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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My blog will be moving to over the next few days.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Traveling Blues

After doing so much traveling this summer I have found it difficult to get back into the swing of things. Poker has taken a backseat to searching for jobs, TV and just casual life. I still have plenty to write about my adventures in Europe and from The Bash but it's taking longer then I would like to get it into words.

Tonight we get back to poker with The Mookie! BDR will once again be broadcasting the event.

We also have an announcement for a new tournament that Numbbono has set up for us.
NumbBlowMe Invitational
Tournament # 63820195
8:30 pm CST
NLHE - 0.10 + 1.00
Unlimited dime rebuys until first break
Dime add-on of 1500 chips at first break
password = bdankradio

Yes a 10 cent REBUY! How many rebuys can a bunch of donkeys have in the first hour? My guess is A LOT. This is a one time event that depending on general interest may turn into a monthly event. We wanted to call it the FawkUNumbBlowMe Invitational but I guess that's to offensive. Go figure.

See you all at the tables tonight!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BDR Tonight

Tune in for Mookie Madness and a complete recap of The Bash. We'll be playing snippets from The Pub Olympics show we did Saturday. It includes interviews with Otis, Recess Rampage, Bobby Bracelet and The Rooster. Plus much much more.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 1

My last minute plans for The Bash went into effect Friday morning on a very early flight. A short layover in Chicago and I arrived in Philly. Luckily I got a txt msg from Riggs that Drizz was coming in around the same time. Quick call to Drizz and we're off to the closest bar to wait for BadBlood and Otis. Capn Cokes, burgers and the wonderful company of Drizzle. Hour or so later and we get the call that they have arrived. Off to the car rental place and we're ready to go. Met BadBlood for the first time and Otis for the second.

BadBlood is the master of the 12 point turn. Otis is one hell of a navigator and by that I mean we only got lost 2 or 3 times. During the drive I was exposed to the wonderfulness of XM Radio. They all seemed to have favorite channels but we managed to find something we could all enjoy. During the conversation about my ignorance of the latest satellite technologies was apparent and I let it slip that I didn't actually even have a radio in my car at all. Otis' response, 'BuddyDank Radio doesn't have a radio in his own car?' I felt ashamed. Ok not really but it still struck me as pretty humorous.

After a few minor detours we arrived in Pheonixville PA! Tyler James Pub was easy enough to find and who else would be standing out front other than the main man Alcanthang himself. It was still early enough that most of the group wasn't there but slowly but surely they arrived. Bam Bam, Pebbles and the Tuckfards Carson and DonK somehow snuck in the country from Canada. Big hugs from CK are the bestest. I hadn't played Buck Hunter in a long time but I had a good run and somehow still lost to Drizz.

Superfantabulous Poker Time!
Needless to say but I was feeling good. Good and Drunk! Fawking good thing this was a rebuy. Pushed a couple times could never catch up. REBUY! Raised like I was a rich man. REBUY! But our table was actually fairly quiet compared to Al's. I think he pushed the first 5 hands and about a half hour in, Al Drizz and Falstaff had 15 to 20 buyins between them. I had BadBlood, LuckTruck, KevinwithanAK, Carson and some cranky old dude at my starting table.

My most notable hand gave me a pretty shitty image. The details are skectchy but here goes. I look down to see K-9os and raise. 1 or 2 callers and the flop comes out 88x. Checked to me so I figure I can buy it. I bet and get 1 caller. No help on the turn so I bet it again. Same guy calls but I can't give up now. Ace on the river is a shitty card. Fawk it! I again bet it, he tanks and calls showing his Ace for a pair on the river. I look at the guy and say 'Good call, I was bluffing' but my drunk ass decides to show my shitty bluff. As I turn over my cards I didn't even look at them but Badblood points out that I have trip 8's. Whoops. Guess I should have taken another look at my hand. My K-8 takes the pot and my opponent is crushed and the table is shocked. I'm pretty sure that put a permanent bullseye on my forehead for the rest of the game. It was right about this time I became ZombieDank. Little sleep, too much drink and a little smokey smokey turns Buddy into the walking dead. Dead money that is.

I did get the better of cranky old dude though when I pushed my flush draw against his TPSK. Flush hits on the turn and he's ready to lose it. Seriously wouldn't shut up about it for the next half hour. Acting like I'm the first schmoe to ever push his flush draw. Yes I invented it! Whatever. I eventually went out after getting short and pushing my AQ into Spaceman's AA. GG.

The rest of the evening was spent waiting for the game to finish. There might be a few pictures of me sleeping in a chair but at least I didn't set up a bed of chairs like Drizz who was passed out way before me. The cash game seemed like a bad idea in my state plus crank old dude was in it and I really didn't want to have to kill him.

Early morning Saturday after it was over a bunch of us headed over to a little diner for first breakfast. No clue what I ate. I do remember the waitress being the only one working the place and Rooster trying to get her to be my date for the Bash. Plus to get back to town 7 of us had to jam ourselves into the Man Truck. It was ugly but we made it.

Next up! Day 2 and the Pub Olympics.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Home and sober......finally

A few delays during the trip back to cornytown but I am back.

Obviously I had a great time. What the fuck else do you expect? I guess I'll start with a small number of highlights and try to tell more detailed stories later cause I'm a whiny tired little bitch.

1. Meeting some bad asses that I had not had the pleasure with before. Tuckfards Carson and DonK! Evy! Dawn Summers! Big Mike! LuckTruck! Perticelli! Riggs! MillerD! Corron10! BadBlood! DocChako! Spaceman! Fuck this list is just going to keep going. Links and stories soon I promise.

2. Got to spend way more time with others I had met before! A huge advantage during a smaller event like this where we are pretty much all together all day!! That list is everyone else!

3. Crashing at Casa de Al! What a guy! My last minute plans left me scraping to figure out what to do and he was kind enough to take me in. Good thing he told me a story about having to break into his own home cause I had to do it Saturday when we couldn't find him. Luckily the neighbors didn't call the cops.

4. Drunk and drunker! FAWK! First breakfast rocks the house!

5. Boobies!!! I won't give that one away quite yet but I saw boobies!

6. MillerD and Jordan are my boyees! Perfect timing! Cough cough

7. Lost numerous bets but it was worth it. Sorry Rooster.

8. Quote from Otis 'BuddyDank Radio doesn't have a radio in his own car?' Busted.

9. Sleep is overrated.

I could just keep going but I need to give some mojo to my Steelers cause they are sucking right now. WTF happened to the offense?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Fuck it! I'm going to the Bash. It's all a little last minute but I found a cheap flight and am now leaving tomorrow morning to go to Philadelphia. Drunkenness will ensue, fun will be had, and poker will be played.

If you are not going make sure and check for updates and live coverage over at BuddyDank Radio. I guess I'll be picking up my media pass and covering the Pub Olympics. What? No one wants me on their team? Good call cause there is no way I'd be of much help to either team. Everyone knows I can't drink for shit. Last night was a good example. Fuck I don't even remember who won The Mookie last night.

Now I just need to do a little laundry, get the computers and some minor equipment ready.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do you like Waffles?

Of course you do!

Join everyone tonight and play The Mookie. Waffles needs 80 people to have a shot at winning his big bet. Plus he's adding $109 to the prize pool if that happens for a buyin to one of the Sunday majors.

BuddyDank Radio will be covering all the action once again so you can't miss that. Maybe we should start up a prize pool to buy Waffles a new sound card for his computer so we can get him back on the air. The last time we had him on we broke all sorts of records for BDR.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Amsterdam? Why would I possibly go there?

My trip to Europe started off with my dad offering me a plane ticket to England where he was staying for a good part of the summer. Plans were to tour around just England but changed to include Paris the more we got talking about it. 2 weeks of museums and beautiful countryside views.

But a few days into the trip we got word that my step mom was not feeling well and had gone to the doctor. Tests showed that she may have a problem with her heart. My grandfather had passed away last year while he was overseas and he was not sure he'd be able to finish off the trip with me. After talking to a few more doctors my dad decided to head back early and changed his flight. The final arrangements were being made while we were in Paris so I had to decide what I was going to do. I chose to stay in Paris and looked into catching a train to Holland. Turns out that it's very easy to travel around once you're already in Europe to other areas of the continent. So I said my goodbyes to my father and got on a train headed for Amsterdam.

Most everyone I had spoken to about my trip before leaving couldn't believe I was going to be so close to Amsterdam and not going there. Why not right? It wouldn't have been quite the same journey if I had family with me but now I was in a great situation to let it all hang out. My dad even warned me that some coffee shops cake might have 'marijuana' in it before I left. He really is clueless sometimes.

