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Thursday, May 31, 2007


I took 3rd in the Mook last night. Wow, I'm still not sure how that worked out.
Plus I got my live broadcast up and going, plus there was some positive feedback. Sorry for anyone who had troubles or was getting a lot of re buffering. After my computer crashed on me last night, I ended up doing the whole thing from my laptop. Ran the shoutcast server, DJ'd the tunes, played in the game myself, and had 6 tables open trying to watch all the action! I was fairly surprised it worked at all with that kind of setup. Plus with the fact that my DSL connection at home only has about 640kb upstream I was limited to about 7 or 8 people listening in. But don't fret, I have a plan.
I know a guy, who has a friend, who is a relative of someone that owns an ISP. I'll be setting up the server on his network and should have all the bandwidth I need. Now I just have to talk him into it.
Also I'd like to get something setup so others can DJ as well as call into the show to get on the air. I've used Skype in the past but I'm not sure this is the best option. Anyone out there have a suggestion or opinion on this? I'd love to hear anything from anyone.

Checking out the BBT Standings I now see that I have climbed from 9th to 4th with my finish in the Mookie! Good times.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Live broadcasting the Mookie! TONIGHT!!

I've setup a shoutcast server to give some play by play action during the Mookie. I'll also be playing some bitchin' tunes so please tune in.
Click Here to Listen! is the address to connect to.

This link will work for iTunes or WinAMP.
1. If you have WinAMP it should automatically open it up and start playing. This is the easiest way to listen to the stream.

2. If you only have iTunes you can open the stream using two different methods. First one is when you click on the stream it should offer to let you Choose the program you would like to open it with. You will need to Browse to the Program Files/iTunes directory and choose itunes.exe. The second slightly simpler way is to Choose to save the file listen.pls to you computer. I suggest the desktop or my documents folder. Then open iTunes and go to the top heading of File. Select Add File to Library and browse to the listen.pls file and select it. This will add it to your library toward the bottom of the list if sorting by Artist. Double click on it to start it.

I have seen these streams work with Windows Media Player but I couldn't get it working right away on mine so I'll have to look into that for a later date.

I'm interested to see how many people tune in. Please feel free to give me any feedback in the comment section.

ALSO I TAKE SONG REQUESTS! I have a couple messenger services but not sure which one to use. I'll post my Yahoo messenger for now. Contact me at with suggestions, requests, and just to girly chat.

Friday, May 25, 2007


So I finally watched the season finale. I laughed, I cried and I loved it.

My thoughts
1. To quote Monty Python's Life of Brian, 'He's making it up as he goes along!' On that note I can't go into the guessing game of who was in the casket. We know that Ben's character wasn't even supposed to be the so called leader of the Others originally so I don't give them much credit for there being an answer to who died.

2. Jack's father. Now I remember how early on Jack kept seeing his dad on the island. Then he found the casket in the wreckage but there was no body in it. I might even go as far to say that I think Jack's dad is alive on the island. We know the island can cure people but not everyone. It seems Boone wasn't worth the islands time.

3. A lot of the theories out there refer to a change in time line. I had forgotten about Desmond's flashback where he had already been there. This is the best case for time altering funkiness. I'm going to go back and watch that episode again to refresh my memory. But I personally think something will happen to alter Jack's flash forward, and therefore non of that will happen.

4. The people on the boat. No clue. They could go anywhere with this.

5. Most of the Others are not dead. I think not. I expect to see the black woman from the farm that was shot in the chest again as well as the one's from the beach. This goes along with my thinking that Jack's dad is reborn on the island. Locke sure got up and around pretty quickly after his incident. Hell, I even think they could dig up Ethan and he'd be alive again. Dig em all up and we'll have a big reunion!

I watched it last night with high hopes and was not let down. I even jumped out of my chair when Hugo came crashing through the forest in the VW. That was easily the most joyful moment this season.
After the previous episodes it was obvious that Charlie was really going to die this time. I was sad but at the same time I was happy to see them taking us on the emotional roller coaster that is LOST at it's best.

Bravo ABC Bravo.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Donkey Fuckers!

