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Monday, July 30, 2007


Don't forget the MATH this evening!
I'm afraid I won't be able to play as I am playing in Numbono's regular game every other Monday. This also mean there will be no host during the MATH on BuddyDank Radio. You can still request music and such though. I really need to figure out a good way to have someone else DJ during events I can't make it to.

The car is coming along very well. We fixed the damage on the rear right quarter panel and now I'm stripping it so I can't paint it eventually. It sucks that I'm not doing that right away but I need to get the replacement bumper covers for the front and rear first. They are a bit expensive and I need to work on paying off the car first. But the car will look much better in primer grey then spray paint flat black.

NeTeller Baby!!!

Go get your money people!!!! I just had mine transfered!!! Let's just pray they're not fucking with us. I really hope it takes 2 days like it used to before.

I'm working on a write up of all the repair work I've been doing to my new car. Not sure if people here want to see it but you may get it whether you like it or not.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I gots my Sex Machine!!

It's here! Drove it last night. Handles like a dream and looks like shit. More pictures later today after work when I start cleaning it up.

OK so last night was the Riverchasers event. I'm expecting to get a lot of shit talk due to my humorous play last night. I seriously was pushing with every single face card last night. It started out as me trying to leave so I could go get my car. But I just kept winning every race! I mean EVERY RACE! It was sick. I must have taken out 5 or 6 people with paint rag.
So go ahead and berate my poor play and choices. I don't care! I got 2nd last night but should have waited for a few better cards heads up. Drizz took it down and played very well.

I will be taking a break from playing as much poker as I normally do to focus on rebuilding my new car. Of course I will be doing BuddyDank Radio during the main Bloggerments but won't be playing most of them for a bit. It will be good for me to get some other things done in my life and when I come back I should be refreshed and hopefully not as willing to push K4s.

Currently I'm really leaning toward the Grabber Orange color. Not sure on the stripes yet but we'll see when I get closer to that stage.

Doubt I'll make it to Kat's $1 rebuy tonight but that doesn't mean you should miss it too. GO PLAY! It's a Blast!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paint Job!!


My stepdad is in flight right now, delayed 1 day, to get my new car. Now comes the big decision! What color to paint it? I'm going to show you what i'm thinking and I would love to hear what people think.
Here is the car AS-IS.

Here is my first choice for a paint job. Orange/White
Here is my second choice. Red/Black
3rd White/Red
4th Black

I love black but I'm thinking something more elaborate.

Tune in to BuddyDank Radio tonight for The Mookie broadcast.
**Correction!! I totally forgot it it the BBT freeroll tonight!

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Car???

It's a theft recovery in Arizona. They painted it black with spray paint.

2007 MUSTANG!!!!!!!!!

My stepdad is flying down to Arizona to get it tomorrow and I will have it by Wednesday night. It only has 1400 miles on it and has very minor damages besides the paint job.
I'm so freaking psyched right now!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Make Money Money Make Money Money!

Quite the interesting game last night.
I headed on over to the local eatery to meet up with Numbono. The setup is normally in the back party room with about 25 guys. But when I arrived there was obviously something else going on in there. So I sat down at the bar and got myself a beer. Now I've never met Numbono before so I had no clue who he was or what to do when I got there. There was a large group of men discussing what to do because it appeared that they had lost the room to a birthday party. But I tracked him down and after a short bit we decided to play out on the patio.
Since things were a little messed up we only had between 16 and 18 players for two tables. A number of fellas complained about the heat and what not but I thought it was fine. My table had about 2 good players that I could identify and the others would fold to a raise every time. I won't go into too much because nothing really exciting happened. A very fast blind structure and soon enough we moved back inside for the final table. I managed to hold on for the 5th place money with my short stack as I saw no real cards all night. Numbono was already out and playing in the cash game they had started. I bought in sat down to play cash with about 6 others. By this time of the night, most were a bit tipsy so it was a very loose game. I did manage to get Numbono to lay down AK on an AK5 board that was all diamonds. I only had A5 and scooped a big pot with that one when Drunky McMoney called with the 3d. I made about $80 or so during the festivities and it was a great time. Good people and good service make all the difference.

