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Monday, December 31, 2007

Have a Happy Fucking New Year!

Yep, today is the last day of 2007. Where has the time gone? What have I accomplished? And what did I do wrong? All valid questions but I feel it is time to let 2007 go and move on with my life. No need to worry about the past so I look forward to the future!

2008 is already looking to be an interesting year for Buddy as I have a date tonight! Yes it is with my ex from college but it should be a good time no matter what. I have no expectations and was just happy to be invited to hang out with her and her brother on New Years Eve.

Other news! Looks like I will be going to Europe in August for a week or so. Still trying to sort out all that but it looks good. This does however affect my ability to go to other blogger gatherings this summer as I will need to save my vacation days for the Europe trip. I still hope to get out for Okie-Vegas but it is doubtful I will go to Vegas in June.

More good news! The Mustang is fixed! My stepdad came over this weekend and after about 3 or 4 hours work and a new water pump, we are set to go again. The water pump seems to be the only problem, thank god, so it looks like I got lucky.

BuddyDank Radio news! BDR will be live for the first time in 2008 on Wednesday during the Mookie. I thought about doing a Tuesday show during the Bodog game but I am hoping to get some other things done that day. Anyone who is interested in being on the show just needs to let me know. I can tell you what you need and even help you get everything setup. It's real easy!
So far for 2008 we will have Pokerpeaker on at some point. DrJ should be back on the show once he returns from Australia. Expect to hear more from Miami Don and Chad from time to time and much much more.
Changes are still coming for the website. I was distracted this weekend so I didn't get anything done, dang women.

Goals for 2008!
1. Get laid!
2. Double or Triple BDR's listeners.
3. Lose 15lbs.
4. Get laid again!
5. Finish Mustang completely.
6. Make it out to Vegas at least once in 2008.
7. Take care of myself better.
8. Cut back on the pot.
9. Cut OUT the smokes.
10. Save some money.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Damn it damn it damn it!!! Can't the man let me have one fucking title? NO!!!???
In the final Mookie of the year, Bayne took 3rd place and therefore moves ahead of me on the yearly Mookie stats. God Fucking Damn it!!!! And I was just starting to like the guy.

Christmas was long but good. Not much to share.

We are still trying to get the changes ready for BDR by the 1st but we'll see how much I get done this weekend. I'm a lazy bastard ya know.

Ahhh crap and I still need to finish my trip report.... maybe if I get some sleep soon I'll be more excited about writing it. Right now I'm freaking tired as hell. All work and no sleep makes Buddy a worthless pile of shit.

Friday, December 21, 2007

DR J is the TOC Champ!

Congrats to Dr J! It was a great game last night and BDR even got the chance to speak to the winner right after the game. Thanks for tuning in.

Just wanted to put in this quick note before I head off for the holidays.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ninja Timmy!!!!

Not only is Timmy competing tonight in the TOC, but he also figured out how to reduce the time lag on listening to BDR. Depending on which client you use to listen, we are now down to about a 4 or 5 second delay!! The current stream is usually over 30 seconds so this is a huge improvement. WOOT! Expect to see big changes over the next week!

BuddyDank Radio will be broadcasting during the BBT2 TOC tonight!
I have to do some Christmas shopping after work but should be back in plenty of time.

Good news on the car front! I got my other car last night and after a little jump it started right up. It's been sitting in a lot for almost a year and a half. Before that I hadn't driven it in almost a year so I was pleasantly surprised when it started and got me all the way home.
The other good news is that the problem with my Mustang is most likely not nearly as bad as I had thought. We will look at it more and fix it after the holidays. I am so relieved!

Oh yeah! WTF is wrong with you people. After spending that last week freaking out about my car and other crap I barely had time to read any blogs. Now that I'm getting caught up it looks like I missed something. A few people had eluded to it while I was broadcasting the past couple nights but I still hadn't read anything.
As much as drama=ratings I will not be doing any extensive coverage of this crap on BDR. It only gets covered if it includes me and quite honestly that's always boring anyway.
I love you all! Plus I'm probably trying to sleep with everyone anyway.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Still on life tilt

Mookie tonight! I will be there and broadcasting live tonight on BDR BUT I will most likely be late. I have to go get my other car working so I have something to drive for the holidays. I just hope it doesn't take me too long to get things figured out with it.