I like that term.
Last night was the Mookie. I could rant and rave about how I went out of the tournament but I won't. I could also scream about how my satellite tv went out during the storm we had here during the last 20 minutes of Lost. I won't do that because I wasn't watching it live because I was focusing on the Mookie and was going to watch it right afterward on my good old tivo. Now I have the choice of watching it on the ABC website or downloading a better copy and playing in on my computer that is plugged into my gigantic television. See, I am a relatively low key kinda guy who rolls with the punches. After getting a bit upset last night, I sat back and did what I do best. I blamed myself for losing the tournament by playing too tight and not making enough moves earlier when I had chips and also blamed myself for not just bucking up and watch Lost live on my huge HD TV using the off-air antenna that would not have lost signal during the storm. That's right, I ball everything up deep down inside myself and wont let anyone else see there is something wrong.

Why am I going into this? It seems some people out there who are like the shock jocks of the blogging world. They are more popular as it is entertaining for the masses to see people get offended and upset. But I'm not sure I can go that direction with this blog.

So what I need is a theme for this blog. Yes it's partially based on my poker experience and successes and failures. Quite honestly though, unless I crank out a win here or there it's not really all that enthralling.
I'd like to continue my work with my animations and get those going but it's very time consuming and it's going to be months before that's even remotely ready.
And then there is the live broadcasting idea that I had. Do you think people will tune in to hear me talk about who busted who in the Mookie? Maybe with some excellent tunes mixed in? Even then it seems it would be more interesting of an idea to people if they knew there would be drama and all that ranting and raving crap. I'm clueless at the moment.

In more interesting news, Waffles can suck my balls!(is that what people want?)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's been a hard couple weeks keeping up with things. My grandfather died last week, so keeping up with the family and such has taken a lot out of me. It was very sad to see him pass but he was 90. We did out best to celebrate his life. He was a good man.

I haven't been playing as much poker as usual so not much to tell about that. But tonight is the Mookie!!! I've been getting my shoutcast server running so I can try my live broadcast of the Mookie action. I think I'll wait till next week though since tonight is the season finale of Lost.

Maybe I can think of something to write about later.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

4th in the MATH

My first final table and cash in the MATH. Good times.
It was an interesting night. I was busto so I had to make a deposit into FT to even get into the MATH last night. I started by playing in the token frenzy and got knocked out early. Then I played in a $8 two table token game and again busted out. About this time I was figuring I should have just not planned on playing in the MATH since I had never done well in it anyways. But I wasted some time at a low limit cash game and made some quick cash against a guy slow playing his rockets.(Does that ever work?)

So I buy into the MATH and was seated at a very entertaining table. FT seems to want to put Smokkee and Waffles at the same table in every tourney. Sure enough they were on opposite sides of the table and then it happened. Jordan took out Waffles on the river on a 10 outer. Everyone knows Waffles and how he loves to rant but the man would not let it go. I'm sure you've all seen it on someones blog already so no need for me to go into the conversation.
I chipped up early and then gave them away and then did the same thing a couple more times. After I donked off a good amount of chips to Smokkee when I didn't believe that he could possibly have been dealt an ace in the BB. I had a pocket nines and bet into an ace high flop. He raised back and I called him off. Then he made a comment that just stuck with me. Something along the lines of 'Everyone knows Buddy can't lay down a pair.' Now I was in no way insulted by this because that has been a problem of mine for some time. And even though I acknowledged this issue a long time ago, it doesn't stop me from continuing to make these calls. But what it did do was make me reevaluate my playing style right then and there and think about who I am up against in this game. I tightened it up, won some races and got to the final table.
Now that I was at the final table I made a few more adjustments to my game because only 6 were paid. Astin was on my right and he was playing very aggressively. And there were actually 3 or 4 more people who were doing this as well. This was a good thing for me. Sure enough we had a lot of action a soon after we were down to 7. This took quite awhile to burst the bubble but I laid down some great hands just trying to make the money. After winning a big pot I was dealt AK UTG+1 and was still jittery from the last hand so I chucked them. The next hand UTG I was again dealt AK and figured I'm just being stupid throwing these choice hands away. I make the raise and everyone folds. Shortly after that I threw away jacks preflop to a big raise.
But all in all I felt I was playing fairly well. I even tried to take out a short stack with snowmen but he calls with Q8o and sure enough he gets the four flush on the river, with the 8 no less. After the bubble burst, play opened up a bit and we got rid of another. Right after that I get AQo and push after a raise from Astin and he calls with K8s. The board comes KKx with an ace on the turn to tease me but the river is no help.
I had a good time playing and am glad to finally getting some points again for the BBT. When it all started I was out of the gate quick and sitting in 3rd for awhile but recently dropped down to 8th place. This finish only puts me up to 7th but at least it keeps me in the running.

