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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Radio Instructions

I recently had some requests for information on the best way to listen to BuddyDank Radio. I'd written this up awhile ago but it needs updating, so here we go.

First off! BuddyDank Radio is here!

You have several options for listening to the broadcast. On the main page you will see a couple links.
1. IceCast Test(low latency) - This is the best way to listen to BDR. It has the shortest delay so you can hear everything as close to when it happens as possible. This link will work with Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, and many other media programs. When you listen to this stream it is usually only about 5-10 seconds behind the action.

2. WinAMP/iTunes - This link easily works with the two players listed. BUT! When you listen to this version of the stream you will be hearing everything 30 - 90 seconds behind. If you have a slower internet connection or a problematic one then this may work better for you. We are slowly trying to eliminate this stream and go completely to the IceCast in the next few weeks to why not use that one now?

3. Media Player - This link was designed to work specifically with Window Media Player. This stream is also 30-90 seconds behind the live action. This link is normally a last ditch effort for those having trouble listening to the stream at all. If the other 2 don't work for you and you have Windows, Try this one.

And that's about it, simple eh? Having problems? Got questions? Contact BuddyDank at or you can find me on Yahoo messenger. Screen name is Cracksmokingrobot.

Tune in tonight for the last special broadcast of MiamiDon/Instant Tragedy radio! The same crew that brought you last weeks show will be back! MiamiDon, Cracknaces, ScottMc and Hoyazo will be your hosts, so tune in damn it.
We are doing our best to attempt to break the maximum number of listeners at one time for BDR. The record is 54 and last week we had 52 so this should be doable.

Waffles "The Cooler" Asshat strikes again

Waffles made his intentions known about 2 minutes after him and I were seated together. He had no interest in anything with the tourney EXCEPT to take out me. Me? WTF did I do? The banter was priceless and we had a few very funny hands together. An hour or so in we were moved to another table together but with him on my right now. He continued his tight play as he looked for the chance to take me on again and again. Eventually he would bust out running a couple craps hands into much better ones. But of course he stuck around to let everyone know I would bust on the bubble and what not.
Fast forward a couple hours and BuddyDank is the Skillz champ for the week!! Woot! So thanks for believing in me Waffles! I couldn't have done it without you.

Now I can't credit just Waffles for my victory last night. I had a little help with some lucky chips. Lucky chips you ask? Well when your broke like me and someone offers to stake you for the game, you take it. When that person has a history of staking people who magically win him money, you go with the flow. So yes, Chad staked me for the Skillz game and it paid off for him. Even as we were getting closer to the final table he said "Don't worry, you win. Lucky chips!".
Thanks to Chad for having faith in the Dank. And FU Waffles. I am the King Baby!

So remember children, if Waffles is deadset on who he wants to lose? You are a shoe in to win! Every Mother Fucking Time!

MiamiDon/Instant Tragedy Radio tonight. It's their final official show so tune in. We have plan set in motion to attempt to break out max number of listeners. It should be a good time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fuck Canada!!!

That's right! It's Bodog night again! And Bodog has the sensibility to see those lousy Canucks for what they really are......a bunch of bed wetting, crack smoking, weird money having, sometimes french speaking hooligans!
So I'm just going to assume that Bodog is the all knowing entity that I understand them to be and go with what they believe. Yeah! So fuck you Canada!
All of us Canada haters will be tossing the chips around starting at 9:05ET over at Bodog. And the rest of the pansies will be doing it up on Full Tilt with the Skillz Game starting at 9:30 I think.

OK back to reality. I won't be playing any poker tonight as I am dead broke until payday. But that's no biggie as I have been playing more video games and working around the house more. So far my hiatus from poker has been a good thing. My house is clean(er)! My laundy is done!!! And I setup another computer to help out with my BDR broadcast and as a file server for my Xbox360 which I just replaced. Hmm...maybe that's where all my damn money went.

I also just filed my taxes so I'll be getting that moolah soon to help pay for a new super fast computer! Woot! I can't wait for this as my current home computer is almost 5 years old and has trouble keeping up with all the crap I run on it.