Coming into the station and getting off the train with no plans, no hotel arrangements and no idea how to get around the city was a bit frightening at first. Now I have lived in large cities before so I wasn't all that concerned but I do admit to being a bit clueless myself. I wandered around for a short time. Took in the sights of the canals and such and finally decided I better find a place to stay before partaking in any of the smokables.

It didn't take long to find a suitable hotel so I got rid of my backpack and headed back out into the streets of sin. First coffee shop was The Green House. It sat along one of the canals and seemed comfortable enough. Little did I know that I would spend the next 2 hours in this place just trying to make sure I was good enough to be out on the streets again. First joint kicked my ass!

That's all I've got time for today but come back soon for more.

Some of my pictures are up over at my Picasa page for right now. Check em out!

Don't forget that tonight is The Mookie and my first broadcast in a long time. I'm dubbing it the Official Relaunch Party for BDR! Come hang out and stay awhile.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A little poker overseas

Before I get into countless stories of my trip I thought I'd share one that was actually poker related.

After a week of traveling around England I arrived in London for just 1 day before heading off to Paris. That evening I headed down to the Leicester Square area of town to check out one of the many casinos. I chose to take a look at The Casino at The Empire. A rather fancy place filled to the brim with Asian gamblers. Very few slots, a moderate amount of your every day table games, and a poker room.

Face to Face is their poker room and I had to check it out. I had arrived late in the evening and there were only 2 cash games going as well as the final table to one of their nightly tournaments. Put my name on the list and got the lowdown on the games. They had 2 options. Both games going were 1/2 NL but only one of them had a dealer. The other was self deal and had a lower rake. The rake? 6 pounds collected every hour from all players sitting at the table. The dealer table cost 8 pounds an hour and had a much longer list to get through in order to play. Max buyin of 250 pounds.(still not sure how to make the funky pound symbol with my keyboard) 20 minutes later I was able to sit down at the self dealt table.

9 players. I was not forced to post out of position. And a table captain willing to battle it out with all takers interested in the job. Honestly I was happy he was on top of things as the game was generally a mess of incorrect bets, people dealing before all the action was finished and a drunken Asian lady who played every hand.

I choose to play tight and didn't really have many memorable hands for the evening. QQ with an ace high flop and two raisers was the only premium hand and an easy fold. The action was all on 2 Isreali brothers who were fast and furious into any raised pot. I was the only American in the room and the rest were either British or other worldly travelers from Japan, Spain and one hilarious guy from Australia.

Some interesting things were going on that evening. Tipping in Europe is a mixed bag. It's normally not expected in most situations. But at this casino they had just changed the rules to allow dealer tipping, THAT DAY. Of course at the self dealt table no one was tipping the other players as that could get weird. But when I was moved to the dealer table very few knew of the rule until Helen, the crazy Asian gambler, brought it up time and time again. 'Tip the dealer!' she would shout with a drunken slur. Almost noone tipped. Seeing how I won very few pots that night, neither did I. But Helen was on a rampage to get people to tip. When she would win a pot, her tip was usually close to 50% of her winnings. And on the last hand she played when she went all in with her last 40 pounds with 10-3 and was called by A-10, she almost got violent when the winner wouldn't tip her entire 40 pound bet to the dealer. 'Why do you think I went all in with 10-3?' she shouted over and over. We were all greatful when she finally left the room and there was finally some peace and quiet.

Most of the evening I was just chatting up the others at the table. A few knew where or what Iowa was. And most also played online. But after losing more than 100 pounds of my initial buy in I decided to call it a night.

I would be back in this room though toward the end of my trip. But that is a story for another day. Let me just throw out a teaser that it was for a tournament. And Helen was seated directly to my left all freaking night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cancelled flights, customs searches, and no sleep...Oh My!

I'm Home! A day late and many dollars short but I am home.

God bless American football. So great to relax and catch up on things.

Many many stories to come....soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Trip Extended!

Made some changes to my flight home and now I'm staying in Amsterdam until Wednesday. Then back to London for 2 days and finally back in the US on Friday.

This whole experience has been incredible. I was a bit concerned traveling by myself and such. But I have met new people almost every night. Last night I hung out with 4 guys from Spain and they spoke about as much english that I speak of spanish. Yet we spoke the common language of the stinky green and drank all night.

Tonight is my last night in Amsterdam so it may be a late one. Live it up! Right?

Today's post brought to you by 'The Cheese'.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

3 American and an Englishman walk in to a bar.

Things are a hazy shade of grey. Lots of rain and bad weather. Not really the worst thing that could happen though.
Last night was a late night on the town. After meeting up with a local Englishman at the one of my current favorite shops for a couple hours I went back out into the wild. I had a recommendation from a friend that I had to look into.
Instructions read:
Remember this - Red Light District Cafe. Go up to the second floor and find
a seat in one of the booths right next to the window and wait for it to get
dark :) You'll thank me later... :)

Mission accomplished! This place was pretty sweet. 3 floors and the top one had a smoking area that you could actually smoke cigarettes. A foosball table in one corner and a few booths along the window.
Throw in a visit to your local smart shop and you have quite the night ahead of you. Just incredible.

I'm still trying to determine when I'm leaving but need to figure it out by tomorrow.

Amsterdam is fun.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

First day facts

It is now day 2 of the Amsterdam adventure and I'm still kicking.

I got reservations for a hotel early and checked in. Very cheap and a bit scary but again... it was very cheap. The lady must have taken one look at me and thought '"Ha Ha let's put this douchebag toursit in the funny room.'' It has 6 foot high ceilings and is downstairs. I do have my own bathroom but i feel like Gandolf in a hobbitts home. Smoke alarms went off in the building about 5 times during the evening. Didn't take me long to figure out what was going on in the building.

But earlier in the day I walked about finding different 'shops' to hang out. I have already met some very cool people. I'm pretty sure you can peice together this portion of my day. It is going to take a lot of doing to attempt to live up to the BuddyDank moniker here in Amsterdam.

I'm such a tourist.

So far so good and I'll report again soon.

Friday, September 5, 2008


OMG...did i just say omg? fawk.

Got into town around noon, sniffed my way to the right area of town. (took about 5 minutes to find) This city is absolutely crazy. Never seen anything like it or even close. Getting my feel for the town and have 3 days to take it all in. I also found a number of "coffee" shops with internet so I'm going to try to post more often when I'm lounging.

I guess the help I have over at BDR is playing Where in the World is BuddyDank? Well it's Amsterdam bitches. So the answer would be ........

'The Red Light District!!'

Come back soon to find out if I survive.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trip update

Craziness here in Europe!

I guess I'll just give a short summary of what I've done so far.

First couple days in England we stayed at different small B&B's in the countryside.
Like this one. This house has parts of it that were originally built in the 1300's.
None of them had internet which was fine for awhile but it does get to be a pain in the butt.
Toured around the back hills and did some hiking, visited some ruins and tried not to run over any sheep.
Stopped by this Manor to ask if Mark was home but nobody would come to the gate.Maybe he was at Lower Slaughter Manor. (there was one)

Some of the ruins we saw were just amazing. Most with big rocks stood on end that trace back almost 5000 years.

Forget the name of this one but it was neato.

Stone Henge of course.

Then we moved on to London. Had a chance to tour around there as well. Lots of stuff to see and I'll be back there next week for more. So far I've been to most of the major attractions, rode the tubes a lot and even had a chance to play some poker. I'll get more into all those things when I have more time.
Look kids Big Ben!....Parliament!!!

After a short time in London we took the train to Paris. It is now our second day here and we are exhausted.
8 hours in the Louvre.

Checking out The Eiffel Tower.

And a large number of strange Buscars(sp?) who seem to just stand still until someone gives them money and then they change position......slightly.

1 more day in Paris and then let's see......what to do?.......

This was not in my original plans but a few things have changed to allow me to go. I leave Friday morning, by myself, on a train and will be there for who knows how long. Since I will be by myself for the rest of the trip, I can extend it as long as I want to. Maybe a few days? A week? Longer? We'll see. If I can find a place with good internet in Amsterdam I'll try to update more.

Make sure and tune in to BuddyDank Radio tonight to listen to Joanada and Numbono. I hear they are doing an excellent job while I'm out so don't miss out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sitting in Chicago waiting for my plane

Just about to board and suddenly scared shitless. Everyone is the lobby is foreign and smells very bad!!!! Will the plane be stinky? Ergh!!!!!

I will survive and try to update at some point during my journeys. Wish me luck.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Check it out!

I couldn't resist. My original thoughts were to wait until I got back but things are looking good, so here it is.
The new site for BuddyDank Radio!! How very original!

We look forward to good times and I hope you'll join us.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

4 days!!!

