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Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Night Donkament

I seem to be the only one registered tonight.
Might have something to do with the fact that Kat put the password on her site as donkament. If anyone finds me here the password is actually donkarama.

Fuck Sprint! Fuck them in their stupid asses!

I am so confused right now that I couldn't even berate the customer support person from Sprint.
So I'm overdue in paying my cell phone bill. After receiving calls from them and a text msg reminding me that I need to pay it I decided that I might as well get it out of the way. I go to their website where I have my online billing setup with them to view my bill and pay it. My handy dandy browser remembers my login and password as I bring up their site and hit enter to log on. But I get an error that there is something wrong with my password. Hmm, did I change it and forget? Might as well try again right? Nope, no luck. It keeps telling me to call customer service and they even give me the number. I dial them up and get in their queue. After waiting about 10 minutes on hold I get an apologetic customer service rep that explains if I have entered my password incorrectly 3 times it will lock me out. Now I have to tell him my password to even talk to him so I'm pretty sure I know it but he offers to change it for me so I can try to log in again. Super! What should I change it to, he asks. I suggest changing it to the same password I was using so as to create less confusion for me. That's not really changing it though is it? Oh well then just add the number 2 to the end. Now I'm figuring since he's offered to change it so I can try again that this is so I can get in right away and take care of my bill. But after changing it he tells me it will take 2 to 4 hours for the change to take affect! WTF!! OK, so he lost me there. Whatever. But he has another offer for me. This one time only he can take my payment over the phone and waive the surcharge for helping me give him my money. No thanks, I'd rather review my bill online before I pay it. Plus I signed up for paperless billing which means I can only view my bill online and they no longer send me statements in the mail. I'll just do it later so I go home and forget about it and figure I'll just try again the next day.
Now it's the next day. I bring up their website and attempt to login with my new password and again it tells me there is a problem and I need to call customer support. Figures. I call em up and again get in the queue. This time I wait a bit longer at around 15 to 20 minutes. Another nice lady eventually gets to me and I explain my situation. But I guess I somehow got to a different department this time because she can't help me and transfers me to a different department even though I dialed the same exact phone number as the day before. Again I get to wait in the queue for about 15 minutes before the next nice lady gets to me. She looks up my info and actually has an answer to why I'm having problems! Yes, finally someone who knows what's going on. I'm so excited!! She explains that because my bill is past due that this locks me out of my online account as well....................uhmm.... but.......hey.....what?
So because I'm late paying my bill, I can't view my bill or pay my bill?? How does this make any sense. I'm not paying a bill that I haven't even seen yet. I couldn't even really get that mad because I was so confused. She offers to send me to yet another department to help me take care of my bill and says they can review my charges over the phone. Wow, they are going to go through my bill, call by call, minute by minute??? No thanks not really want to do that. What I want is to look at my bill and then I'm more that happy to pay the damn thing but NOOOOOOO this is not an option.
I have no idea what to even do next. I suppose I'll have to break down and pay over the phone and then go look at it online after they've unlocked my online account. But if there are problems can I dispute charges that I've already payed for?? And trust me there have been many times I've had to get them to take crap off my bill.

My head hurts. I give up.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This is my new favorite blog!
Check out the other pages also, it's all Gold! My favorite part is the interview with a former employee of some anonymous poker site. Good stuff.
Every now and again we all have something happen to us in an online game that might make us think it's rigged some how. Maybe because we can't remember something that bad ever happening in a live game. But as any player who plays a lot of live poker will tell you, it happens there too. You just play so many more hands online than you could possibly play live. I just love it when some kook comes out of the woodwork to let us all in on something he just figured out, all by himself. Woo hoo! But what's he going to do? Bring down the online poker scene? Wow, that'd be impressive. Go you!

