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Monday, December 31, 2007

Have a Happy Fucking New Year!

Yep, today is the last day of 2007. Where has the time gone? What have I accomplished? And what did I do wrong? All valid questions but I feel it is time to let 2007 go and move on with my life. No need to worry about the past so I look forward to the future!

2008 is already looking to be an interesting year for Buddy as I have a date tonight! Yes it is with my ex from college but it should be a good time no matter what. I have no expectations and was just happy to be invited to hang out with her and her brother on New Years Eve.

Other news! Looks like I will be going to Europe in August for a week or so. Still trying to sort out all that but it looks good. This does however affect my ability to go to other blogger gatherings this summer as I will need to save my vacation days for the Europe trip. I still hope to get out for Okie-Vegas but it is doubtful I will go to Vegas in June.

More good news! The Mustang is fixed! My stepdad came over this weekend and after about 3 or 4 hours work and a new water pump, we are set to go again. The water pump seems to be the only problem, thank god, so it looks like I got lucky.

BuddyDank Radio news! BDR will be live for the first time in 2008 on Wednesday during the Mookie. I thought about doing a Tuesday show during the Bodog game but I am hoping to get some other things done that day. Anyone who is interested in being on the show just needs to let me know. I can tell you what you need and even help you get everything setup. It's real easy!
So far for 2008 we will have Pokerpeaker on at some point. DrJ should be back on the show once he returns from Australia. Expect to hear more from Miami Don and Chad from time to time and much much more.
Changes are still coming for the website. I was distracted this weekend so I didn't get anything done, dang women.

Goals for 2008!
1. Get laid!
2. Double or Triple BDR's listeners.
3. Lose 15lbs.
4. Get laid again!
5. Finish Mustang completely.
6. Make it out to Vegas at least once in 2008.
7. Take care of myself better.
8. Cut back on the pot.
9. Cut OUT the smokes.
10. Save some money.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Damn it damn it damn it!!! Can't the man let me have one fucking title? NO!!!???
In the final Mookie of the year, Bayne took 3rd place and therefore moves ahead of me on the yearly Mookie stats. God Fucking Damn it!!!! And I was just starting to like the guy.

Christmas was long but good. Not much to share.

We are still trying to get the changes ready for BDR by the 1st but we'll see how much I get done this weekend. I'm a lazy bastard ya know.

Ahhh crap and I still need to finish my trip report.... maybe if I get some sleep soon I'll be more excited about writing it. Right now I'm freaking tired as hell. All work and no sleep makes Buddy a worthless pile of shit.

Friday, December 21, 2007

DR J is the TOC Champ!

Congrats to Dr J! It was a great game last night and BDR even got the chance to speak to the winner right after the game. Thanks for tuning in.

Just wanted to put in this quick note before I head off for the holidays.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ninja Timmy!!!!

Not only is Timmy competing tonight in the TOC, but he also figured out how to reduce the time lag on listening to BDR. Depending on which client you use to listen, we are now down to about a 4 or 5 second delay!! The current stream is usually over 30 seconds so this is a huge improvement. WOOT! Expect to see big changes over the next week!

BuddyDank Radio will be broadcasting during the BBT2 TOC tonight!
I have to do some Christmas shopping after work but should be back in plenty of time.

Good news on the car front! I got my other car last night and after a little jump it started right up. It's been sitting in a lot for almost a year and a half. Before that I hadn't driven it in almost a year so I was pleasantly surprised when it started and got me all the way home.
The other good news is that the problem with my Mustang is most likely not nearly as bad as I had thought. We will look at it more and fix it after the holidays. I am so relieved!

Oh yeah! WTF is wrong with you people. After spending that last week freaking out about my car and other crap I barely had time to read any blogs. Now that I'm getting caught up it looks like I missed something. A few people had eluded to it while I was broadcasting the past couple nights but I still hadn't read anything.
As much as drama=ratings I will not be doing any extensive coverage of this crap on BDR. It only gets covered if it includes me and quite honestly that's always boring anyway.
I love you all! Plus I'm probably trying to sleep with everyone anyway.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Still on life tilt

Mookie tonight! I will be there and broadcasting live tonight on BDR BUT I will most likely be late. I have to go get my other car working so I have something to drive for the holidays. I just hope it doesn't take me too long to get things figured out with it.