Just 4 days until I leave on my little European vacation!! Soo excited. And today was my last day of work as a construction worker!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Everything would be perfect if I hadn't gotten a cold this week. Hopefully I'll be able to rest up enough to be back and right as rain by Wednesday.

Big big news coming in the next few days before I go.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

So tired of shitting in a kybo

Manual labor and only being home on weekends can tire one out. I've been home so little and exhausted so much it's causing me to lose touch with this blog. I do have hopes and dreams of getting back in the swing of things soon.

Although there are a few delays preventing this, not all of them bad. I LEAVE FOR EUROPE IN 11 DAYS!!!! Can I get a Woot Woot?! I'll be spending several days in England before heading over to France, then back to England for a few more. All in all I'll be gone for 12 days. I'm so excited!!! Just one more week in boone fuck Iowa slaving away then on a plane and visiting a place I've never been.

I'd like the thank Numblowme for his help running things over at BuddyDank Radio. Although I do have internet at our motel, I have been unable to be on the air for the past couple weeks. Numb graciously offered to step in and lend his voice to the airways for a little can't miss Mookie action. Thanks again man. He will be at the reigns again this Wednesday and again while I'm in Europe.

Still haven't been playing much poker but I did manage to take down my second Donkament in just the past month. Last night we only had 8 entrants but it was great fun. Can't wait to get back to playing on a more regular basis. I've seen some others are getting their groove on over at the Bodoggy. That's still where my roll resides and I love their structures for tourneys. While it's nice to have a break from things time to time, I do miss online poker.

Didn't figure out til just recently that my trip coincides with the most common times for fantasy football drafts. Fawk!@!! I'll still be playing in a number of leagues but my favorite part of it all is the live draft. Getting together with your buddies, drinking some brews, talking shit about last years league, and waiting to see who makes the first donkey pick of the year. We had someone take Emmit Smith as the first pick of the draft 2 years ago and are still laughing. Good times. I also was hoping to get my own league going again but don't see that happening in time. There's always next year.

Take care everyone.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BuddyDank Radio Live tonight from Home!

I'm back home tonight just in time to broadcast during The Mookie. Tune in!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BDR is ON-AIR tonight for THE MOOKIE

I'll be broadcasting from my motel room at the White Buffalo Inn in Albia Iowa!!!!! Tune in over at

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back home

Lots to talk about and little time to say it. So here is a quick recap til I get back on my feet.

Drank too much.
Gambled too much.
Ate too much.

Just as planned! Woo Hoo!

Had an incredible week with old friends and new friends.

I couldn't win a damn thing pokerwise until almost the last day. Ended up taking second in the big tourney that took almost 9 hours. 9 hours for a 12 person tourney is quite a ride. Surf was the lucky winner this year but I'll do my best to recap that soon enough.

Back to work. I'll be out of town starting tomorrow. This also means no broadcast for The Mookie. This may go on for a couple weeks. :( ATM money trumps fun.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

View Live Video from Okie-MutherFuckin-Vegas!

Go to to see all the action from the tourney. Tourney starts at 3pm Central Bitches!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

On the road again

Getting ready to leave for Okie-Vegas! Bad news is that Gentleman Jim will not be able to go with me. Good news is that I'm now leaving a day earlier! Woot woot! So now I'm leaving tomorrow morning to head down to the GCox abode. I am very excited. Make sure and tune into BDR on Wednesday during the Mookie for our live broadcast from Okie. It promises to be a drunken hoot hollering time.

Poker is still kicking my ass. No recent cashes but several deep runs.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday was my birthday and I pretty much worked all day. I'm off in bumfuck Iowa on a job with my stepdad putting in a restaurant. His present to me yesterday was only having to work a 10 hour day. We go back to 14-16 hour days this morning. Woot? Anyway I'm like 47 or something now. I tend to be forgetfull in my old age.

Tonight there might be a broadcast hosted by Numbbono if I can get the time to set a few things up for him. To listen you need to visit the website.

I should be home this weekend. I hope.

Friday, June 27, 2008


After a decent day of sng's on Bodog I should have stuck with them. Instead I chose to play cash. First orbit.
Back to the sng's.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big slick sucks donkey balls

Howdy! How you doing?

Life changes continue and as to be expected things are still a bit stressful. My move is about 89% complete with everything being completed this weekend.

I've also found some free time in the evenings to play this new fad called poker. After my win in the 5k on Bodog I finally have a bankroll to play with again. Results have been fairly break even but good. The past 2 nights I have played in the 30+3 5K event on Bodog and managed to squeak into the money. But in the past 4 tourneys I've played on any site I have gone out in the same exact fashion. AK seems to be my weakness. AK < AJ. AK < KJ. AK < A5 and last night AK < A9. Each time I raised I was pushed back on by a big stack and getting unlucky or I am playing it wrong. And yes admittedly I have been pretty weak at bubble and need reevaluate my play to win strategy over playing get into the money. But boy is it starting to piss me off when i can't win just one of these

OKIE-VEGAS is now less than 2 weeks away!!!!
I should be back to posting on a more regular basis soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I'll be sporadic at best this week cause I'm moving. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Moving sucks big time!

Many may have heard Iowa was having a few flood problems. I do not live in a bad area but upon further inspection of my basement today there was WAY more damage than I originally thought. Soooo gross. My yard is now full of water logged boxes, clothes, carpets and crap. It's going to be a fun week.

Had a pretty good weekend of pokering too.
Small cash but it felt good to get this far with no cards.And after a few sng cashes I'm still running pretty darn goot. I'm liking bodog more and more every day.

Not sure I'll be back up and running Wednesday for the Mookie but I'm going to try.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


errrr....OK so NO I didn't win the BIG Bodog TOC game last night but I did win this.

Here's what happened.

Got home last night and figured I'd fire up a game to get warmed up or something for the TOC. I only had T cash on Bodog so that means no SNG's. I found the next MTT starting in 2 minutes and it was this 5K Guarantee. Not sure what I was thinking when I joined this because I wasn't interested in playing 2 games. I guess I just figured I'd donk out since it was 1500 starting stacks with a blind structure almost twice as fast as the Bodonkey. Slowly I crept up and all the sudden I'm at the final table. I felt I played well in the tourney but I have to be honest here. I was lucky enough to have Aces 8 Freaking Times! None were cracked and I was paid off on almost all of them. Funny because I was playing super tight and still getting action on the few hands I was playing. Slowly I began to bring up the aggression and BAM BOOM ROAR! I took it down.

While all of this was going on I was in the Bodonkey and never really got anything started. Made the final table but went out in 9th. I'm disappointed in not winning the Bodonkey but at the same time I just had my largest MTT score ever. Hard to be too upset.

Congrats to GoldenHammer who is a Japanese blogger that I'm pretty sure none of us know. A bit sad as it's hard to see him flying over for the WSOP but who knows.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big chance for the Big Dance

Many years ago, shortly after starting to play poker online for real money, I won a satellite in to one of the larger tourneys on Party Poker. I had never played a large MTT and was still grinding it out at limit hold em games. But boy was I excited about the chance to play for that much money. At the time I really thought I had a chance and started thinking about what I would do with all that money. I was out within the first hour but the rush I felt sitting down at that virtual table was quite the experience. Of course overtime I realized how slim my odds were and do not get nearly as worked up when playing these MTT's anymore.

Until now.....well except for that fact that this is more like an SNG.

Tonight we play the Bodonkey TOC. 18 bloggers battling it out for 1 Main Event seat. The field is tough but manageable. The rush is starting to hit me again and it feels good. I like my chances tonight and am more excited about playing poker then I have been in a long time.

Live Poker Radio will be on air tonight. We will have some things to talk about preshow but once the cards are dealt I will hopefully have someone else to take over the show for a bit. I really want to give the game my full attention tonight. And if for some strange reason I get knocked out early, I'll be back on air getting drunk. WOOT!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Have a great weekend everyone!

I'm going to try to be available to be on air during the TOC Saturday. Hopefully I get home in time for the start of it but I shouldn't be too late.

Not sure I've mentioned this here but I'm moving at the end of the month. My weekends will be filled with packing and cleaning and cleaning. I fucking hate moving but it's not a bad situation so I'll just have to suck it up and get busy. Plus it's only about 30 miles from where I live currently.

As much as I could care less for basketball, I had a great time watching the game last night. When I was younger I was a Celtics fan but really only because I worshipped Larry Bird. So I'm going to get back on that bandwagon and root for the boys in green. But with regards to ABC's broadcast, we need MORE Larry and less Magic. WE WANT LARRY! WE WANT LARRY!!!

And for those possibly concerned(all 1 of you), due to some negativity in some of my more recent posts, don't worry cause I'm in a much better mood now and have a more positive outlook on things to come.

