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Friday, November 30, 2007

Date night!

I have no clue why I even signed up for the Riverchasers last night. I sat out for over half of the first hour and then pushed A10 into AQ? What? Yep, I was in no mood to play and was tired as hell from the night before. After that I closed the laptop and fell asleep within 10 minutes. I feel so much better today!

Tonight! I have a date! But can I really call it a date? I'm meeting up with my ex from almost 10 years ago. She was dumped by her fiance two months ago and just recently got a hold of me. We have a very long sordid past but haven't spoken in years. I have no clue what to expect. And it is the first 'date' I've had since breaking it off with my last girlfriend about 6 months ago.
It's hard not to try to read into things. After all, 10 years ago I was 100% convinced she was the woman I would marry and live happily ever after. But she wanted to live in NY and I just couldn't hack it there. Maybe I'll rehash some tales from when I lived in the big apple sometime soon. Now she lives in the same city as I do and we're both single again. I never thought that would ever happen. My brain really hurts from going over all of this again and again. Argh!!!
Enough about that!


Wow, I keep hearing how BDR was the best it's ever been this past week. This is somewhat disturbing as I remember very little of it and it seems I'm only entertaining when I'm fucked up. I can't promise to be that trashed every week but I'll work on being just as entertaining when I'm not. Probably wouldn't hurt to actually do some planning for these shows.
But let me ask you this. Are people laughing with me or at me? Hmm.........pretty sure I know that answer but let's hear it!

The BuddyDank Radio website will be relaunching soon! The old one still works but my boys have been hard at work getting the new one ready to go. If it all works out, we may be ready this weekend! Woot!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

8 chicken scratches

I awoke this morning, still drunk and hurting pretty good. On my desk at home there was a piece of paper with 8 chicken scratches on it and half a bottle of tequila. My memory isn't so great this morning but I'm fairly sure this means I had 8 shots last night and what appears to be around 8 cans of beer. Most of the evening is a blur.
Here's a few signs that Buddy may have had too much to drink last night.
I had no idea who won the Mookie this morning.
I don't remember going to bed.
My FT account has much less of my bankroll then just the buy in for the Mookie and Dook would have cost me.
I don't remember throwing up but others seem to think I did. I'll have to check the condition of my toilet when I get home.

All in all I think I had a great time. This was just a warm up for Vegas baby! 6 Freaking DAYS!!!

FAWK! I just remembered something!!!!
BuddyDank Radio will be broadcasting from Cracknaces house next Wednesday. He was kind enough to offer his abode for a night of drunken debauchery. That must be who's phone number is written on my desk with sharpie. I was wondering what that was this morning.
More on this as plans develop!

Tonight! Riverchasers! Be there!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Head Spin

I'm a bit flustered at the moment due to a woman I once dated being back in my life. Wow am I clueless! More on that later.

Tonight! Please tune in to BuddyDank Radio during the Mookie. I admit that I'm a bit behind on my planning and such but we'll be on the air live tonight and I plan on getting might drunk. After reading Hoy's blog just now I think we may need to dedicate tonights show to playing drinking games! Woot!

7 days left until I'm in Vegas and I'm finally getting that nervous excited thing going on. I have so much to do before I go. Fawk! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

hrmf............ women!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!

Good god. Last night was just plain fucked up for me. I re bought a few times and won no hands that I can remember. Then I went out to Surflexus who called my all in after the flop and after an initial bet from himself. I get it, I understand why he called with J10 high on a raggy board. But do I have to like it? Fuck No! Suck outs SUCK! That's probably why it has the word 'suck' in the expression huh?!!! But Boy would I like someone to lay a hand down to me just fucking once. Say to yourself 'You know, I bet he's got me beat and I don't really feel like trying to suck out so I'll just fold.' Is that too much to fucking ask????
Apparently so.......and WHY???
Because of things like fucking pot odds, being pot cuntastic committed and fold big fat hairy cock equity right??? God I hate poker some days. And I really hate hearing that crap over and over and over and over and over and over.

The good news is that there are only 8 days left til I'm in Vegas!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Protege Rocks!