No time, no patience, and no car makes Buddy a PISSED OFF FUCKING ASSWIPE OF A HUMAN BEING.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I have no fucking clue


I might be on BDR tonight but I might not. Things are kinda fucked up with my car no longer functioning. BUT if I get done what I need to in time I will be playing in the Bodonkey game and be on air for a special BuddyDank Radio Lite. Love Elf has expressed interest in being on the show and so I really hope I can make this all happen.

REMINDER! The Bodonkey starts one half hour later than normal. It will now start at 9:05 EST.

I'm a bit tired today as I was up late hanging with Numbono. We have a local game every other Monday and yesterday was our year finale TOC. My queens went down in flames to the luckbox of the days nines and I missed my first final table ever at this game. The cash game afterwards was nice though so at least I got my buyin back.
With my car out of commission I had to bum a ride home from Numbono. We got to hang out, drink and gab till all hours of the evening. Good stuff. Boy, I sure hope he got home OK.

I need a nap.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Just when things are looking up I turn around and get fucked in the ass!

My new(er) Mustang is fucked up. Looks like the water pump stopped functioning and now appears the head gasket is blown. God Fucking Damn it! And it's not even an issue of money that's screwing things up, it's the fact that I have to do a ton of driving this week and next for the holidays. Now I'm most likely stuck bumming rides from people which means I'm stuck where ever I fucking go. I'm so pissed right now that I should just stop. FAWK!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The End is NOW!

Tune in tonight to BDR as we cover the last game of the BBT2 series! THE BIG GAME! Get your tokens damn it!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

So there I was with 2 hookers and a limp dick

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Geisha Bar.

After having a few drinks and meeting others such as Zeem, Al, Fat Guy, Weak, Pauly and good lord this list could go on forever, I had the chance to sit down and talk to Pauly. It was great to catch him early in the trip before the hordes all showed up. It will come as no surprise that he's just a downright nice guy. I could have talked his ear off all night and I even managed to get some advice out of him.

More and more bloggers started rolling in and I looked at my phone to see what time it was. Sure enough I had not heard it ring earlier and I had a couple missed calls and a text message from Tragedy. It read 'I'm in the lobby of the IP' and was only a few minutes old. I wandered toward the front and see a man with a guitar wearing an ugly ass Brown's football jersery. IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING TRAGEDY!

Now it seems not everyone knows that until then Sean and I had never met. The whole BuddyDank Radio co hosts thing came up from him commenting here on my blog after one of my first shows. It was great to finally meet the man and we would spend a fair amount of the time together and have some good times.

We got Tragedy's gear stowed away in my room which led to him staying with me out of convenience. While Tragedy was introducing himself to every person in the joint I went and grabbed a quick dinner with Jordan and Peaker. CK joined us as well and we all got a chance to get to know eachother. Jordan is freaking hilarious and not quite what I expected. A funny jewish guy? Who would of guessed it? Peaker is pretty much exactly what I would have thought. We have a fair amount in common with our love for the mountains. Although my knowledge of fourteener's was put to shame when I was telling him about my climbing experience. I may have to try to get him to guide me on a climb some time.

Dinner was good but it was time to get back to the drinking. So I strolled right back into the mix where I was met my Iggy asking 'How the hell are ya?'. I made the mistake of responding 'Well, I'm not drunk yet', and he and Al came up with a remedy. Minutes later I had a double Patron in hand and my first shot of the trip was in my belly. Seconds after that ScottMc made sure I had another double in hand and I was well on my way. I don't think I bought myself more then 3 drinks that night but I was never without a drink in hand.