I was glad not to be tricked into Numbono's basement and beaten with a rusty rake. He was a nice guy and plans are in the works to get him on air during tonights broadcast of BuddyDank Radio bringing you the Mookie!

Tune in tonight and go give my buddy Emptyman some lovin' on his new blog. He took down the MATH on Monday only because I wasn't there to stop him.

Monday, July 16, 2007

What does coming in 2nd in the BBT get ya?

It gets you damn close to paying for this puppy!
27.5" of LCD goodness. Got it delivered to me today and now I'm sitting in my office playing with it but really I can't wait to get it home to get it setup at my desk. IT'S FRICKIN' HUGE!!!
Now mind you, I made close to enough to pay for this from the BBT but have not yet cashed out my winnings.

Because I just heard that the individual credit cards I was buying from Walgreens to deposit in my FT account when needed, NO LONGER FUCKING WORK!! FUCK!!!
I've been fine with my bankroll for sometime now but just when I was about to take most of it out, then this happens. Now I'm pretty much forced into getting an E-passport account and I'd been steering clear of them since the NetTeller scandal took my money. Cause you know we're getting that money back any day now. <---- Insert a MASSIVE amount of sarcasm here!

Ok enough of that.
Tonight is the MATH! But I won't be there. Numbono invited me to a local live tourney and I'm so excited. I really haven't met many people since I moved here and few that I have play poker. Plus this will be the first blogger meeting since I started mine up late last year.
Now, since I won't be online tonight, there will be no host for BuddyDank Radio. BUT it will still be running and you can listen to whatever you want. I'm still working on getting setup to have others DJ.

.....and if you don't hear from me for a couple weeks? Send the authorities after Numbono, as he has probably locked me up in his basement. I've heard bad things about meeting people on the internet. *wimper*

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mookie and Riverchasers

The Mookie on Wednesday was a blast. Not because I was playing well but because I was having so much fun on BuddyDank Radio! We had Katitude on the show and it was a very good time. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. We'll see who we can get for next weeks show. Oh yeah, and I busted out early with TPTK. Turns out it never wins.

Thursday I did a scaled down version of the show on BuddyDank Radio. And maybe it was for the best because I was able to make it to the final table. I think I finished in 5th but it was a fun game. I couldn't get a feel for everyone's play at the table so they pretty much ate me up.

Friday means a lot of a lot of people, but to me it means Katitude's Friday $1 Rebuy Madness!!! Starts tonight at 8pm Central on FT. Password is donkarama. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Working on my non blogger MTT's!

Ever since the BBT ended I have been focusing my play on other MMT's to see how I stack up against everyone else. And I have to say I'm fairly pleased with my results so far.

Friday night after the $1 rebuy I joined the $10 Midnight Madness with 23Skidoo and we both went fairly deep. I was drunk as a skunk but luckily he had my back and kept me in line. I finished 28th out of 1000+. I have no idea how many people were in this, might have been close to 2000 or the low 1000 but whatever. Finished around 3:30am and felt good about the game.

Saturday night was a similar experience. Some friends of mine were over and of course we just sat on our asses and played online poker. After winning our tokens we get into the $17,000 guarantee that much like the night before, started at midnight. Out of 800+ entries I again went deep and AGAIN finished in 28th. And Again didn't get done till after 3:30am! Good lord I was tired. I don't normally stay up that late anymore.

Monday was the MATH and I did the radio gig, donked out of the tourney and didn't play much else.

And now last night I had attempted to satellite into the 50/50 but didn't make it. So instead I chose to play the daily double tournaments. It's nice because they start early and are cheap big MTT's. And for the first time I cashed in both of them and got a little bonus to go with my small winnings. No big money but one of these days I'm going to crack one of these wide fucking open for a good score.