Thursday during the Riverchasers event was the most fun I've had in awhile. Not because of how I played or did in the tourney. I went out in the middle of the pack and I don't even remember how because that is not important right now. What's important is that my boy Ricky424 took it down baby!!!!
Ricky's a friend of mine and part owner of BDR. We were roommates for a couple years and during that time I was playing a ton of poker. So I credit myself with his success as I feel I taught him well. Watching him play was so much fun that I was on the floor half the time. We were on Skype discussing this and that early and then after my dismissal I hung up and told him I'd call him back when he made the final table. I continued to watch his table and the tv and after seeing him win a huge pot with jackace off suit against jackace and if I remember right pocket queens or kings. He hit a four flush with his jack of spades and was back on top of the leader board after bleeding off chips with some really horrible calls.
Seriously only had one way to win this hand and got it. So sick! He did get a few railbirds following him around to make sure he knew what a donk he was. All good stuff.

But I'm not here just to tell you how bad he played, cause he also made some incredible moves with his newfound aggresive play. I made a point not to give him any advice on how to play any hands because his play had already gotten him to this point and I was just there for encouragement. Yes he got lucky when he needed to, like when he was all in with Ace rag against a bigger ace only to split the pot and stay alive when they both rivered a straight, but he also played very well and now has a seat in the TOC.

Make sure and visit his blog and leave nasty comments on how bad he is.

Tonight is the MATH and again it appears Hoy is experimenting as the game is a $10 rebuy! Wow, this should be interesting.

Turkey days was good and the family is as it should be. Not much to report there.
I did go to the local casino for a little live poker with Emptyman. Weird table with very little action and I left up $50 after watching Empty get stacked twice. Aces are not goot against Cowboys all in preflop and then he gets to play slots with the wifey. Ouchy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Family, Holidays, and Snow

We had our first snow storm start up this morning here in good ole Iowa. I love the snow but of course it happens the day that everyone has to travel. Good thing I don't have to go far but I'm not really concerned with my ability to drive in this weather, it's everyone else out there that I'm scared of. Please don't hit my car people!

BuddyDank Radio will be live on the air tonight for the Mookie! I may end up broadcasting remotely but either way I will be on. Not sure I'll have a cohost or any guests but I do have at least one thing planned for the show. 'Name That Donk!' will be part of the show again. Pokerpeaker expressed interest in being on last night during the Bodog thingy so now I just need 2 more contestants. I'll put the word out tonight but if you are interested just let me know. Plus if you feel like gabbing on the show tonight just drop me a comment and we will make things happen.

14 Days and counting!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I hate it when that happens!

It was a no poker weekend for Buddy as I decided to go to my friend Timmy's place and play Guitar Hero 2 & 3 all freaking weekend. We rocked hard and we rocked long!

I couldn't win a freaking token for the life of me last week so I skipped the Big Game. I was going to watch it and see who tuned in to BDR but I napped right through the darn thing.
And no MATH for me either as I have my local game. I'll get on air and see how things are going when I get home.

16 Days Baby! 16 Fucking Days!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Anal itch cream is the shit!

So I've run deep in the past two games but no final table goodness. I went out of the Mook in like 15th place and the Riverchasers in 11th. I won't go into the suckout that I lost on last night as I laid a doozy on VinNay shortly before that. But regardless I'm playing better than I had been so that's good. It would have been nice to at least make some money doing it though.

We had a great time on Wednesday during the Mookie on BDR. MiamiDon was our guest and he had quite a lot to add to the show so we will definitely have him on again soon. Cracknaces was a nice surprise to have on as well and he was way nicer then I had imagined. And the highlight of the evening came when Carmen stepped in and talked to us for a bit! Such a sweety.

Who know's what the weekend holds for me but I'm hoping to play in the Big Game on Sunday as long as my bankroll supports it. I've bombed out late in the token frenzies lately but will try again before Sunday.
I might even go play some live poker at the local casino tomorrow. We'll wait and see how that turns out.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mookie, Trauma, and Tragedy!

Mookie Tonight! Be there!

I stumbled upon Trauma Poker today and it turns out he was looking to split a room with in Vegas for December. Sweet! He's only going to be there Friday and leaves Saturday so he'll be crashing with me for 1 or 2 nights.

Tragedy! As always BuddyDank Radio is in full on Tragedy mode for the Mookie. There are plans to have MiamiDon on the show tonight but I have yet to confirm with him today. But don't worry we'll have a great show either way.
Be sure to check out my live streaming webcam during the show at JustinTV. Nothing extremely exciting but if things work out I will do some streaming from Vegas Baby!