Played the MATH last night. Played like shit but after awhile I was just trying to get to the points. Think whatever you want about it but I will take every advantage I can with this format. There's a reason I'm 3rd in points, above many many better poker players. And my starting table last night was wicked! Let's see, who was there? Wawfuls, Blinders, Lucko, Cmitch, Pushmonkey, Smokkee, JoeSpeaker, BoneDaddy and Me. Talk about rigged! All the action early on was at our table. I froze up and stayed out of the way. Big mistake but at least the chat was entertaining.

And I'm starting to hear more about this blogger tourney is Vegas in June. I mean, I've heard about it before but wasn't sure on the details. After the hotel, airfare, and whatnot I just can't see me making it this year. If anyone else is going and wants to share a room and perhaps is driving from the midwest, let me know. Otherwise I'd have to have one hell of a good month playing poker to afford it right now. Fudge! I really want to go!!! Maybe I can sell my other car. Anyone wanna buy a 93 Ford Explorer? Cheap!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Guess what today is???

Smoke em if ya got em!

Back to my crappy mindset where I'm playing pussy poker. It sucks. I donked out of the Mookie on a bad play. And then last night at the Riverchasers event I just couldn't make anything happen. I get a couple of aggressive people at my table and it just shuts down my game. Fuck. I'd like to blame the cards but it was bad choices by me and just plain pussing out.

A good weekend of debauchery should clear my head.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Mookie and Me!

I don't want a Pookie.
I just want to play in my weekly Mookie.
And I don't want a Cooookie.
I just want to play in my weekly Mookie.
And I don't wanna Fook.
I just want a fix of my Wednesday

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Soooooo Sick! Kill me, please.

The end of last week I started to feel a little sickish. Well wouldn't you know it, just in time to destroy my weekend I come down with the flu. Friday night was horrible. I was sweating like a pig and aching like crazy. I could barely think straight. I couldn't bring myself to play any real poker so I played the friday night donkament instead.
Fun Stuff! I was completely out of it the whole time but that's when you catch cards. I never even had to rebuy. After a couple hours of pure donkey goodness I was at the final table and Pokerwoolf was running everyone over. I only remember one hand from the whole night. Waffles was the shortstack(shocking I know) at the table and he pushed all in on me from the SB. I got the BB special of the hammer and just couldn't resist calling. What does he turn over? 24o! Sweet! Karma comes around the corner and smacks him with two pair and keeps him in the game. A few hands later and I'm down to heads up against the Woolf and I lose that heads up match in a record 1 hand. I think he had around a 100-1 chip lead but no biggie cause it was a good time.
After the game I pop a couple Nyquil and head off to bed. Feverish and drugged up do some funky shit to your dreams. I was hallucinating all night. That was not as much fun as some trips I've had.
Next comes Sunday, not sure what happened to Saturday, and the Big Game. I had my token ready started her up. I was all over the place in that game and never really had anything. Of course we come the the halfway mark and I get rockets so me thinking I can double up real quick I push preflop against a raise from ooosssuuu guy since he was the big stack and I'm possitive he'll call. He turns up AK! Woohoo! But then the flop give him a king and so does the river. Boohoo!
Monday rolls around and I'm still feeling like crap so I call in sick to work. But that of course doesn't stop me from playing in the MATH. Again ready to go with my token I start it up. Not sure if I was feeling better but I was surely playing better. Spent most of the tourney in the top 4 and got down to the final table. Then I make a mistake? I have hooks and the BB pushes. I have him covered but only my a little. I decide to make the call and he turns up AK. Off to the races we go and an ace on the river cripples me. I'm out a rotation or so later on the bubble in 7th.
Now the interesting part. After 7 games in the Blogger Tournament thingy, I am 7 for 7 in the points! That keeps me in the running. Now all I have to do is win one of these damn things.