So, yeah I like how I've been playing and with some adjustments to my game I feel I can do even deeper in a big MTT.

Don't forget the Mookie tonight! Sean and I will be on air again with BuddyDank Radio to entertain the masses.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Live Poker

You may not be aware of this but Iowa does have casinos. And there just happens to be one relatively close to me. So on Tuesday myself and a coworker decided to play some live poker. I used to play quite a lot but have not been in many months. Their games were always fairly lame. Usually a couple tables playing 3-6 limit and about the same number of 1-2 no limit. But in the past the problem was always that the 1-2 no limit had a min/max buy in of $100. That was it! If you didn't get lucky, the guys who had been there all day who sitting on $1000+ would run you over. Well to my surprise they had changed the buy in! It was now a $100-$300 buy in. What a great change for them to make because I had always heard everyone bitching about their games.
I sat down at a $3-6 limit table while I was waiting for a 1-2 spot to open up. God Damn do I fucking hate that freaking game. Every hand has 6 callers down to the river. So if you get lucky then yes you get paid. But that's not poker! I don't know why I even stayed there but soon enough I was down $100 and decided to take a break and wait for the other game. I went down to the table games and threw some money around on the roulette wheel. No big hits there but it was finally time to play some real poker. I chose to buy in for $200 so I could fold for a while and get a feel for the table. 45 minutes later and it's all gone. 2 rivered flushes and my 2 pair counterfitted by an over pair. No biggie as I was just getting to get a feel for the table. Bought back in for another $200 and went on a heater. KJo make 2 pair on the flop against a guy who just couldn't lay down big slick. And then later I finally got bullets and paid off. I was sitting on the button with a $15 raise in front of me. The guys in the blinds had proven to be very tight so I knew they both wouldn't call without great hands. I smooth call the $15, the SB calls and sure enought the BB folds. Flop comes out with AQx and 2 diamonds. They both check and I put out a $35 bet. Very quickly the SB raises to $70 and the MP folds. I put him all in for another $60 and pray he's not on a flush draw. He stands up and slams his cards on the table exclaiming that he finally got a hand. AQo! Teehee. Drawing almost completely dead except to the last two queens in the deck. But personally I would have loved for that to happen because it would have netted me around $35,000 from the bad beat jack pot. But nothing comes and I take down my biggest pot of the night. I left up just a little for the evening but I was just happy to get back my earlier losses.
All in all a fun night. I need to do it more often.

Don't forget Kat's $1 rebuy tonight! I took it down last week but we only had 11 entrants.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Long weekend with a bit of poker.

It all started off well on Friday with me winning the 1$ rebuy of Kats. Not exactly a huge turnout but it was fun and I got a little money for my troubles.
My birthday was this weekend so I started the celebrations with my dad's side of the family on Saturday and then Sunday with my mom's. I got the kind of boring gifts you get when you're an adult and was happy just to see the family.
Sunday night was, of course, The Big Game and I played well enough to hold my position in the BBT and got 2nd overall. WooHOO! $500+ buck for Buddy!!!!

The MATH last night was uneventful for me. I made the final table but was never able to amass enough chips to do any real damage. I did have a sweet suckout on Jordan though so it was fun watching him try to get his revenge on me.

This feels BLAH as do I right now. I have no plans for the 4th which is sad. I guess being single again has it's downsides to, but not very many of them, I 'll tell you that.

Now on to the real news. Since I have free time this week I hope to finish my remodeling of BuddyDank Radio!! What does this mean to you? It means it will be more visually appealing and give you the listener the chance to DJ on BuddyDank Radio!!!
If anyone is interested in DJ'ing then just send me an IM or email. I help you get setup and make sure you have everything you need. If enough people are interested I will try to work up a schedule where people can have the same timeslots every week. More to come on this!