Edit: Oh yeah I had a funny story. Last night after I was knocked out of the Bodog Tourney by Smokkee's almighty pocket 3's I played in the 28k. The double stacks are nice and the format is pretty slow so I like it. But just before the first break I lost a huge pot where I had pocket 10's, raised it up and had 4 more callers. 9 high flop and I bet the pot. 1 guy raises all in, the rest fold and I call. He had 67c and with the board he had a pair of 7's and a flush draw. Obviously he hit his flush and I was down to about 500+ in chips. I stayed silent and tried not to let it bother me but the chat window was going nuts. Half of my table was just berating this guy non stop. I had to chuckle to myself with that one. I went out a bit later jamming my AQ into the nutz, the nutz being 10,9 suited by the same guy. Now the chat really explodes! So funny and I didn't know a single person at my table. Oh well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oops! Maybe too much sexytime!

I want to apologize for this.
When the BuddyDankster is single he just can't control himself. I may have made a few laps around the country and it appears I wasn't very careful. So I'm sorry.

And all you ladies out there might want to have yourselves checked out. I know you can't help the irresistible attraction that over comes all foxy chicks when they meet Buddy. Hey, at least it's curable right?

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm am fucktarded.

Played bad all last week. Played drunk Friday and went out of the donkament because I am in fact a fucking retard! But that was only the begining. I lost my cash bankroll on Bodog to some more retardedness on my part but at least I have my T-cash for the Tuesday games.
I don't know how else to fix my bad play other than just not playing at all. Once I'm in retard mode there is no turning back. But of course I didn't stop, how could I? I was down and need to be up right? BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAHGGS!

Hopefully I slept those sessions off last night and can get back to my A game tonight.

This weekend was just full of it. Had a family reunion on Sunday with part of my family that has not spoken in 47 years.(Don't ask!) Watched some great football games but missed the biggest one being the Steelers coming back to take down the Browns. And cleaned 80% of my place almost to the point where I could probably have a woman over and she might not run out screaming.

Make sure and get into the MATH tonight! BDR will be on with some announcements and we'll see what else I can conjur up.

December Gathering info for BuddyDank.
I'm flying in on Wednesday the 5th. I've never been to Vegas so I wanted an extra day to check things out before I start hanging out with everyone.
Staying at the IP because it's cheap, a lot of other bloggers are staying there, and I don't really plan on spending too much time in the room.
And I'm flying out Monday morning on the 10th.
Can't wait to meet everyone!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Remeber the scene with the zipper in Something about Mary. It's still the most action I've had in months!

BuddyDank Radio! Now with 2X the Ghey!

I'm experimenting with a streaming webcam in my studio. The address is and it is also on my main page I will normally have it on when I'm broadcasting in the evenings and definitely during Wednesdays Mookie broadcasts. Yes it's kinda boring but the main idea behind it is to use it during the December Blogger Gathering. We'll see how that goes though.

Crapped out about halfway through the field during the Mook. I was my own worst enemy and just wasn't paying enough attention to my table to use any information to my advantage. I find I often have this problem when on BDR so tonight will be all about poker. Yes BDR will be on air but don't expect me to ramble on with Tragedy or anything until possibly later in the evening. Well that is, if I go out before that I guess.

See you tonight at the Riverchasers!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sex with kittens!

Hopefully BDR should be back up and running completely by the time the Mookie starts tonight. Almost everything works except having guests on the air and that is kind of important otherwise you would never get to hear Tragedy's side of the conversation. Wait....maybe this isn't such a bad thing! I'm torn I tells ya.

Took 3rd in Smokkee's Bodog tourney last night for $40 ecash and $109 tcash. Not bad for a $11 investment. This game is such a great bankroll builder and I can't figure out why more people don't play. Are you really having trouble getting money into Bodog? That's all I can figure since you can't transfer funds like FT. My recommendation is to try harder and get in the game.