Is it me or am I seeing more poker blogs getting all emotional and crap lately? Poker? Oh yeah? That's what we're here for! I forget sometimes, might be the drugs.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Never been so happy to be in the Dank

Bodonkey! Me no play goot so me no have more points. Had to sweat it out as it was unclear on how or if Bodog was rounding to determine how many people got points. Looks like they round down so that was good for me as I clinched the 18th spot but just barely. Whew!

Drama Bombs will be dropping as talk of collusion and whatnot that are almost a given when there is a prize this big at stake. This of course should shock no one if you've been around even for a short while. Cause you know online poker is rigged! Right Smokkee?

Bastard took down his own tourney again to claim the bounty place on his head. I don't really have a good conspiracy theory yet but if he wins the TOC we should have plenty of ammo. Best of luck to everyone in next weeks TOC.

Mookie tonight! Tragedy and I will be broadcasting yet another annivesary show. This time it's for when IT joined the show. No drunken box o wine Buddy tonight. I think it's IT's turn.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yadda yadda yadda, Bodonkey something something

Tonight is the last game of the Bodonkey series before the TOC next week. If you are low in points or on the bubble, let me give you this piece of advice. Quit! Just don't play tonight. It will save you the further embarrassment.

Looks like I'll be flying solo on the radio tonight as Tragedy is focused on the game tonight and wants no interruptions. Me? I'm not a pussy so I'll be on the air.

Tune In!

HEY, anyone know how to get rid of a muscle spasm. My right eyebrow won't stop twitching and I'm tired of looking quizzical.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Well that was fun. NOT

Ambiguous statements with cryptic overtones be damned.
The slightly hyped 'announcement' I was looking to make is squashed. Mostly. There may be some minor things that arise from this but right now everything is pretty much a bust.

Now that the BBT3 is over, I'm afraid we will not being attempting to do shows most nights of the week. There will still be a show Tuesday for the end of the Bodonkey. But after that there will be a hiatus of sorts while I try to figure out what I will do next. The future's so bright I have to slightly squint.

I'm off to make some decisions and changes that are almost guaranteed to piss off some friends. WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Box O' Wine=Dookie Win!!

Fawk me. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to get so hammered that early last night. I forgot to play old clips from shows I had spent hours cutting up. I lost track of who was going to come on air and was too wasted to help those having trouble getting connected. And I'm pretty sure that I made a huge ass of myself on the webcam.


I had one hell of a good time!

Thanks to everyone who stopped in and hung out during the show. I had hoped to get more people on but failed. My memory isn't the greatest from that later hours so hopefully I'm not forgetting something stupid I did or said.

However I do remember WINNING THE DOOKIE!!! No clue how I won but I'll take it. I just remember looking down at the final table to see just 3 of us left and I seriously have no idea what got me to that point. I hope I have the hand histories saved because I thought I was folding the whole time but must have a played a few hands in there. And I've read that I was a 10-1 dog when we got heads up. Maybe I should try to play poker more often after half a box o wine?

I feel like hell today and can't imagine doing much tonight but I'll stick my head in during the Riverchasers to see what's up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 1st Anniversary for BDR

Today is the day. One year ago this week I did my first coverage of The Mookie on BDR. Tonight will be about catching up with what has happened in the past year. Clips from old shows and hopefully a slew of friends hanging out all night. Might even have to get the webcam out again.

I have contacted some previous guests to make appearances but I want to invite you all. Anyone who wants to come on for a short bit who has previously been on or not just needs to contact me. Jet me an email Or you can reach me on Yahoo Messenger at cracksmokingrobot.

We'll be drinking ourselves silly and having a good old time playing in The Mookie so drop on by and stay awhile. I'm going to try to get started early but with most of the festivities starting around 9pm Central.

I'd love to sit here and write about the past year but I still have a bunch to get done for the show tonight. TUNE IN!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Celebrate Good Times!

Wednesday May 28th!!! BuddyDank Radio/Live Poker Radio will be celebrating its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! So make sure and tune into the show during The Mookie this week. We will have clips from old shows and guests returning live all night long to join in the festivities. There just might be a couple super ghey games and ghey prizes. Can I get a WOOT!?

Get ready to bring the funk!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm going to kill everyone

Frustration, stress and life in general are really starting to get to me. Today I had thoughts of just running down a rollerblader with my car, strangling the girl who made my sandwich at Subway, and turning my car around to chase the fucker who yelled at me while at a stop sign. I, of course, would never harm another human without better reasons then I had here but something about today has me fuming. The slightest things have been setting me off.

But poker is not one of them. I find myself caring less and less about playing poker. My chances of winning anything worthwhile in the BBT or the Bodonk series are slim to none. I still enjoy playing but I've lost sight of any goals for the time being. It may have more to do with money being tight than anything else but for now I'm content playing once or twice a week. Plus I keep hearing more and more about people not being able to withdraw funds from FT and PS. Not that it's a big issue with me at the moment but it's kind of a buzz kill.

I'll stop my bitching and moaning for now and get on with things.

We are still looking for people interested in submitting logo ideas for Live Poker Radio. Email me

Don't forget that next week is BDR/LPR's 1 year aniversary! We'll be drinking it up, heavily, next Wednesday during The Mookie. Tonight we'll be on air doing that thing we love to do. Tune in!

PS- I really need to get laid. That should help with the murderous thoughts don't ya think?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Better Times

(cue Enya music)

I sit here and stare at the animated gif I have 2 posts down and I remember a time in my life where I was being creative and challenging myself. Doing the things I loved as well as the the neccesities in life required to be an adult. Most of those 'happier' years were spent living in Colorado. Over the past 18 years I have lived in Colorado 3 times. The last ended after working a dead end but very good job for 3 years. I moved back to Iowa in search for something different but really I have no clue what I was looking for besides a change.

Things started off well but now another 3+ years have gone by and that itch for change is back. I don't think it's necessary to rehash all the moving around I've done in my life but we'll just say 3 years in a row is the longest I've ever lived anywhere. Most had moderately successful outcomes but always went nowhere. Friends have been lost and forgotten. New ones take their place and an illusion of normalcy sets in.

Will this time be different? Will I be happy? Am I ghey?(swing away Tragedy, swing away)

I have to say that I believe so. I believe it in my heart and that is not a regular occurrence.

The change is coming. Soon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My mind is racing

.....just a bit. OK so a shit load but who's counting.

There is still so much I would like to talk about here and let you all know but can't quite yet. We're moving fast and so I should be able to give everyone the lowdown soon.
We do have one big announcement! We are having a contest and are looking for some ideas about the new Live Poker Radio logo. All you have to do is make a design by next Wednesday and post it on your blog. You can also send any entries straight to me a We will be picking a winner and that person will win a jacket and hat with the new logo embroidered. We're looking for anything and everything. Got a real basic design, cool. Or if you have the background to design a 3 color graphic that's even better.
Got questions? Let me know.

Tune in tonight for Tragedy's coverage of the Riverchasers at 8pm Central.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Our good friend Poker Peaker has written an awesome article over at Pokerworks.
Go check it out!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Times and Errgh?

Well, the past 3 days were a blast. We did our best to get and give the news and updates as they happened. But in the end there was disappointment. Dissappointment??? What?? Where?? When???
As some of you know the final four in the tourney worked out some sort of chop. We had been asked earlier in the day to take down anything in print on the live blog about the possibility of a chop. So when it actually happened we were stuck. We couldn't post about the chop without risking our ties with the Borgata. AND we were unable to get confirmation from anyone that we could even talk about it on the air. It took the steam out of our stride and just fizzled. Later we learned it WAS ok to mention it on the air but again were asked to tone down any mention of it in the live blog.
But the sick part was not being able to report the big story as it was happening. There were all sorts of problems with the chop. One guy put up a stink about not getting the deal he thought he signed for and tried to renegotiate AFTER he was out of the tourney. We were right in the thick of it and couldn't do a damn thing about it without risking everything. It all came down to some New Jersey law about casinos being involved in chops, which they were not, but were more intestested in covering there tracks just in case. There were no flops and no one ever turned up their cards as they took out each player in the order agreed. Completely fucked up and majorly anti-climatic.
Now I'm not at all disappointed with how the 3 days of coverage went for us on our first venture out. Things went very well and we had a damn good time. We learned from our mistakes and know more of what is needed for future broadcasts. Riggs and Pert went all out in AC to make this happen and I can't thank them enough. Tragedy came through with some incredible interviews with Scott Fischman and Allen Cunningham that we will probably be running on air for a long time. And I got to speak with, however so briefly, Cheryl Hines!!! I'm such a dork.