It was now time to gambooool! The Paigow tables were hoping and I was ready to get in on what was obviously The Game to play with the bloggers. GCox's wife Carrie was sitting in and offered me her seat so I could play my first hand of Paigow. Carrie is so incredibly great. She helped me set my hands and showed me the ropes. With my minimum bets out I threw some money away and lost around $30 in 30 minutes but had at least 5 drinks. They say it's a win and so I'll go with that. Shortly after I gave Carrie her seat back and went back to socializing.
Bankroll - $280 - $30 = $250 Ruh Roh Raggy!

As the night rolled on I met Blinders, Astin, Schaubs, and Fuel. Blinders and I had a great chat and have a fair amount in common as well. Cough cough and ready to go again. More drinking and then somewhere in there the call went out for anyone interested who wanted to play craps need head to the Casino Royale. Why not? I'd never played but the game there is $3 craps so now was as good of a time as any to learn the game. Oh wait, I was drunk and stoned. Maybe not the best time to learn but a great time to gamble and have fun. Quite honestly at the time I had no clue what was going on with the game. Blinders tried to explain it but there was no chance. I just bet what he bet and soon enough on ScottMc's roll we started to make some money. Cashing out +$30, this would be my first win of the trip. And watching the excitement from Tragedy, Al and GCox on the other table was priceless. Al kept yelling toward our table about his wins and for some odd reason was calling Blinders Lucko all night.
Bankroll - $250 + $30 = $280 I WIN!

By this time it was way late and so I dragged my ass back to my room and passed out for the night. There is a good chance that more happened that evening but it's the fuzziest of all my days memories.

Come back to hear about my first win over $100. Woot!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BDR is back tonight for The Mookie

Still tired and exhausted but BDR will be live tonight.
The only thing I have planned so far is to do a new segment called 'Vegas Moments'. Anyone who would like to share a story tonight is welcome. You can either share it on the air yourself through Skype or email it to me and I will read it.
But it is very doubtful that tonight will have the drunken ranting as of late. I'm too fried to drink quite yet myself but maybe someone else? I'm getting old.

More Vegas recaps as I find time to write them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where to start?

I'm back from Vegas, only to find lots of snow and ice and more coming down as I type. Now I love winter and the snow but after spending the past 5 days in Vegas I was fairly convinced it was still fall. mustang isn't the greatest car for winter driving but at least I didn't get stuck.
I did however sleep from 4pm yesterday until 9am this morning which made me late for work. And why did I sleep so long??? Let's go back to the beginning and see....

Bankroll for gambling: $500
I'm not a rich man so I only had this much to play with all week. It turned out to be just the right amount.
Arrived in Vegas Wednesday afternoon and got to ride in the Druggy-Buggy! What a sweet ride! MiamiDon was the first blogger I would meet outside of Numbono who just happens to live in the same city as I do. We worked our way over to Chad's pad for a BBQ and live broadcast on BDR for the Mookie. If you were listening then I don't really need to explain. It all happened exactly like it seemed. MiamiDrunk was a ranting fool and kept us all rolling on the floor. We even had some last minute guests as LJ and Recess apparently had gotten in early as well and stopped over at Chad's to join us. Good times.
After Don passed out for the 2nd or 3rd time we got a cab and headed on down to the IP where we met up with CK. This was my first time in Vegas so I was in no hurry to get to bed as I hadn't seen anything besides Chad's yet. After getting some chow with the gang CK was nice enough to hang out and show me around a little bit. What a sweetheart! I must have looked like the ultimate tourist as my eyes were almost always looking up and around as we walked from place to place. The Venetian was beautiful and we played a bit of video poker so I could at least say I gambled the first day.
Bankroll: $500 - $20 on video poker = $480

It was getting late and since I didn't have a room arranged for that night, Recess had offered to let me crash with him. He had left for bed a number of hours earlier and so when I went to find the room I got lost for a bit. Anyone who knows the IP will tell you it's a big fucking maze. But after going in circles for about 20 minutes I found the room only to see a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. WHAT??? REALLY??? Does he have a woman in there? Or maybe he forgot I was crashing there? Well I finally decided to go in so I put my ear to the door to listen for moaning but heard nothing. Inserted the key card and slowly opened the door trying to make sure I was not walking in on something. Nope. Turns out that house cleaning starts fairly early in Vegas so if you want to sleep in you better put the little sign out before you crash. I awoke fairly early as my body was still on Iowa time and went for a stroll. Alan was still asleep and so I started out on my own. But this is where I discovered my first mistake.