Tonight I hope to win the car of my dreams on Ebay! Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2007



Ok, so I just got done playing the tier 2 token frenzy. Lots of bloggers trying to get their token for The Big Game.
But here is why I'm steaming. Now I can't be too upset due to the fact that I was NEVER above 2000 chips the WHOLE tourney!!! I got lucky when I needed to and had almost no cards the whole time. Plus I played crappy early on. But we were on the bubble of the money sitting at 22. It paid top 20 but only the top 17 got tokens. I had just won my BB hand we were down to 20 so if I could sweat out 3 more people I'd have that freaking token.
What Happens??!!!

Well I don't have a screen shot because the table closed after the hand. And I don't have the hand history because I'm an idiot!!!
But to sum up!
I'm on the button!
I had cowboys!
I had a small chip stack!
Raiser in front of me! (raised more than i had)
BOTH blinds reraise behind me!
The flop was all small cards!
Turn was small!
River was small!
I turn up my kings!
Small blind turns up aces!
Big blind turns up KINGS!
Not sure what the other guy had cause of my previously stated stupidity!

So close! Could or should I have gotten away from that hand? Doubtful.

Fuckity fuck fuck.

Try some of this!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Moving on up!

Now I'm 3rd in the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments rankings! Even after I made a fatal error during the MATH tourney on Monday. Note to self: Don't play pocket 7's against the megabig stack on the final table bubble, because he will get his two outer on the river.

It's just like a Mookie tourney tonight. Everyone will be there, will you?

In other news I've start AGAIN working on my 3d poker animations. Over that past few weeks in blogger touneys I've had some incredible ideas on where to go with this. I'm still looking for anyone interested in working on this project.

BTW, does anyone else watch The Riches? I'm obsessed with it!

Monday, April 9, 2007

I like MATH! Who doesn't?

Last week was my first MATH tourney and it went pretty well. This week I hope to final table and win the sucka! I better do something because my play over the weekend was atrocious. I tried 3 times to win a token and 2 of the 3 I lost when I had top pair to a rivered straight. The 3rd I just donked off and have nothing to say about that one. Now I'm probably just going to give up and pay the buyin as to not lose anymore of these damn things. Previously I had played quite a few of the $8 token tourneys and won one in 4 outta 5. Now I can't even get to the bubble! Blah.

Had a good weekend. Our employee party was fun. Lot's of bowling and drinking and dumb games and drinking. I think I pulled muscle bowling but it's not really something I could bring myself to call in sick for.

Easter was Easter. Jesus came buy and drank some wine. I was late and missed the Easter bunny but I heard he was hilarious. And of course the family drilled me as to why my now EX girlfriend was not with me. Fun stuff.

3 $8 token tourneys = $24
2 $6 token tourneys = $12
1 Actual token win = $36 token that's only worth $26

Friday, April 6, 2007

5th in the Riverchasers Event AND...

6th on the overall leaderboard for the Battle of the Bloggers!!!! Woot woot!
I had a good tourney last night. Caught some great cards and played pretty good. Toward the end I did catch a 3 outer against JJOK to keep on truckin but besides that it was usually just catching good cards in your normal race situation and patience. My goal was to place higher than MiamiDon but nope. He finished in 4th I think.
Fun stuff.

Plus if my calculations are correct I should move into the top 10 with that finish in the overall Riverchasers leaderboard.

Now all I have to do is WIN one of these damn things.

Big weekend coming up. Easter with the family and Saturday my company is hosting a party at some Bar/Arcade thingy called Inplay. Never heard of it but it's free booze so that's all that matters.

Have a great weekend everyone. Say Hi to Jesus for me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Pocket Change.

Due to some bad play and mismanagement of my funds, I was down to pocket change in my FT account. So with less then 5 bucks I sat down at the all mighty .05/.10 NL tables and had at it. I worked my way up to $10 and my goal was to make $11 so I could play in the Mookie tonight. But even playing super tight I managed to lose almost all of it when I had AA cracked twice in a very short time. Sitting at around $2 I got lucky a couple times and got my $11 buy in for tonight.

In older news I busted out 11th out of 47 in the my first MATH on Monday.

It'll be a bit before I reload my account so wish me luck tonight.