Speaking of dorks. I was going through some old videos I created a number of years ago and put some up on youtube. Here's my favorite.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

WTF it's Tuesday???Seems like it should be later in the week but oh well.

Final Table coverage all day today and tonight for the Borgata 500k on Live Poker Radio. Depending on how early that game finishes, we will also be checking out the Skillz and Bodonkey so make sure and tune in.

Too much going on with everything to mention it all here. But these super long broadcasts are wearing me out a bit. Not to worry as we are almost done.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 1 done with much more to come

Wow what a day. For those that have their heads in their asses, BDR transformed into Live Poker Radio this weekend with our broadcast of Day1 of the Borgata 500k Garauntee. We were on through out the day Sunday for around 13 hours. Things went very well for our first time attempting something a bit different than our regular shows. Check out the live blog on We will be starting up again tonight for Day 2 converage around 7pmEST.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support. We really appreciate it.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Vroom Vroom

Just got the new rims and tires on the Stang baby!!!
Check it out!

And here's a shot of the old and new to show how much thicker these bad boys are!

In other crazy surreal newz! I'll give you a tease of some things to look forward to during BDR's Borgata broadcast.
Scott Fischman discusses his win in the BBT3.
An interview with the winner of the WSOP-C Allen Cunningham.
And fucking movie and tv stars on BDR!!!!!(if they'll give us the time of day)
That's just the beginning.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good lord the PAIN!!

I've felt like I was going to die for the past couple days. BLAH!!! Sick of being sick you know how it goes. Enough of that!

Back to business!!!!
Starting this Sunday BDR will be broadcasting LIVE from the Borgata. Tragedy and myself will be on the air giving updates and interviews while Riggs and Perticelli will be at the Borgata giving us the live feed!!!! Coverage will continue during the day on Monday and Tuesday but with certain limitations due to our day jobs. But we do hope to be completely live during the final table on Tuesday when they get down to around 6 players. More details to come.

So much to do and very little time left. Wish us luck and thanks Mookie for the cool banner. YOU ROCK!

Tonight is of course THE MOOK!!! Be there! I know I will. Tune in! BuddyDank Radio Beotches!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Texas Hold'em Strategies

When many people begin playing the poker game Texas Hold’em, they do so armed with only the rules as their knowledge. But in order to be a successful player, you’re going to need to know a lot more than just the rules to do well in this poker game. And that means you are going to have to study Texas Hold’em strategies.

It’s easy for beginning players to find great resources for Texas Hold’em. You can go onto the Internet and do a search in a major search engine to find what you’re looking for. There are literally hundreds of sites dedicated to bringing players up to date on what the latest Texas Hold’em strategy is and how to properly use it in games. Another great place to find information on Texas Hold’em strategies is in your local library. Libraries have long been a great source for people to learn about various subjects. Look for books by professional players, magazine articles, and, to a lesser extent, newspaper articles in order to find what you need.

When beginners are looking to play online poker, start with the basics if you are new to the game and gradually work your way up to the more advanced stuff. You should only need to know this advanced strategy when you have mastered the beginner and intermediate levels of play.

After developing a thorough knowledge, you should be able to play at just about any table with confidence. But if you should find yourself and your poker game slipping a little, always go back and seek out more strategy. You can never improve your game enough and, likewise, you can never study enough Texas Hold’em strategies if you really love the game.

I'm starting a band!!!

We will be called Smoke Monster!!!

Ok so it's just a bunch of guys playing RockBand but damn it WE ROCK!

Join us next week on Lost when Jack dies!!!!!
Exactly how stupid does ABC think it's viewers are? Are you fucking kidding me? I have very mixed feelings on last nights episode. They go to great measures to explain how Sayid comes to work for Ben but then they just say "Fuck it!" with the whole island story.

I was up all night crying my eyes out. Why? My 3 favorite extras were killed on the show and NO ONE ELSE SEEMS TO CARE!!!! BUT I DO!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Bodonkey final table!

Got 3rd last night in the Bodog game!! Woot! And that even moves me up to 11th in the point standings!!! This makes me happy.
Last night was all about timing for Buddy. Quite the opposite of the previous nights MATH tourney. I again got quite a few big pocket like I did during the MATH but this time I got action on most of them. Day and night I tell ya.

Big things still happening at BuddyDank Radio. I hope to have official news that is confirmed and ready to pimp soon!!!

Wednesday of course means Mookie!!!! And this week we are back to the once a month double stacks that I love soooooo much. See you there!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. You're cool. I'm outta here!

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!
Bubbled the MATH last night in 9th. I was doing alright through out most of the game but got short stacked on my aggressive table and shoved AJ into AQ. The sucky part is that I was a freaking card rack all night and couldn't get action. AA 5 times, KK 4 times, QQ 3 times and I got action on QQ once! That's it! Needed that cash on FT like no ones business and I fucked it up. Damn it.

Life goes on! Bodog for Buddy tonight! Skillz can suck it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Do you wanna get high?

SO FUCKING HIGH!!! Join us won't you?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poker freeroll tonight

Rakefeeder is holding a freeroll tonight that I was lucky enough to get an invite to. LeCheese Revenge!!!! $1000!!!! 27 Players!!! ALL FREE!!!
Doesn't get much better then that. Well it does start pretty freaking early so that could be better but I'll figure it out and be there.

Bubbled the final table last night during The Mookie. I ended up making some questionable pushes late after my kings were cracked with a 6 on the river for Steeler Josh and I went out in 10th for a small cash prize. Congrats to Memphis for taking it down.

BDR will be on air once again with Tragedy at the helm tonight. Tune in! Riverchasers will be Limit HE with double stacks??? Not sure I'll play that one but I'll be around.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Gravy

Some of you may have heard our big announcement during the show last night but I am going to wait until everything is finalized before I start putting it out in print. For those who missed it, we are going to be broadcasting during a live tourney for a certain casino. Lots of things to plan and talk about so as soon as I have the word I'll be telling you all about it.

Final tabled the Bodonkey but was knocked out somewhere around seventh place. Congrats to Emptyman for taking it down and to Hoy for winning the Skillz and the TOC seat. Great job!

You will have your shot at the TOC again tonight during the MOOKIE!!!! Be there! BDR will be on live doing out thing. Most likely next week we plan to have a very special guest on the show. The Blogfather himself has agreed to grace us with his presence. Woot!
Check back on BDR soon for a complete schedule of upcoming shows and downloads of previous shows.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wait for it.........

Good possibility of a big announcement for BuddyDank Radio later today!!!! Stay tuned.

In other news I'm still working on the website and would love some feedback. Do you like the new logo? What else would you like to see on the site? Other suggestions?

We will be on air this evening to cover the Bodonkey and Skillz games. See you there.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


The new site has been moved into place! Still a number of things to do but check back all week to see new features added!! Calenders and Schedules!! Blog!! Chat Room!! I'll be bringing back the Shoutbox!!! AND MORE TITTIES!!!

Are you as excited as I am.

Friday, April 11, 2008

You RAISE in RAZZ!!!

Oh dear. Drunken Razz is not a good thing for Buddy. Bad Buddy Bad!!

Lost set over set on the 3rd hand of the game last night. Whoopdeedoo. But a friend stopped over so we decided to play Wii now that I had some free time. Came back from 11 strokes to win at some Tiger Woods. Then later I must have stopped by the show on BDR and.......... well it's a bit fuzzy but I think I won a pushfest, played some razz and did way too many shots.

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!!!! Not a fucking clue what I'm going to do this weekend but sleeping in and being a lazy bastard usually win over productivity and whatnot.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cha Ching

Took 2nd in the Bodonkey last night! I owe it all the rivering quads in a set over set situation and several other runner runner suckouts. Yep, nothing much to note about my play except that. It happens.

BDR was all over the place last night. We had multiple women on the show discussing erotic toys and such. Then there was the telethon that got a bit out of hand. And finally ends with Buddy being nice a drunk by the end of it all.
Tonight we will be on for The Mookie!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feeling Lazy(er)

What a game last night eh? Can't say I really cared who won so I got what I wanted. An action packed thrill ride baby! Congrats Kansas!

Another night of being lazy, sitting back and relaxing. Woot. I find myself trying to do anything other then sitting in front of a computer at least 2 nights a week. This is a must for me as it's what I do all day at work and do the same when I get home. Over the weekend I had tried to install my stereo in the car finally but had an Epic Fail. Blew a few fuses and scratched my head a lot. Good times.

BUT NOW! TONIGHT!!! BuddyDank Radio is Live this week Tuesday, Wednesday and hopefully Thursday! Tune in bitches!!!