In other news. I've been toying with the idea of helping out Mookie with his live blogging on Wednesdays. But I want to take it a step further and do streaming broadcast coverage of the game. Not sure it will all work out of be of interest to anyone but I'm going to give it a shot. If not this Wednesday then most likely the next.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tag! You're A Git!

I've seen a number of people posting these on their blogs lately. Schaubs being the most recent and he passes on this great honor to me and some others.
I'm not a fan of chain letters or similar crap on myspace and such but this is relatively harmless so I will go ahead and post 7 random things about myself.

1. I'm legally blind in my right eye and have been since birth. It's called a lazy eye and mine is bad enough just to be annoying. I can't see the effects of 3D movies with those special glasses, I suck at most sports involving depth perception and people often think I am ignoring them if they wave at me from my bad side. But it's not all bad. As a child I got to wear a patch over my good eye in order to strengthen my bad one. I thought it was cool and no one else had one.

2. I used to be a professional Magic:TG player in my younger years. One of my many truly geeky traits.

3. I'm tall now, 6 foot 4, but I was very short in high school. My freshman year I was 5'2" and when I graduated I was just under 6 foot tall. My growth spurt was rather sudden and unexpected as my family is on the shorter side. My mom is 5'4", my dad is 5'8" and my sister is 5'6". Yes, yes go a head with all the milkman jokes, I've heard it all before.

4. I'm an actor of sorts. When I was in college, I was a theater major and did mostly acting. At one point I moved to New York City to give acting a shot but I hated it there. I still do some local theater every now and again. Most recently I was one of the leads in a Neil Simon show this past winter.

5. The Pittsburgh Steelers are my favorite NFL team. Growing up in Iowa where we have no professional sports teams you tend to latch on to closest teams doing well at the time, like Chicago or KC or Minnesota. But growing up in the 70s it seems most people were either Cowboys fans or Steelers fans. My neighbors were big time Steelers fans so I went with them and never looked back. FUCK THE COWBOYS!

6. I had a mullet in high school and was very proud of it. My prom pictures are priceless.

7. I've spent many years of my life living in Colorado being a ski bum. I absolutely love the mountains and the outdoors. Now that I'm in my 30's, my knees aren't what they used to be.

Now I don't remember reading any rules about this tagging 7 people or what happens if I break the chain so fug it.
I tag the following.
Dopey(my fav)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


All the perty pictures over at Al's site got me wanting to update my site. I borrowed a picture from there and then made a few changes around here.

Tonight is, of course, the MOOKIE!
Easily one of my favorite nights of the week.
Hope to see many many many people there.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Thief made woman, 83, smoke crack, police say

Check this out.
Supposedly she forced her to smoke crack to steal her identity. But in the article the charges against her are all something related to identity theft and such. So is it not illegal to force someone to smoke crack?? And more importantly is it not illegal to smoke crack if someone is forcing it on you???

I suck at poker.

Played in the Hoy last night and my table was worthless. There was absolutely no action. By the first break we were all still dead even at our starting stacks. Now I would have loved to take advantage of this but I had no cards what so ever. I stole blinds every now and again just to keep even but I played horribly. The first time I actually had an ace and paint after the break I raised and was reraised. Stupid me I pushed and of course he had pocket rockets. I tried to be patient early and wait for a chance to chip up but with no action at our table it was impossible. I don't even know what to do in that situation. Anyone out there have any suggestions for this predicament??

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Decent showing in the Mook.

I got 15th in the Mookie last night. Go me. I coulda gone further but I done messed up. Dag Nabit!

On to the Riverchasers event tonight! But I forgot about the HORSE tourney this weekend. Not sure I'll make it.

So many things going on right now that I have to believe that I might not be playing much poker in the near future. Sucks. But you gotta have priorities right?

Let's see, what can end this on a happier note?
This helps a bit.