I guess I can't say I'm really on hiatus from poker as I played in my home game last night. I cashed in 4th place and Numbono got 2nd. Not much money but I'll take it. That game is still the funniest thing I've ever played in. There is one guy who plays almost every hand and never raises. But I can't beat him because he ALWAYS sucks out. And I do mean ALWAYS. So last night I tried a new strategy of just not getting into any pots with him. The toughest one was a when I had pocket Jacks and the board came up 579 rainbow. First guy bets and douchebag raises him. At this point I KNOW that I'm ahead. But there is no chance of them laying down their hands. I folded and they both ended up all-in. Douchebag had 89o for top pair and a gutshot. Original bettor had A9 but the 6 on the river sent even more chips to douchebag. He continued to play every hand and ended up winning the whole thing. There is always next time I guess.

BDR is still MD/IT Radio tomorrow! Not sure what is planned but I'll be there so that should be enough for you to want to listen. Right?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Grief

So I got a bit drunk last night and am feeling it today. But it was all worth it as we had a great time doing the show last night. Don did a great job of lining up his guests and actually planned a few things to discuss. This goes against everything BDR stands for but I'll get over it. Heck, maybe I'll even start doing some planning of my own for future shows.

Not sure where I went out of the Mookie but pretty sure it was almost down to 2 tables or so. I was having trouble paying attention to the game with as drunk as I was that early. I stopped drinking and sobered up toward the end of the show just in time for all the crazy last longer bets. I'm pretty sure we could do a show just dedicated to stupid bets like that and people would tune in to get their gambol on. Hmmm....

Mookie has one of his best works of art to date up!
Just go there and laugh.

No poker for Buddy tonight. I'll probably relax and see how far I can get in Mario Galaxy and get to bed early. And YES my pussy hurts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It ain't easy being so Dank


Tune in Tonight!
Yet another rendition of MiamiDon Radio tonight. Tragedy won't be able to join us on air tonight but we look forward to his return. There are many reasons to listen in to the show! I'll be there! Don has guests lined up and even has very special surprise in store for you all.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I rigged Chad's poll Damn it!! Not Waffles!!

For those who didn't listen into BDR last night, I confessed to rigging Chad's most hated poll. With my mad interneting skillz I voted for Hoy over 40 times. I figured that would set Chad off the most because obviously Hoy is not the most hated of the 4 of them. Waffles should not get any of the credit for this damn it! ME ME ME! I originally was thinking of giving hoy 1000 votes but it would have been too obvious and taken me a really long time to do.

We had a really fun show last night with special guests Zeem, ScottMc and the always lovable CK! It even had some poker content for yous folks who like to hear that stuff all the damn time. I love how more and more people are getting their computers setup so they can be on the show. This will make it easier in the future when I'm shorthanded on guests. Everyone needs to get a microphone and download Skype! That's all it takes people. But then again I will be using a different piece of software in the future for my guests. Skype is just to processor heavy on my computer and chews up my bandwidth. We hope to be moving to a program called TeamSpeak which allows me to run a central server so my bandwidth problems go away. Then after all that is fixed I should be able to get my webcam back online for some of the shows. I know you all want to see my sexiness on a weekly basis.

Football! Superbowl will be teh suck. I hate it when it's all lopsided like this. Makes for a boring game and boring party. Fuck the Patriots!

Math Tonight but no BDR until Wednesday. I gots works to do.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sam the butcher dead! Brady too distraught to play!

Big Games Today!
First we have the Patriots - Chargers game. Although Patriots have the home field advantage, I see Brady having trouble concentrating on the game with Sam the butcher passing. I predict the score being San Diego 35 New England 29.

Next we have the Giants - Packers. Packers will destroy the Giants. Eli will break down and cry before half time. New York 10 Green Bay 38.

And tonight we have the two even bigger games!
Show your mad skillz!
Blogger Skill Game
$23+$3 Super Stack HORSE
2100 ET
Password: skillz

And the biggest game of the day is obviously the BIG GAME!
Blogger Big Game
$69+$6 NLHE
2130 ET
Password: donkey

Since my time will be spent watching football and drinking, I don't plan on playing in either game tonight. BUT!
BuddyDank Radio will be doing a special broadcast for the events this evening!!! This works well for me because if I was playing I'd be more interested in concentrating on the game then trying to entertain the masses. So tonight I'll be dragging my drunken ass home to get on air and become the cymbal clapping monkey everyone seems to enjoy.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I'm finally feeling better just in time for the weekend! Yea!

No big plans just kicking back at the Dank pad, playing a little poker, and working on the website. Nothing big to report on the last couple days of poker either. Waffles fucked me in the Riverchasers and I got deep in the Mook but was short stacked and pushed with something silly.