No time, no patience, and no car makes Buddy a PISSED OFF FUCKING ASSWIPE OF A HUMAN BEING.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I have no fucking clue


I might be on BDR tonight but I might not. Things are kinda fucked up with my car no longer functioning. BUT if I get done what I need to in time I will be playing in the Bodonkey game and be on air for a special BuddyDank Radio Lite. Love Elf has expressed interest in being on the show and so I really hope I can make this all happen.

REMINDER! The Bodonkey starts one half hour later than normal. It will now start at 9:05 EST.

I'm a bit tired today as I was up late hanging with Numbono. We have a local game every other Monday and yesterday was our year finale TOC. My queens went down in flames to the luckbox of the days nines and I missed my first final table ever at this game. The cash game afterwards was nice though so at least I got my buyin back.
With my car out of commission I had to bum a ride home from Numbono. We got to hang out, drink and gab till all hours of the evening. Good stuff. Boy, I sure hope he got home OK.

I need a nap.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Just when things are looking up I turn around and get fucked in the ass!

My new(er) Mustang is fucked up. Looks like the water pump stopped functioning and now appears the head gasket is blown. God Fucking Damn it! And it's not even an issue of money that's screwing things up, it's the fact that I have to do a ton of driving this week and next for the holidays. Now I'm most likely stuck bumming rides from people which means I'm stuck where ever I fucking go. I'm so pissed right now that I should just stop. FAWK!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The End is NOW!

Tune in tonight to BDR as we cover the last game of the BBT2 series! THE BIG GAME! Get your tokens damn it!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

So there I was with 2 hookers and a limp dick

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Geisha Bar.

After having a few drinks and meeting others such as Zeem, Al, Fat Guy, Weak, Pauly and good lord this list could go on forever, I had the chance to sit down and talk to Pauly. It was great to catch him early in the trip before the hordes all showed up. It will come as no surprise that he's just a downright nice guy. I could have talked his ear off all night and I even managed to get some advice out of him.

More and more bloggers started rolling in and I looked at my phone to see what time it was. Sure enough I had not heard it ring earlier and I had a couple missed calls and a text message from Tragedy. It read 'I'm in the lobby of the IP' and was only a few minutes old. I wandered toward the front and see a man with a guitar wearing an ugly ass Brown's football jersery. IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING TRAGEDY!

Now it seems not everyone knows that until then Sean and I had never met. The whole BuddyDank Radio co hosts thing came up from him commenting here on my blog after one of my first shows. It was great to finally meet the man and we would spend a fair amount of the time together and have some good times.

We got Tragedy's gear stowed away in my room which led to him staying with me out of convenience. While Tragedy was introducing himself to every person in the joint I went and grabbed a quick dinner with Jordan and Peaker. CK joined us as well and we all got a chance to get to know eachother. Jordan is freaking hilarious and not quite what I expected. A funny jewish guy? Who would of guessed it? Peaker is pretty much exactly what I would have thought. We have a fair amount in common with our love for the mountains. Although my knowledge of fourteener's was put to shame when I was telling him about my climbing experience. I may have to try to get him to guide me on a climb some time.

Dinner was good but it was time to get back to the drinking. So I strolled right back into the mix where I was met my Iggy asking 'How the hell are ya?'. I made the mistake of responding 'Well, I'm not drunk yet', and he and Al came up with a remedy. Minutes later I had a double Patron in hand and my first shot of the trip was in my belly. Seconds after that ScottMc made sure I had another double in hand and I was well on my way. I don't think I bought myself more then 3 drinks that night but I was never without a drink in hand.

It was now time to gambooool! The Paigow tables were hoping and I was ready to get in on what was obviously The Game to play with the bloggers. GCox's wife Carrie was sitting in and offered me her seat so I could play my first hand of Paigow. Carrie is so incredibly great. She helped me set my hands and showed me the ropes. With my minimum bets out I threw some money away and lost around $30 in 30 minutes but had at least 5 drinks. They say it's a win and so I'll go with that. Shortly after I gave Carrie her seat back and went back to socializing.
Bankroll - $280 - $30 = $250 Ruh Roh Raggy!