Missed the MATH on Monday due to my local game. Unfortunately I bubbled in 7th but still kept my streak alive of getting to the final table. The tourney was insane though. I have never seen cards come up like they did. One guy had rockets 8 freaking times in about an hour. It was funny because this guy plays almost every hand every week and is usually easy pickins but not this week. He took out most of the big name players and easily won after coming into the final table with a huge lead over the rest of us. He got me when I push garbage from the SB into his BB and of course he had cowboys.
I was in an interesting hand early in this game. During the first orbit I am dealt rockets. I raise 4x and get 2 callers. Board comes AK4 with 2 spades. I check my set and a shorty shoves but only has about half of what was in the pot left anyway. Other guy calls and so do I. Turn is a queen of clubs and I'm almost certain I'm still ahead. I put out a bet around half the pot size and he calls. River is a red ten. Guy pushes. FAWK! I only had about 800+ left of my original 2500. So obviously I lay it down and all in shorty turns up a set of 10's get made on the river and of course the guy turns up the freaking jackace! Part of me thinks I played this wrong and could have gotten the jackace out but I think I got out pretty cheap considering. This game is super loose and Ace face is freaking gold to these guys. Thoughts?

Last chance to share a hotel room with BuddyDank during the gathering!!! I'm booking my hotel by this weekend so let me know if you want to save some cash.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey baby! How'd you like to sugar my cookie?

No MATH for me tonight as it is my every other week local game with Numbono. I wish I could play for the sake of the BBT2 but I can't pass on the super soft free money game.

BuddyDank Radio update!
I am changing the computer that I broadcast from and have not finished. This means that unless I get off my butt when I get home after work, you will not be able to request music. I will do my best to get that working even if it is with a limited number of songs.
Everything should be back up and running as usual by Wednesdays show.

I played no poker after Friday night and felt good about it. There was plenty of time for me to play but I have not been in the right frame of mind lately and feared throwing away my bankroll. So football it was! Nothing but football and occasionally trying to fix the computer situation. The crowning success for the weekend was when I managed to piece back together a broken hard drive with a few parts from another drive and rescue all my live Dead shows!!!! There was about 60gigs of music on there but I just wanted my complete set of all of the Deads Dick's Picks albums. I was amazed that it worked but I got them and then while starting to copy the complete anathology for Metallica, it died for good. I was happy just to get the Dead.

So BDR will be up and running soon enough and plenty more changes coming shortly after.

...oh yeah. Go visit Ricky424's blog. If people actually visit he may blog.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Like seriously! Can a guy get laid already?


A). Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...
B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...
Fine.(see below)

C). Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs...

D). Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
How about NOT!

1. I was a virgin until I was 19.

2. I once ate a habanero pepper and didn't take a drink or eat anything else for 10 minutes after that for 6 bucks. There is a good chance some of my stomach related problems derive from this event in my life.

3. Some friends and I once found a dead body in a pond. Turns out we were all on acid and it was just a log.

4. I have no feeling in either of my pinky toes. My sister put my feet in hot water after coming home with frostbite. I think I was 7.

5. I lost my keys while skiing in Colorado and found them the next day on the mountain after falling down on the same run.

6. I've been to a strip bar twice in my life. The first time(in Iowa) was one of the worst experiences of my life and the second(in Texas) was easily the best.

7. I had a skateboard when I was younger but lived on gravel roads. We eventually built our own halfpipe but I always sucked at it.

No one gets tagged cause I'm a party pooper.

Cash in hand and waiting for someone to sex me up.

I think I made it to almost the midway point of all 3 tourneys last night. No real memorable hands but I did have a good time as we had a great turn out for the games and for people listening in to BDR.
Tragedy was on early and then bailed to make an appearance at his work party but was back in time for the Dook and the Spook. Not sure what went wrong but shortly after he was taken out of the Spook, he disappeared. Tragedy strikes again. Don't know what happened but I hope to hear from him soon. Buck up camper!

Hoy has picked me as one of his pick 5 for tonights Riverchasers. That would be sweet. It's one of the only blogger events that I have never won, the other being the Big Game. The biggest obstacle for me to get past is my belief in streaks. I was hot a couple weeks ago but have been cold cold cold ever since. I feel fine about my game but what do I know. It may be best for me to go get that stupid book that tells you if you want something bad enough you will just make it happen kinda crap. Fuck that shit.

BDR will be jamming out the tunes during the game and we'll see if I can line up any other entertainment in time.

OK so I have my flight reserved for the trip to Vegas in December. I got it cheap and it's the only direct flight from Des Moines to Vegas it seems. After many hours of searching for the best deal on hotel and airfare combos I didn't really find anything that was much of a deal at all. So now I just need to book my hotel and I am still open to sharing a room with someone if anyone wants to save some money. Let me know ASAP because I really need to get it booked next week or shortly after.

How much is a hooker in Vegas anyway?