a bit. OK so a shit load but who's counting.

There is still so much I would like to talk about here and let you all know but can't quite yet. We're moving fast and so I should be able to give everyone the lowdown soon.
We do have one big announcement! We are having a contest and are looking for some ideas about the new Live Poker Radio logo. All you have to do is make a design by next Wednesday and post it on your blog. You can also send any entries straight to me a We will be picking a winner and that person will win a jacket and hat with the new logo embroidered. We're looking for anything and everything. Got a real basic design, cool. Or if you have the background to design a 3 color graphic that's even better.
Got questions? Let me know.

Tune in tonight for Tragedy's coverage of the Riverchasers at 8pm Central.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Our good friend Poker Peaker has written an awesome article over at Pokerworks.
Go check it out!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Times and Errgh?

Well, the past 3 days were a blast. We did our best to get and give the news and updates as they happened. But in the end there was disappointment. Dissappointment??? What?? Where?? When???
As some of you know the final four in the tourney worked out some sort of chop. We had been asked earlier in the day to take down anything in print on the live blog about the possibility of a chop. So when it actually happened we were stuck. We couldn't post about the chop without risking our ties with the Borgata. AND we were unable to get confirmation from anyone that we could even talk about it on the air. It took the steam out of our stride and just fizzled. Later we learned it WAS ok to mention it on the air but again were asked to tone down any mention of it in the live blog.
But the sick part was not being able to report the big story as it was happening. There were all sorts of problems with the chop. One guy put up a stink about not getting the deal he thought he signed for and tried to renegotiate AFTER he was out of the tourney. We were right in the thick of it and couldn't do a damn thing about it without risking everything. It all came down to some New Jersey law about casinos being involved in chops, which they were not, but were more intestested in covering there tracks just in case. There were no flops and no one ever turned up their cards as they took out each player in the order agreed. Completely fucked up and majorly anti-climatic.
Now I'm not at all disappointed with how the 3 days of coverage went for us on our first venture out. Things went very well and we had a damn good time. We learned from our mistakes and know more of what is needed for future broadcasts. Riggs and Pert went all out in AC to make this happen and I can't thank them enough. Tragedy came through with some incredible interviews with Scott Fischman and Allen Cunningham that we will probably be running on air for a long time. And I got to speak with, however so briefly, Cheryl Hines!!! I'm such a dork.

Speaking of dorks. I was going through some old videos I created a number of years ago and put some up on youtube. Here's my favorite.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

WTF it's Tuesday???Seems like it should be later in the week but oh well.

Final Table coverage all day today and tonight for the Borgata 500k on Live Poker Radio. Depending on how early that game finishes, we will also be checking out the Skillz and Bodonkey so make sure and tune in.

Too much going on with everything to mention it all here. But these super long broadcasts are wearing me out a bit. Not to worry as we are almost done.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 1 done with much more to come

Wow what a day. For those that have their heads in their asses, BDR transformed into Live Poker Radio this weekend with our broadcast of Day1 of the Borgata 500k Garauntee. We were on through out the day Sunday for around 13 hours. Things went very well for our first time attempting something a bit different than our regular shows. Check out the live blog on We will be starting up again tonight for Day 2 converage around 7pmEST.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support. We really appreciate it.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Vroom Vroom

Just got the new rims and tires on the Stang baby!!!
Check it out!

And here's a shot of the old and new to show how much thicker these bad boys are!

In other crazy surreal newz! I'll give you a tease of some things to look forward to during BDR's Borgata broadcast.
Scott Fischman discusses his win in the BBT3.
An interview with the winner of the WSOP-C Allen Cunningham.
And fucking movie and tv stars on BDR!!!!!(if they'll give us the time of day)
That's just the beginning.