As the night rolled on I met Blinders, Astin, Schaubs, and Fuel. Blinders and I had a great chat and have a fair amount in common as well. Cough cough and ready to go again. More drinking and then somewhere in there the call went out for anyone interested who wanted to play craps need head to the Casino Royale. Why not? I'd never played but the game there is $3 craps so now was as good of a time as any to learn the game. Oh wait, I was drunk and stoned. Maybe not the best time to learn but a great time to gamble and have fun. Quite honestly at the time I had no clue what was going on with the game. Blinders tried to explain it but there was no chance. I just bet what he bet and soon enough on ScottMc's roll we started to make some money. Cashing out +$30, this would be my first win of the trip. And watching the excitement from Tragedy, Al and GCox on the other table was priceless. Al kept yelling toward our table about his wins and for some odd reason was calling Blinders Lucko all night.
Bankroll - $250 + $30 = $280 I WIN!

By this time it was way late and so I dragged my ass back to my room and passed out for the night. There is a good chance that more happened that evening but it's the fuzziest of all my days memories.

Come back to hear about my first win over $100. Woot!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BDR is back tonight for The Mookie

Still tired and exhausted but BDR will be live tonight.
The only thing I have planned so far is to do a new segment called 'Vegas Moments'. Anyone who would like to share a story tonight is welcome. You can either share it on the air yourself through Skype or email it to me and I will read it.
But it is very doubtful that tonight will have the drunken ranting as of late. I'm too fried to drink quite yet myself but maybe someone else? I'm getting old.

More Vegas recaps as I find time to write them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where to start?

I'm back from Vegas, only to find lots of snow and ice and more coming down as I type. Now I love winter and the snow but after spending the past 5 days in Vegas I was fairly convinced it was still fall. mustang isn't the greatest car for winter driving but at least I didn't get stuck.
I did however sleep from 4pm yesterday until 9am this morning which made me late for work. And why did I sleep so long??? Let's go back to the beginning and see....

Bankroll for gambling: $500
I'm not a rich man so I only had this much to play with all week. It turned out to be just the right amount.
Arrived in Vegas Wednesday afternoon and got to ride in the Druggy-Buggy! What a sweet ride! MiamiDon was the first blogger I would meet outside of Numbono who just happens to live in the same city as I do. We worked our way over to Chad's pad for a BBQ and live broadcast on BDR for the Mookie. If you were listening then I don't really need to explain. It all happened exactly like it seemed. MiamiDrunk was a ranting fool and kept us all rolling on the floor. We even had some last minute guests as LJ and Recess apparently had gotten in early as well and stopped over at Chad's to join us. Good times.
After Don passed out for the 2nd or 3rd time we got a cab and headed on down to the IP where we met up with CK. This was my first time in Vegas so I was in no hurry to get to bed as I hadn't seen anything besides Chad's yet. After getting some chow with the gang CK was nice enough to hang out and show me around a little bit. What a sweetheart! I must have looked like the ultimate tourist as my eyes were almost always looking up and around as we walked from place to place. The Venetian was beautiful and we played a bit of video poker so I could at least say I gambled the first day.
Bankroll: $500 - $20 on video poker = $480

It was getting late and since I didn't have a room arranged for that night, Recess had offered to let me crash with him. He had left for bed a number of hours earlier and so when I went to find the room I got lost for a bit. Anyone who knows the IP will tell you it's a big fucking maze. But after going in circles for about 20 minutes I found the room only to see a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. WHAT??? REALLY??? Does he have a woman in there? Or maybe he forgot I was crashing there? Well I finally decided to go in so I put my ear to the door to listen for moaning but heard nothing. Inserted the key card and slowly opened the door trying to make sure I was not walking in on something. Nope. Turns out that house cleaning starts fairly early in Vegas so if you want to sleep in you better put the little sign out before you crash. I awoke fairly early as my body was still on Iowa time and went for a stroll. Alan was still asleep and so I started out on my own. But this is where I discovered my first mistake.

I had been warned by people and read the Vegas preparation posts but I was still not ready for all the walking. Holy Jesus!!! What I thought were comfortable shoes turned out to be the biggest problem with the whole trip. See in Iowa I drive everywhere. I get up and walk to my car. Drive to work. Get out of my car and walk into work and sit at my desk in my office. Turns out I am one out of shape lazy mother fucker. I could feel my feet complaining even in the first hour when I walked over to the Bellagio. And by the time I was done Thursday and went back to my room to rest. My socks were actually bloody from all the walking. I will spare you the pictures as I am not a picture taking kind of guy. My feet would be a problem the whole trip but as long as I kept a good supply of Advil on me they were just fine. Well that and that I didn't do nearly as much walking after this because of the pain. Next time I will be more prepared!!!