I had been warned by people and read the Vegas preparation posts but I was still not ready for all the walking. Holy Jesus!!! What I thought were comfortable shoes turned out to be the biggest problem with the whole trip. See in Iowa I drive everywhere. I get up and walk to my car. Drive to work. Get out of my car and walk into work and sit at my desk in my office. Turns out I am one out of shape lazy mother fucker. I could feel my feet complaining even in the first hour when I walked over to the Bellagio. And by the time I was done Thursday and went back to my room to rest. My socks were actually bloody from all the walking. I will spare you the pictures as I am not a picture taking kind of guy. My feet would be a problem the whole trip but as long as I kept a good supply of Advil on me they were just fine. Well that and that I didn't do nearly as much walking after this because of the pain. Next time I will be more prepared!!!

OK so after seeing the Bellagio and Paris I headed back toward the IP to see if Alan was up and around. We almost physically ran into each other at the front door of the IP. And after a 2 second discussion on breakfast we went across the street to Caesar's to try the buffet. Mmmmmn mnnnn mmmnnn! Good stuff.
CK, LJ and Alan were ready to start pokering it up at Caesar's but I wanted to get showered and cleaned up before sitting in. But after a quick shower I would be right back there and got seated at a 1-2 game. I'll spare you the badbeat story and just say I slow played my set to bustoville in just the second hour.
Bankroll: $480-$200=$280 DANGER DANGER!
Seeing how I had limited funds and didn't want to go completely busto the first day I found my way back to the IP and got checked into my own room. I learned another Vegas lesson about the cheapest rooms. They are cheap for a reason!!!! The internal workings of my room were no different than the one Alan was in in the same hotel. But the external part was the issue. The IP's lists these rooms as being in another building just behind the casino. The reality is that these rooms are more like from a motel where the door from your room takes you directly outside and not into just a hallway like in the hotel. This was not really the main issue. The main issue was what was directly outside these doors. A big fucking parking structure!!! Cars zooming around at all hours and car alarms going off every couple minutes. BUT this would not sour me on the IP or to Vegas in the slightest. I only spent a very short time in the room and so it did not become a problem like I thought it might.
Wow my first day hadn't started the best but so far but my adrenalin was still kicking so there was no holding me back. The preliminary plan was for us to meet at the Geisha Bar but it was still early so I wasn't sure anyone would be around. And the only people I had met so far were still over at Caesar's playing poker. What to do, what to do? Well this was answered quickly as when I came back down and looked around the bar I saw a guy with a pony tail and shirt that read 'Got Weed.' Walked up to the guy and said 'Let me guess? Gary?'. I was right and got right in to the mix. There were only a few bloggers around this early but I hung out and drank as they all slowly trickled in. Great Times!!!!

More later when I get a chance. Stay tuned to what happens when you are asked how you are doing by Iggy and respond with 'Well, I'm not drunk yet'. Whoops.

Monday, December 10, 2007

must sleep


and oh yeah.....


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hours away from the tourney!

Woot! BuddyDank is still kicking it in Vegas. Good times.

More on that later......

I will be attempting to give updates on the game today if possible. Still trying to see what I am allowed to do here. Currently I'm sitting in the Venitian's Sports Book using their wifi so if I bust early I can at least get online and post some updates. But if at all possible I will be attempting to broadcast.

I will update soon!

We are just past the first break and Buddydank is out! Big suprise huh?
Rivered by a king is all she wrote for me today. I had a blast and a great table.
Other victims I know of.
Waffles is out.
Carmen is out
JJOK is out
Al is out on an all in AA vs KK vs QQ. Al's aces are no good to the king on the flop for Blinders.