I think I figured something out over that past few days. It looks like I'm now lactose intolerant. Weird huh? All year I've been sick on and off and feeling sick most other days. But I couldn't figure out what was up. Every so many days I would feel like crap and had horrible cramps all night long for days. I'm not allergic to anything I know of so what I ate never really entered into my mind until now. Sunday night I had a single serving of Ben and Jerry's. OK so I ate the whole tub but it's a mini tub so it can't be all that bad right? Well again I have felt like crap for 2 days. So no more milk products for me for a while just to see if that's what it is.
I really hate getting older.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Uncle Chucks 4/20 Extravaganza!

BuddyDank Radio will be doing a special broadcast that Sunday! Go check out Uncle Chuck for more info.

Dr. Pauly said...

Hey potheads, you forgot to include the site! Stars or FT?

Ohhh and it's on Full Tilt....... I think?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Doctor Doctor! Give me the news!

BOOOOM!!! Tonight on BuddyDank Radio we have a very special show lined up. DR CHACKO will be joining Tragedy during the Riverchasers tonight. I will be stopping by for a short bit as well as probably a few others.

Last night we had all sorts of confusedness going on for the Mookie. At one point we had 10 people on the air together! Yes a bit of a cluster fuck but good times none the less. Thank you all!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I only did it once and it was totally the tables fault.

Just a quick note to let everyone know Fuel and Schaubs will be on BDR tonight to talk about all things Canadian. Tragedy should be there as well and I imagine we'll have several other surprises along the way.

We had a grand ole time last night and even got Fuel on a night early to talk about his cash game. This seemed to be a popular little segment so we will have more but tonight there is a Big Blogger Cash Game going on as well so not sure he'll be revealing his cards to us this time. Got game and bankroll for a little 2/5 action. Tune in for details and coverage tonight starting at 10pm EST during The Mookie!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trying not to rant

So? What's new?

BDR will be live on air this evening! Tune in!

Looks like I"m moving up in the world.

I just got a call from Barack Obama. He had heard of my recent success and it seems he is interested in me being his running mate when he wins the Democratic nomination. Wow! I was stunned. I guess I'm not really supposed to talked about it but I'm too excited!
What should I do? Should I take it?

In other news, I think I've just figured out the solution to cold fusion. It had been bugging me all night.

Super BOOM!

You are not looking at the owner of Nothing!! Oh how the tides have turned eh?

My little investment strategy paid off so well that I just started buying everything!!! And one of the things was NOTHING. Every time one of other stocks would pay off I would buy more of Nothing UNTIL I had it all, or at least most of it. So after all that I now own BuddyDank Radio again!!! WOOT!!!

WTF am I still doing on this blog? I'm rich BITCH!!! Time to go roll around in my money.

Fucking Ratz

Can't believe I forgot to mention this.
A couple nights ago as I was getting ready for bed I remembered that I still needed to put out all the rat traps for the evening. So I ran down to the basement still naked after my shower and started setting them all up. Well I made a boo boo. After setting the first 20 or so traps I slipped and fell. Yep, right into the traps! Ouch! But that's not the half of it. My penis, in all its glory, was in one of the traps. FAWK!!!!!!! And trust me these are large powerful traps!!!! I called 911 and they sent an ambulance over, I explained my embarrassing ordeal and off we went to the hospital.
3 doctors later and they were telling me there is nothing they can do. It would have to come off. WTF??? But there have been huge leaps in medical technology for the male genitalia. They could build me a new better and bigger penis!!!

Yes I was a scared frightened boy. But now I believe I am a better person for it. A BETTER PERSON WITH A HUGE COCK!!!!!

On a roll!!!

For the first time in my life I am trying to invest in my future. I'd been talking to some family friends about the whole BDR thing and whatnot. It was time to take some of the new found money and NOT SPEND IT ALL! This is new to me. Usually I live paycheck to paycheck and it is what it is.

With the market where it is, I was not convinced that investing my money was the best solution. And after some soul searching I decided it was time to take a chance. My parents all own stocks and tbill stuff and they're not broke or ruined. So I took the advice and started trading.
Somehow, don't ask cause I don't get it either, I have made a butt load of money already!!! WTF?? I keep checking it online and it keeps saying the same thing!! So now what right?

Well I'm looking into some very interesting prospects right now and will keep you updated.


Lots of stuff going on! Big time baby!

After last weeks spectacular show on BDR during the BBT3 I began getting emails from some of the big whigs. General courting crap yadda yadda we like what you're doing yadda. So after some minor deliberations we struck a deal!!! I got the paper work, signed the dotted line, faxed triplicates to just about everyone on the planet and now BOOOOOM!!!
BOOM is right! BuddyDank Radio was essentially bought by Alcanthang. Yes we have things in writing that grant me freedom to still do and say what I want on the air but in the end I am no longer the owner of BDR. And I'm afraid there might be a name change for the station as well but I don't expect anything to change for 6 months or so.

I'd like to thank everyone out there for listening and helping make BDR what it is today.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Wookin Pa Nub

Slowly getting back in to the swing of things. Last week knocked the crap out of me. I was sick, bored, and not treating myself well. Which of course made me sick for longer, my bad.
But now I feel revived, fresh, clean, and vibrant! Why you ask? Well let's see.

1. Got my new phone, a blackberry, and can actually make phone calls. My old one had to be plugged in as the battery was toast 6 months ago.

2. Because I got a new phone number with my phone, don't ask, I had to make the rounds and get a hold of anyone who has my old number. Family, friends, debt collectors, you know? the whole gang! It was great to catch up with so many friends that I really had no reason as to why I hadn't spoken to some of them in sooooo long. Any bloggers out there wanting my new number can just email me or ask via IM.

3. My house is almost livable again. Neighbors moved out this weekend and with them goes that damn dog! I fucking hated that thing. See I live in a duplex with paper walls and whenever they leave the dog barks and howls THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME THEY'RE GONE!!! There is even a hole in my wall where my foot banging went a bit far one Saturday morning around 7 fucking am. AND they gave me their old dishwasher!!! WOOT!!!! My kitchen is now cleaner then when I moved in!!!

4. My workplace surprised us with a nice little bonus last week! This gets me ohhhhh sooo much closer to being out of debt. Man that feels good!

5. And finally being sick has some rewards. Losing Weight!!! I finally got down below 200 baby!!! People who haven't met me might want to know I'm 6'4" so that's about where I want to be. Now I just need to get healthy and keep the weight off. This wasn't exactly the most ideal way to get thinner but I'll take it.

I would have mentioned the weather helping my mood and all that stuff that comes with Spring but it still fucking snowed last week and pissed me off.

Poker? Covered most of The Big Game last night. Didn't play the tourney but threw some money away in a blogger cash game. OHHH and I won a PUSHFEST last week!!!! Yeah baby!!! Vindication!!! This week looks to be like most with BuddyDank Radio shows on Tuesday, Wednesday and now Tragedy will be regularly doing Thursdays as well. I'm still looking for someone to fill in on Mondays!!!
Most likely not playing tonight BUT tomorrow everything starts over with the BBT3 points if you're looking to score the next $2000 prize package for Aprils point leader. Things are still too close to call for March as the top two are seperated by small margin. I might have to log in to check that out!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pro's playing with bloggers? WTF?

Tonight you have a chance to take a shot at beating Josh Arieh during the Bodonkey. There is even a bounty of $100 on him so make sure and get in the game! BuddyDank Radio will be live on air this week during the Bodonkey and Skillz games! Who will be on live with me? No clue! But I'll find something.

Everyone around me being sick finally caught up with me. So I'll be taking some naps today and then drink a redbull or something for tonight!

Any Blackberry users out there? I'm getting ready to purchase one so I'd love to know if people like the Curve or the Pearl more??? They do have a gold Curve to match my car though......SOLD!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Wii Theory

Woot! Final table streak continues! I went out of the Mook last night in 6th.(I think?) Had a good run of cards at the right time and again won some races yadda yadda yadda. But my big test last night was with the Wii. Hoyazo had posted about his recent run of cashes in the 50-50 and playing Wii Baseball during the breaks. So last night during the Mookie I played the Wii Baseball homerun contest during every break and even after some beats I took. Surprisingly I continued to make good progress in the tourney and was even the chip leader at the final table for a short time. Did playing the Wii help my game? The results aren't complete yet so I might have to do some more testing. It is a fun way to get out some aggression quickly and may have stopped me from tilting. I did make some crucial mistakes at the final table that I have hopefully pin pointed. Now that doesn't mean I won't make those mistakes again but knowledge is power people!