OK so after seeing the Bellagio and Paris I headed back toward the IP to see if Alan was up and around. We almost physically ran into each other at the front door of the IP. And after a 2 second discussion on breakfast we went across the street to Caesar's to try the buffet. Mmmmmn mnnnn mmmnnn! Good stuff.
CK, LJ and Alan were ready to start pokering it up at Caesar's but I wanted to get showered and cleaned up before sitting in. But after a quick shower I would be right back there and got seated at a 1-2 game. I'll spare you the badbeat story and just say I slow played my set to bustoville in just the second hour.
Bankroll: $480-$200=$280 DANGER DANGER!
Seeing how I had limited funds and didn't want to go completely busto the first day I found my way back to the IP and got checked into my own room. I learned another Vegas lesson about the cheapest rooms. They are cheap for a reason!!!! The internal workings of my room were no different than the one Alan was in in the same hotel. But the external part was the issue. The IP's lists these rooms as being in another building just behind the casino. The reality is that these rooms are more like from a motel where the door from your room takes you directly outside and not into just a hallway like in the hotel. This was not really the main issue. The main issue was what was directly outside these doors. A big fucking parking structure!!! Cars zooming around at all hours and car alarms going off every couple minutes. BUT this would not sour me on the IP or to Vegas in the slightest. I only spent a very short time in the room and so it did not become a problem like I thought it might.
Wow my first day hadn't started the best but so far but my adrenalin was still kicking so there was no holding me back. The preliminary plan was for us to meet at the Geisha Bar but it was still early so I wasn't sure anyone would be around. And the only people I had met so far were still over at Caesar's playing poker. What to do, what to do? Well this was answered quickly as when I came back down and looked around the bar I saw a guy with a pony tail and shirt that read 'Got Weed.' Walked up to the guy and said 'Let me guess? Gary?'. I was right and got right in to the mix. There were only a few bloggers around this early but I hung out and drank as they all slowly trickled in. Great Times!!!!

More later when I get a chance. Stay tuned to what happens when you are asked how you are doing by Iggy and respond with 'Well, I'm not drunk yet'. Whoops.

Monday, December 10, 2007

must sleep


and oh yeah.....


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hours away from the tourney!

Woot! BuddyDank is still kicking it in Vegas. Good times.

More on that later......

I will be attempting to give updates on the game today if possible. Still trying to see what I am allowed to do here. Currently I'm sitting in the Venitian's Sports Book using their wifi so if I bust early I can at least get online and post some updates. But if at all possible I will be attempting to broadcast.

I will update soon!

We are just past the first break and Buddydank is out! Big suprise huh?
Rivered by a king is all she wrote for me today. I had a blast and a great table.
Other victims I know of.
Waffles is out.
Carmen is out
JJOK is out
Al is out on an all in AA vs KK vs QQ. Al's aces are no good to the king on the flop for Blinders.

No broadcast as it would be difficult and no one is really around right now to listen anyways.

More updates as they come

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just hours away!

My flight leaves in 4 hours!!!!

oh and I may have won the Bodog Tourney last night. Woot. Nothing like a win to boost your confidence. Now lets just hope I can carry it all the way to Vegas.
Plus we are far enough along with the new website that we decided to launch it late last night. Lots of changes coming soon!

TONIGHT!! TUNE IN TO BUDDYDANK RADIO!!!! We will be broadcasting live in Vegas from Cracknaces house and also will have MiamiDon and LJ on the show tonight. I'm so freaking excited!!!! VEGAS!!! HERE I COME!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Checklists and BDR!

IT'S ON!!!
BDR will being doing a remote broadcast from Vegas TOMORROW!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!! The show will include MiamiDon, Cracknaces, LJ and much much more. It's going to be off the hook so if you thought last week was entertaining then you really need to tune in during The Mookie tomorrow night.

Don was nice enough to offer to pick me up from the airport and then we're off the Chad's house to setup for the show. It should be interesting trying to run things remotely but if I have problems my neighbors have a key to my place and can just go over and reboot things if necessary.