My trip to Europe is definitely a GO! Now I have the choice of going in June or in August. Not sure yet which one I'll go with but my job approved either one so yippie!
Now about this trip. I'll be flying to London to meet my Dad. He has 2 trips to Europe this year so he invited me to tour around a few countries with him for about 10 tens. Yes this may seem odd to some people for me, a grown man, to go on a vacation with his father. But I can't wait!
My father and I have not always been very close. I'll spare the drab rebellious teen stories of my past and just say after my parents divorced I chose not to speak to him anymore. As time passed I realized my mistakes and things have been on the amend for about 8 or so years. And with the passing of my grandfather and my father's heart attack a number of years ago I am more interested in spending time with him then ever before.
So while my trip won't be an off the hook party, I'm sure I will have the time of my life.

Not sure I'll make it to Kat's Friday Rebuy but maybe?

oh and do you think I should have given Hoy 1000 votes? Or would that have been too obvious? teehee

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I love Wednesdays!

Tonight will be another presentation of MiamiDon/Instant Tragedy Radio. Just keep telling yourself there are only 2 more of these after tonight and everything will be alright.

Poker poker poker.
I had to make a deposit into FT and have finally gotten back to playing in order to sustain my bank roll. At the end of the year I was only playing Blogger tourneys and soon enough I was busto.
But now I've been playing sng's and doing quite well. After just 8 games I am 7-1 in the money. Only 1 win but I'm happy with the results if nothing more then to build up my roll. The $5 and $10 games are usually pretty funny. In most of the games I played I would not have even had to play a hand in order to make the top 3.

Make sure and tune in to the show tonight during the Mookie. I'll be there but will still be letting Don and Sean run things. Not such a bad thing tonight as I have been pukey sick for the past 2 days and am still taking it easy. After day 1 I actually cleaned my toilet so my time in there was more enjoyable.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dr J is Sexalicious!

Check out the following updates from PokerNews coverage of the Aussie Millions . Dr J is representing Yo!! He finished Day 1a with 49,900!

Getting to Oz...

Eric "jeciimd" Chadwick is here because he won a seat on Full Tilt via the "Battle of the Blogger Tournamets: Aussie Millions Challenge." The series was run by popular blogger by the name of AlCantHang. He hosted weekly events and the winners of each of those events qualified for the Tournament of Champions (TOC), with the winner of that winning a seat to the Aussie Millions.

That fortunate blogger who won the TOC happened to be Eric "jeciimd" Chadwick. He's a doctor in his normal life and took some time off from his work in Pennsylvania to play in the Aussie Millions main event.

So far Chadwick is up to 25,000 and looking good

Eric Chadwick 1, Marco Liesy 0

Eric "jeciimd" Chadwick opened for a 1,000 raise. Marco Liesy, Doug Lee, and the big blind called. The flop was {K-Hearts}{J-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}. Chadwick fired out 1,500. Liesy called. Lee and the big blind folded. The turn was the {6-Diamonds}. Chadwick bet 2,000 and Liesy went into the tank for two minutes before he called. The river was the {Q-Diamonds}. Chadwick fired out 5,000 into the 11,000 pot. Liesy tanked again, this time for four and a half minutes. He eventually mucked and Chadwick dragged the pot. Chadwick increased his stack to 28,000.

Chadwick already had a tough table with David Singer and Doug Lee at his starting table. Well it got even tougher after his table broke and he was moved. His new tablemates include Keith Sexton, Andy Bloch, and Amnon Filippi.

Eric "jeciimd" Chadwick Doubles Up

On the next to last hand of the night, Eric "jeciimd" Chadwick doubled up. He was all in preflop with pocket Aces against an opponent's pocket Kings. The board ran out {6-Hearts}{5-Spades}{3-Spades}{A-Spades}{Q-Diamonds}. Chadwick won the pot and increased his stack to 49,900.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Should see some things real soon with the new BDR!

Do you like money? Want some?
Then bet all BuddyDank's picks this week FTW!

New England will cover.
Green Bay will cover.
Dallas will cover.
Indy will cover.

That's right! All the 1 and 2 seeds will win this week and win BIG!!! DO IT!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tune in or else

props to Mookie for the banner!'ll miss the first installment of MDIT Radio. Don't know what that is? eh you'll figure it out. So get your groove on tonight during The Mookie.
Tune in NOW! and check out yet another version of the website.