Tonight is the Riverchasers! Too bad I suck at Omadraw. But BDR will be on air and I know how excited you all are about that.(crickets)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Radio interruptus

After a short day at the office I headed home. Upon arriving I find that I have no internet. No biggie. It happens. Reboot the modem and wait.....wait....huh? Still not coming on. Screw around some more....nope. Nada. WTF???
Goes to get phone and beep beep bip bop beep.....ring........ring.......Thank you for calling Qwest, someone should be right with you.....................
First gentleman I spoke to did some digging and came back saying I had been disconnected for nonpayment. I can't remember how long it's been since I'd paid it so that makes sense, my bad. So he transfers me to another department that can take a payment and turn it back on. CLICK......oops we got disconnected. I call back and of course no one has a clue that I had called before, why would they? Problem is that this new guy can't find anything in the records that show I've been disconnected.
'You only owe $42 sir, that can't be the problem.'
Took some time to convince him that I had indeed been disconnected. And this time the lovely transfer worked so I could make my payment.
'They disconnected you for $42?' says the guy taking my info.
Sounded odd to me too as I have paid late before up to $120 due. I never did get a straight answer for why I was disconnected this time for so little money due. But now that I'd paid that huge some of money owed to them he promised that it should be back on in 2-4 hours. Woohoo! But by this time it was already past normal working hours so I asked if that mattered at all. YEP! THEN WHY SAY 2-4 HOURS WHEN HE KNOWS THERE IS ZERO CHANCE OF IT HAPPENING THAT DAY!!!!! FAIL!!! No internets for me!

So no BDR last night or poker for me because I'm such a degenerate that I can't pay my bills on time. Lesson learned. Not completely understood mind you but learned.

MOOKIE MOOKIE MOOKIE MOOKIE!!! Tonight! Be there or be ghey!!!

Something has been bothering me lately. It has to do with this whole Governor of New York scandal. Yes I know, total shock to all that a man in a position of authority would do something like this. That's not what bothers me. The problem is that if you are going to pay that large sum of money for sex with a woman then there are reasons behind it right? I mean, if it was the hottest 18 year old virgin on the planet and you get to pop that then maybe. But we know that is not what he was paying that much for. So why so much. Well it's rather obvious that a man in his position would only have 1 reason. BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING SECRET NO ONE CAN FUCKING KNOW ABOUT!!!! That's it! That's all!!
So here's my beef with this. It's no longer a secret. Everyone knows!!! But what I want to know if did he get a refund???? If I paid that amount of money for a service that was expensive because of privacy issues and it got leaked.....I WOULD ASK FOR MY FUCKING MONEY BACK!!!! MAYBE EVEN SUE THE BASTARDS!!! You're already ruined. Life in politics is over for you and you may need that money some day. They broke the deal and now it's time for some payback!!
Well this might have been discussed before but I didn't see it anywhere so there you have it. Sorry but it's been bothering me.

Make sure and tune into BDR tonight!!! That is unless I forgot to pay my power bill.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fear of Waffles

Made a last minute decision to play in the MATH last night. Hadn't won a token but after some success last week I didn't see it as a horrible idea just to buy in. I was also trying to get a new dj in training going on BDR when I look up as my table opens and there is Waffles! Damn it! And of course right away we get in a hand when I'm dealt Aces. Board was 72x something and when the 3rd heart came on the turn I slowed way down. Funny thing is that Waffles had Kings and got away cheap. Damn it! I feared the hammer raise from Waffles but more so the ridicule that would almost certainly destroy me if I went out against Waffles. That's real fear right there. After last week when I was trying to open up my game more, this turned out to be a great format to continue with. I can count on one hand how many 6max tourney I've played but this was my best finish by far. Shortly after the first break I got a little aggressive with AQ but managed to double up when AQ>AK! Woot! And that was pretty much my only suckout of the entire game. I did crack Aces with K3s but that was his own fault for slowing playing the rockets so not really a suckout. Slowed down when we got to 3 tables and soon enough I was at the final table! Woot! Went out in 5th jamming K9s from the SB but was four flushed by Q2.

I love the idea of other people running the show on BDR so I can focus on poker at least some of the time. Either that or I'm just on a lucky streak.
Thanks to Numbono for DJ'ing last night and I hope he enjoyed it enough to come back!

Skillz? Bodonkey?? Not sure I'll be playing yet but you should! So go sign up!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I love poker!

Holy shit! If you missed the Friday donkarama then you missed out. 13 entrants. Down to the final table of 9 within the first half hour of play. Twoblackaces pushing almost EVERY hand in the first hour. And by almost every hand I mean I saw him fold twice! Even though he didn't have an exact count for the number of rebuys he almost certainly broke the record. After the rebuy hour finished we had over $160 in the prize pool. I personally contributed about $27 myself. Twoblackaces and I had both lost on the last hand of the hour so we were the short stacks. He hit me up with a little last longer bet that I ended up winning. But my streak continued as I fought my way to heads up against Schaubs. It took him getting set over set to take me out so I don't feel too much like his little bitch. Again! Good Times! 2 2nd places in 2 days is good for me and my bankroll!

Happy St Patty's Day! Now I have a good excuse to get ripped tonight! Woot!

MATH tonight! Not sure if I'll donate but I'll think about it. Maybe even do some drunken Irish radio or sumthin'. Might even have a new host for Monday nights!! Still looking for people to take over on nights other than Wednesdays!!?? Hit me up if you want to give it a try.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't forget that today is a holiday!

Now all I need to do is go get the perfect steak!(also needs to be capable of giving me a BJ)

Good times

It was nice to actually have fun while playing poker again. I'd been on such a cold streak that it was getting discouraging. But last night during the Riverchasers I was able to get to the final table and even heads up against Swimom. It was great! Not as great as it would have been if I won. But still great. So yes 2nd place for me and she get's the TOC seat dang it. I felt I played well but of course had some pretty darn entertaining suck outs to stay alive when I need it most. Like I said, Good Times!

I said this last night on the show but I'll say it again. When I sat down last night to play I had a feeling. Plus since I had no guest for the show I had decided to mainly play music and concentrate on the game. Weird part is that it seemed to work for me. Guess I'll have make sure I play the game ever now and again instead of trying to do a full blown show on BDR and just waiting for aces.

Woot! The weekend is here already and the weather is finally getting better. No clue what I'm doing but it will most likely involve much laziness.
Peace out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Some have pointed out and others may have noticed(or not) that I have not been on the air personally since last Wednesday. Well tonight I will definitely be back on the air! Just needed a little personal time for Buddy. But of course BDR has not been off the air this whole time. Tragedy has been doing a stellar job of covering the events! Thanks IT! You're the bestest!

Tonight we have The Mookie as the 8th? event of the BBT3. As well as special coverage of the HUC finals between Emptyman and Recess Rampage. Should be good times so make sure and tune in.
Special Guests??? Errr.....anyone wanna be on tonight who hasn't before??? Holler at me if interested.

No new remembrance of dreams but I'll let you know when I do.

I have something kind of interesting that I might be writing about here in the near future. It's a bit personal and it would probably open myself to tons of ridicule but what the fuck do I care? Right? Hmmm...we'll have to see I guess.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What to do to die today

So there I am, licking my balls! The taste was salty but sweet with the occasional hair stuck on the back of my tongue. Nothing out of place. All was normal. And my view of this normalcy started me thinking. Do I really have the dexterity to lick my own balls??? Wait??!! These are MY balls that I'm licking right? So weird because nothing seemed odd about licking my balls. The odd part was that I was more flexible than usual.
After a little more grooming of my nether regions I came to realize that: 1. I wouldn't lick my own balls if I could.(maybe?) 2. I physically can't!(although they are kinda stretchy?) 3. If I am doing this then there must be another explanation.(BAM)
Then I woke up.

This was the first time I can remember being in a dream and actually figuring out for myself in that dream that I was in fact dreaming. This was an interesting revelation for myself. Because if I am able to know when I'm dreaming then I should be able to control them. I've heard of this before but don't know anyone capable of it.
Rarely do I ever even remember any of my dreams. I've read about keeping a notebook by the bed and writing down your dreams right when you wake up but have never tried. I'm not even sure this would help with the controlling aspect of a dream. Maybe I need to do some more research?

Anyone else out there with a similar experience? Aside from the ball licking of course but not limited to it either.

Last week on and special Iowa Boy edition of BDR we were discussing holding our own event here in Iowa. Corn Vegas!!! We have a number of bloggers who are pretty close to our area up in Minnesota. A few others in surrounding states and even more who said they would be willing to travel.

WOW! Really? Iowa? People using vacation time??? for Iowa??? Well OK!

Now we just need to find a good time when it would be suitable and fit in the schedule of the 20+ events that are already planned. So keeps your ears tuned in and we'll figure something out.

Wow? Really?? Iowa??

BuddyDank Radio should be live tonight during the Bodonkey and Skillz challenges.
Tune in!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


How you doin'?

