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Friday, March 30, 2007

OMG!!! I am sooooo buying this!!!!

Check this OUT!!!

Eminem's mother fucking Mustang!!! It's purple!!! It's....not all really that interesting.

Poker's up and poker's down. Yadda to the dada.

The Ex moved out today so I got that going for me.

.....uhm...oh yeah! I made a bong out of a container of cranberry juice. It's pretty sweet.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Success comes with failure.

I final tabled a 10 dollar 280 man tourney the other day and placed ITM in 4 or 5 of my recent SNG tables. But then I lost most of it trying to play cash games, I need to stop trying to make moves during those games. All in all I'm happy about most of it.

This past weekend I went to look at the Mustang I'd been posting about and it was majorly fucked up. There was alot more damage than they had disclosed so we passed on that one and I'll just keep looking. The problem is that I keep finding nicer ones that I like but cannot afford. I guess I'll just have to deal.

And the countdown has started to moving the ex out of my house. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Friday, March 23, 2007

2nd in the Mookie!!! ....again

I'm very happy about this. I'd been playing horribly lately and I really hope this will get me back on my game. Now if I can only figure out how to win one of these things. I've never won a MTT, let alone a blogger MTT. I'm pretty sure that I have finished in every other place possible at a final table. (2nd thru 9th) Tips? Suggestions?

Going to get my car tomorrow!!!! It's one bad ass bitch! Or at least it's going to be. Sucky part is I have a poker game tonight that usually goes till around 2:00am and I have to leave at 5:00am to drive to South Dakota to get the car. I'll live, plus all the excitement behind getting a new car should keep me awake.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On the ropes.

So as you probably read on almost everyone's blog, Neteller made an announcement that they just might give us all our money in 75 days. I won't go on. But........
I've been trying to make a big decision about buying a car. The mustang I wanted before was sold before I could even go look at it. And now I have found another one. It's newer and more expensive but I really want it!!!!

See everyone at the Mookie!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

What to do?

Sorry, no real poker news. I again taking a short break. With the break up situation with my ex and driving her around to look at apartments and cars and such in hopes that she will actually move out at the end of the month, arghhhhhhhh.
Plus I think I'm going to buy another car. I found this 99 Mustang at the junk yard that has minimal front end damage. The front bumper has been torn off, but the hood and fenders are untouched. The engine also seems peachy so I'm going to make an offer on Saturday. Then since the front bumper is missing anyway, I'm looking into an after market front end that looks a little snazzier. I'll trick it out a bit and then maybe repaint the whole thing. It's currently blue, which isn't bad but I might go for something a bit more interesting.
You may be wondering, is this guy a mechanic who fixes up cars and shit. Or is he loaded and pays to have this kinda work done. Well, if I was loaded I wouldn't be buying a car from a junkyard. Let alone a 99. I'm lucky enough to have a family that is very gifted. My stepdad is the freakin master. I've fixed up a couple cars with him already and they always go from wrecked to looking like they just came from the factory. I always learn alot but at my place I don't have the garage or the tools to even attempt something like this.
Ok enough about cars.

My tourney brackets aren't going so well. In Miami Don's freebie I went with some crazy upsets that aren't panning out and in my company one we have 1 person who hasn't missed a single game yet. And she's our freaking secretary. Seriously she needs to be banned from office pools. During the heads up PGA golf thingy last month she destroyed us all and took down the money. She was the only one not to pick Tiger to go all the way. Talk about a luckbox.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Up and Down and Up and Down!

The weather was in the 60's all weekend and most of the snow is now gone.

I'm all over the place right now.
Lost about mid way through in the BloggerPods last night. My head just wasn't in the game. But Schaubs pulled out the win. He's my new hero for the week.

But I had a great weekend of playing Wii Sports and such. The Wii rocks the house. It's amazing to have a video game that also gives you a good workout. My arms are killing me today, too much boxing.

Broke up with my girlfriend who still lives with me. This is going to be a rough month, ergh.

Broke up with my girlfriend. I've been try to figure out how to do this for months.

I totally suck at 7 card Stud hi/low. Lost most of my stack when I made my flush and 2nd nut low to a straight flush nut low. Ouch.

Things are bound to even out eventually, right?

Friday, March 9, 2007

From Bad to Worse to Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

So things didn't turn out so well for me last night. I got more money into my FT account so I could play in the Riverchasers event. Started off alright by bluffing at a huge pot when it was checked to me on the river and then shortly after that I ran my set of 8's into a set of Q's. Arghhh! I guess I'll live.
A coworker of mine is also a big poker player and he's been going on and on about playing 7 card stud hi/low online and making a killing. He gave me the run down on his strategy and so I thought I give it a try. And although I was very new to the game I did pretty good. I started off just playing a limit game to get used to it and doubled my stack in about 30 minutes. So I moved up to a higher limit table and doubled again in about 30 more minutes. There are so seriously bad players at these tables. I even won a big pot with a pair of 4's three handed. I was playing my made low hand and these idiots kept betting and I'd raise and they'd call and in the end I win the high and low with crap. I may need to invest more time at these tables.
BUT something might be taking up more of my time!!!!
Today I got a Wii!!!!
My office pays for our membership to Sams Club and Costco so those of us who didn't have our memberships yet took a road trip to both today to get our cards. And Sam's had just gotten in 12 new Wii's!!! We bought six of them. At first they didn't want to sell us that many and accused us of wanting to sell them on Ebay but we politely explained that half of our office has been looking for them and there were 4 of us there anyway.
I can't wait to get home and play all night long.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Oh, OK. I guess I'll play poker again.

After taking about a week off from playing poker, I will be starting back up tonight.
I just found out that I'm 9th on the Riverchasers leader board and so now I want to be higher. My cards and attitude had been bad for about a month or so and my account was finally depleted last week But time to rebuy, suck it up, and get back in the swing of things.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Lately I find myself playing less poker and more UNO!
Uno is the most pointless game of luck but Xbox Live makes it a bit more interesting. I've only been playing for 3 days and so far I've seen KKK members, a guy pretending to hump his dog for 20 minutes, people having sex, and elicit drug use. How could you ask for anything more?!!
Since everyone has a cam on their xbox and this game came free with it, every pervert in the world seems to be playing uno. I can't get enough!
Trust me, go get an Xbox360 and Uno! You won't be disappointed.