Bubbled in 6th last night during the Bodonkey and Tragedy didn't win so my night wasn't a total bust.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The New Site

I've been busting my hump working on the graphics for the New BDR site and am starting to wonder if I'm going in the wrong direction with things. See I figured a good amount of T&A would be appealing to 99% of my listeners. Now after looking at what I started, I'm worried that it looks like a dang porno site. Not really what I had intended but maybe I can figure out a good way to make it look like a classy porno site. What do you think?

Bodonkey tonight! Oh and some skill game that I won't be playing in because I have no skill. nuff said.

Monday, January 7, 2008


The best thing I can say about the game this weekend is that at least the Steelers made it a good game. BAH! Oh and I guess they covered but that means nothing to me.
So now for the next month BDR will be known as MiamiDon/Tragedy Radio on Wednesdays. Well that is if they show up to actually take things over. And if they want a cool banner someone else will have to do it cause I'm sure as shit not going to.

MATH tonight but doubtful I will be there as I have not done anything to replenish my bankroll on FT yet. Plus I have tons of work still to do on the site.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Obviously I SUCK!

Good god! Last night I played in the 20k on Bodog. 330+ entrants paying the top 36 and I made it through the first 3 hours down to the bubble. I felt I played very well and I love the format that is so slow I can just wait for cards. But anyway down to the bubble with 37 players left and I had around 8000 chips left. There were at least 5 or 6 others with similar stacks and I had been folding for awhile. Right after we got to 37 I am dealt Aces, another shorty raises so I push for 6000 more expecting to be heads up against the other short stack. But wait! The guy directly to my left smooth calls for more than half his remaining stack and back around to the other shorty who folds. What does this genius turn up? 23o!!!???? Hmm OK so things look good. Flop even has an ACE baby!!!!! A58 three suited! Turn blanks and a digustingly ugly 4 hits the river and I am bubble boy!!! WTF???!!!

I closed up and went to bed knowing I would have nightmares all night long. So where did I go wrong? I actually had a rather long conversation with Blinders in Vegas about folding Aces. I refused to believe there was a good enough situation to fold Aces preflop but was willing to agree yes maybe during a token frenzy or something where the prizes are all the same. But during a MTT bubble where if I double up I have a chance to take it down for 5 freaking grand? I'm still mystified and would probably do it again in the same situation.
Does anyone else fold here? Seriously?

But anyway I love that tourney and will be playing it more often now.

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope to be working on the website and just relaxing.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Fun show last night but it has left me nodding off at my desk all day. Thanks to Sedrick and Miami Don for joining in the fun during BDR's broadcast last night.

Prop bet! Looks like in my drunken state last night that I agreed to a bet on the Steelers game this Saturday. If the Steelers win, I get free Mookie buyins for a month. If they lose I have to rename BDR to MiamiDon Radio w/ puny little loud guest host IT for the month but only on Wednesdays during the Mookie. Or something like that, it's a bit fuzzy today.
But the good news is that IT put all of his money on JAX and Waffles bet on JAX as well. This should give my Steelers the extra mojo needed to win the game!

.....can't sleep.............clown will eat me......zzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cheers and Jeers for 2007

Cheers! To a winning year playing poker. No I may not have made very much this year but at least I was ahead.
Jeers! To me not playing very seriously the last half of the year. I started off pretty good this year but faded after the 1st BBT. With the addition of BDR I never really got back on my game.

Cheers! To the success of BuddyDank Radio. I never imagined things would take off like they did. Thanks to all BDR's listeners for supporting us and challenging us to do more!
Jeers! To my laziness getting in the way of improving BDR sooner.

Cheers! To making MANY MANY new friends this year and meeting a ton of them in Vegas!
Jeers! For not having ever gone to Vegas prior to this. WTF was I waiting for? An invitation for fun, booze, friends, and scantily dressed bar maids? Hmm, guess so.

Cheers! To freeing myself from a relationship that was going nowhere.
Jeers! To not doing it sooner.

Cheers! To getting the car of my dreams. I couldn't be happier with my car. Even if it is shit brown.
Jeers! To me almost fucking it up this winter when I didn't check the coolant. The car is fixed now but the only thing we can figure out is that it had 100% water in the radiator when we got it and so when it got cold enough the whole system froze breaking the water pump. It's all fixed now!

Cheers! To everything to come on 2008!!!!

Tune into BuddyDank Radio tonight for the first show of 2008!!!