Going over what I need for Vegas so I decided to make a checklist to the 12 days of Christmas
Here goes nothing!
The first thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, A Laptop with the accessories.
The second thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 2 packs of Magnums and A Laptop with the accessories.
The third thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a Laptop with the accessories.
The fourth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a Laptop with the accessories.
The fifth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The sixth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The seventh thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The eighth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 8 Maids a milking(i just like that one), 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The ninth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 9 latex gloves, 8 Maids a milking, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The tenth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 10 G-Strings, 9 latex gloves, 8 Maids a milking, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The eleventh thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 11 adult diapers, 10 G-Strings, 9 latex gloves, 8 Maids a milking, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The Twelth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 12 rubber dildos, 11 adult diapers, 10 G-Strings, 9 latex gloves, 8 Maids a milking, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.

Wow that was dumb.

Tonight is the Bodog Blogger tourney so make sure and get your butt over there.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Feelings! Nothing more then Feelings!

Sorry for the whiney, I'm a little bitch, getting ready for Oprah post. I'll try not to do that again.


My basic itinerary.
Arrive: Wednesday 2:35pm
BuddyDank Radio will hopefully be broadcasting from Cracknaces place that night.
Thursday I check into the IP. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Depart: Monday 8:00am (teh suck)

No MATH for me tonight. I have to go to my local game in order to qualify for their TOC. The TOC for this game is based on number of times attending only so since I started halfway thru the year I have to go in order to be one of the top 25 attendees. Not like I'd normally skip this easy money game anyway but it would have been nice to take an extra shot at the BBT2.
So no drunken Buddy tonight, sorry.

My lazy ass barely left my couch this weekend and it was superb. I played a ton of Wii games I had downloaded. This got me thinking about incorporating some Wii stuff into my site. There are several online games now for the Wii and it would be super fun to play some of y'all out there. I'm going to post my Wii code so anyone can add me as a friend. If you would like me to add you just let me know.
Currently I've been playing Mario Strikers online and I love it. I need to look into other games that have the online option but if you know of one please post it.
Don't get The Bigs! It's a baseball game and it's freaking hard. I can't even beat the computer on easy setting. The fucking computer catches everything! EVERYTHING! Even homeruns! It climbs the fence and jumps up to catch the fucking ball 40 feet above the fucking ground! I'm just mad cause I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Plus it's season crap is messed up and based around a Rookie Challenge. Very dumb.

I see my info in on Falstaff's spreadsheet now. Make sure and print that one off before you leave for Vegas people! And call me ANYTIME!!! Seriously!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vegas is so close I can smell it!

4 days!
Ice storms deluxe have me locked in my home for the weekend. I had hoped to go out and get a number of things for the trip but it will have to wait. I couldn't get into my car right now if I wanted to. I'd say there is at least 3 inches of ice on it and the sleet it still coming down good.

OK so last
It was a very casual evening. We met at a restaurant and ended up closing it down. It was funny because we were just chatting and then I got up to go to the bathroom and realized we were the last two people in the place. Time flies I guess. Then we went to a local bar and had a few drinks. It was a very nice time but has still left me a bit confused. I found that it was hard to really know completely what I felt about a woman who just looked so damn good! The years have been very kind and quite honestly she looks better now then way back when. Things like that seem to cloud my judgment.
Wow we talked about everything though. Even some things that we had never talked about at the time. Like the different times we broke up and cheated on each other and weird crap like that. She actually knew about one girl that I didn't know she knew about at the time. Yes yes our relationship was a little rocky at times but we always seemed to work it out and forgive each other.
BUT the main issue at hand was that I was really hoping I would have defined feelings once I saw her and that didn't happen. I would have been perfectly happy if there was no longer that spark and that would be that. This was not the case.
BUT there were other factors involved. Even though her fiance left her only just 2 months ago she acts like she is completely over it and fine now. AND she is going to Chicago later this weekend and already has a date with someone while she's in town. Hearing that did bother me but I am unable to completely understand why. Is it because I am still wanting to be protective of her and I think it's a mistake for her to see someone so soon? Or is it because I'm jealous that it's not me?
I could tell stories all day about last night and our past but writing this out has me reading it and seeing that there is really no chance for us. And I think I'm fine with that. Maybe. sorta kinda?

Today! Packing for Vegas and sitting on my ass. Might work on the website too.