For some odd reason my head hurts today. Hmm..oh well. Probably something to do with Buddy having a little fun last night. Went out early in the Mook so I had plenty of free time to get my drink on. Sure hope everyone enjoyed the acoustic death metal version of Country Roads.
I did however get 3rd in the Dookie for the 2nd week in a row! Woot!!!

I'm so fawking tired as of late. No more radio for me until next week. I need a break and to actually get some shit done around the house. I did get a good start by putting my extra set of couches on Craigslist. Funny because I'd never used CL before so I put it in the Free section with the title FREE CRAPPY COUCH!! I have now received over a dozen responses from people who can come get it right away. In fact I only had 1 person requested a picture of it because they had a long way to drive to come get it??? Weird. I think I need to start post more on CL to get rid of my old crap. I really just wanted the couch and chair out of my office at home for more expansions to BDR. Now I think I might be able to make some dough selling oddities. Why not? Right?

Tragedy will be on air this evening for the Riverchasers. I'll be watching LOST and doing some mental masturbating to fantasies of Kate hooking up with Jack. I hate it how she keeps hooking up with Sawyer. Fawking stop it!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh happy day!

Weird. My entire weekend was interesting but I was the most excited about one thing. I'VE LOST OVER 20 POUNDS!!! WOOT!!! I had not been on a scale since around Christmas and I was over 225 at the time. So after changing a few of my eating habits I was sure I had lost some weight but I was surprised to see how much. It was a nice little lifting of my spirits.

Made the last second decision to play in the Big Game. Survived the first 2 hours but went out shortly after that running the best hand I'd seen in a hour into Hoy's rockets. GG.
Of course everyone knows by now who won. Congrats to all who made it deep.

The other last second decision of the night was to broadcast on BDR. Maybe not the best idea since I was playing but oh well. After I was knocked out it seemed like a good idea to finish up some work on the computer. And I never made it back to the broadcast due to falling asleep while waiting for an update to finish. Thanks to Tragedy and ScottMc for finishing things up. No clue how long they were on but I appreciate it none the less.
No show tonight but tune in Tuesday for coverage on the Skillz and Bodonkey.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Rock Band anyone?

SWEET!!! Just got Rock Band for Xbox360 over lunch today. Pretty much plan on playing all night long. Then I'm off to visit my buddies tomorrow and have some drum competitions!!! Woot Drum Faceoff Battles Baby!!!
Anyone else play on Xbox Live?

OK! BBT3 is on this weekend! Throughout the running of BBT3 BDR will be attempting to cover as many events as possible. We're already doing 2-3 shows a week so we'll see how quickly I get burnt out on that. Depending on what time I get home on Sunday I'll do my best to check in on things during the Big Game.
Heck. Do people really want to listen to my nasally wussy sounding voice 4-5 days a week anyway? Probably better think this one out.

Have a great weekend everyone. It's above freezing for the first time in awhile so I hope to be out in the Mustang!!! Super Woot!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did they really send this to Everyone?

Dear BuddyDank,
As you are aware, players on Full Tilt Poker experienced several disconnections from our game server last week. We have worked around the clock to make improvements, culminating in a software release today that includes many structural improvements as well as some new game features.
As a sign of appreciation for your patience, we will be crediting your Full Tilt Account with $25 cash in the next 4 to 6 hours.
Please note, this payment does not replace any previous compensation requests being reviewed by Support. Situations where players were directly affected by the disconnections are being evaluated on a case by case basis, and any requests sent to Support will be answered separately.
As an additional reward for your loyalty, we are also offering you a special bonus of $300.
To activate this bonus, log in to your Full Tilt Poker Account between now and 23:59 ET on March 11 and click "Check my bonus offer..." under the "Requests" menu.

Once you have accepted your offer, you will then have exactly 21 days to clear your full bonus amount. For every Full Tilt Point you earn, $0.06 of your bonus account will be cleared. Each $20 you clear will be moved from your bonus account to your real money account. You can check your status at any time by clicking the 'Bonus Account' button in the Cashier.
Again, we apologize for the problems you experienced and we thank you for your patience.
Full Tilt Poker

I was disconnected several times but never lost anything due to it. Free money!!! Now I guess I'll have to try to clear the bonus as well.

Last night we had a good time BDR. Fun stuff with Hoy and ScottMc. Sorry but no show tonight or Sunday due to me being busy so I'll be back on the air next Tuesday. If anyone else wants to do a show during any of these time they just need to contact me and I can show you how. It's fairly easy if you've already been on the air with us before. if interested.

EDIT! HOLY SHIT! TOURNAMENT DOLLARS???!! ON FTP??!!!! Things are getting interesting. Very interesting!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Myron Cope
January 23, 1929 - February 27, 2008

For those who don't know
Myron Cope was a special part of Steelers football for 35 years as the color analyst on the Steelers Radio Network, and he always will be remembered as the inventor of the Terrible Towel."*
*quoted from

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok no more brag posts.

Had a good run over the weekend but stopped after taking a couple beats. It is nice to have a roll on all 3 sites I play on now so I hope to continue my winning ways.

Bodonkey and Skillz games tonight.
Make sure and check out BDR tonight as I imagine someone will be broadcasting.

And tomorrow on BDR during the Mookie we will be talking to Hoy about his latest big score and victory in the 50-50. Other guests will be announced soon.

Speaking of the 50-50, my main man Emptyman went deep last night. Woot woot!

Oh yeah! I'm working on editing past BDR shows for download. Here is the first one from last weeks Bodog/Skillz games.
right click and save as to download.

Friday, February 22, 2008

First hand

PokerStars Game #15483056810: Hold'em No Limit ($0.50/$1.00) - 2008/02/22 - 23:37:14 (ET)
Table 'Emita' 9-max Seat #3 is the button
Seat 1: Schwatter ($59.85 in chips)
Seat 2: BuddyDank ($100 in chips)
Seat 3: MidMO21 ($69.10 in chips)
Seat 4: MoleyandClub ($132.10 in chips)
Seat 5: brettrosey ($13.50 in chips)
Seat 6: PIMP RYDA ($100 in chips)
Seat 7: elms007 ($259.10 in chips)
Seat 8: EtOi ($100 in chips)
Seat 9: KarlSpakler ($126.45 in chips)
MoleyandClub: posts small blind $0.50
brettrosey: posts big blind $1
BuddyDank: posts big blind $1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to BuddyDank [9h 9d]
PIMP RYDA: calls $1
elms007: folds
EtOi: folds
KarlSpakler: folds
Schwatter: folds
BuddyDank: checks
MidMO21: folds
MoleyandClub: raises $5 to $6
brettrosey: folds
PIMP RYDA: folds
BuddyDank: calls $5
*** FLOP *** [Ah 7c 9c]
MoleyandClub: checks
BuddyDank: bets $5
MoleyandClub: raises $10 to $15
BuddyDank: calls $10
*** TURN *** [Ah 7c 9c] [2d]
MoleyandClub: bets $24
BuddyDank: calls $24
*** RIVER *** [Ah 7c 9c 2d] [Th]
MoleyandClub: bets $15
BuddyDank: raises $40 to $55 and is all-in
MoleyandClub: calls $40
*** SHOW DOWN ***
BuddyDank: shows [9h 9d] (three of a kind, Nines)
MoleyandClub: mucks hand
BuddyDank collected $199 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $202 | Rake $3
Board [Ah 7c 9c 2d Th]
Seat 1: Schwatter folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: BuddyDank showed [9h 9d] and won ($199) with three of a kind, Nines
Seat 3: MidMO21 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: MoleyandClub (small blind) mucked [Ad Qd]
Seat 5: brettrosey (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 6: PIMP RYDA folded before Flop
Seat 7: elms007 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: EtOi folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: KarlSpakler folded before Flop (didn't bet)

All is not well in the universe.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

7th place in the Mookie ain't so bad

Played super tight game and managed to get all the way to the final table. Nothing huge to report but I had a great time as usual. BDR was kicking it with Schaubs and IT. Good times! Thanks to everyone who tuned in. Tragedy will be in control of BDR this evening so make sure and check that out during the Riverchasers. I'm taking the night off but will probably be playing some poker.

Cash games have settled down a bit as I've been barely breaking even. Aces cracked at least 3 times has me tilting a bit but I'm trying to keep my cool. As long as I stay in my limits I should be fine. Maybe I'll try a larger MTT tonight.

EDIT! THE WAFFLES SCHOOL OF BANKROLL MANAGEMENT IS THE NUTZ!!! Cashed out half my bankroll and promptly opened a 2/4NL table with my remaining $200. 4 or 5 orbits of folding and I double up with this. WOOT!