No broadcast as it would be difficult and no one is really around right now to listen anyways.

More updates as they come

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just hours away!

My flight leaves in 4 hours!!!!

oh and I may have won the Bodog Tourney last night. Woot. Nothing like a win to boost your confidence. Now lets just hope I can carry it all the way to Vegas.
Plus we are far enough along with the new website that we decided to launch it late last night. Lots of changes coming soon!

TONIGHT!! TUNE IN TO BUDDYDANK RADIO!!!! We will be broadcasting live in Vegas from Cracknaces house and also will have MiamiDon and LJ on the show tonight. I'm so freaking excited!!!! VEGAS!!! HERE I COME!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Checklists and BDR!

IT'S ON!!!
BDR will being doing a remote broadcast from Vegas TOMORROW!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!! The show will include MiamiDon, Cracknaces, LJ and much much more. It's going to be off the hook so if you thought last week was entertaining then you really need to tune in during The Mookie tomorrow night.

Don was nice enough to offer to pick me up from the airport and then we're off the Chad's house to setup for the show. It should be interesting trying to run things remotely but if I have problems my neighbors have a key to my place and can just go over and reboot things if necessary.

Going over what I need for Vegas so I decided to make a checklist to the 12 days of Christmas
Here goes nothing!
The first thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, A Laptop with the accessories.
The second thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 2 packs of Magnums and A Laptop with the accessories.
The third thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a Laptop with the accessories.
The fourth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a Laptop with the accessories.
The fifth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The sixth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The seventh thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The eighth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 8 Maids a milking(i just like that one), 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The ninth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 9 latex gloves, 8 Maids a milking, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The tenth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 10 G-Strings, 9 latex gloves, 8 Maids a milking, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The eleventh thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 11 adult diapers, 10 G-Strings, 9 latex gloves, 8 Maids a milking, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.
The Twelth thing to pack that BuddyDank will need, 12 rubber dildos, 11 adult diapers, 10 G-Strings, 9 latex gloves, 8 Maids a milking, 7 waterwings for swimming, 6 tubes of KY, 5 Golden Cockrings, 4 dress shirts, 3 skimpy speedos, 2 packs of Magnums and a laptop with the accessories.

Wow that was dumb.

Tonight is the Bodog Blogger tourney so make sure and get your butt over there.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Feelings! Nothing more then Feelings!

Sorry for the whiney, I'm a little bitch, getting ready for Oprah post. I'll try not to do that again.


My basic itinerary.
Arrive: Wednesday 2:35pm
BuddyDank Radio will hopefully be broadcasting from Cracknaces place that night.
Thursday I check into the IP. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Depart: Monday 8:00am (teh suck)

No MATH for me tonight. I have to go to my local game in order to qualify for their TOC. The TOC for this game is based on number of times attending only so since I started halfway thru the year I have to go in order to be one of the top 25 attendees. Not like I'd normally skip this easy money game anyway but it would have been nice to take an extra shot at the BBT2.
So no drunken Buddy tonight, sorry.

My lazy ass barely left my couch this weekend and it was superb. I played a ton of Wii games I had downloaded. This got me thinking about incorporating some Wii stuff into my site. There are several online games now for the Wii and it would be super fun to play some of y'all out there. I'm going to post my Wii code so anyone can add me as a friend. If you would like me to add you just let me know.
Currently I've been playing Mario Strikers online and I love it. I need to look into other games that have the online option but if you know of one please post it.
Don't get The Bigs! It's a baseball game and it's freaking hard. I can't even beat the computer on easy setting. The fucking computer catches everything! EVERYTHING! Even homeruns! It climbs the fence and jumps up to catch the fucking ball 40 feet above the fucking ground! I'm just mad cause I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Plus it's season crap is messed up and based around a Rookie Challenge. Very dumb.

I see my info in on Falstaff's spreadsheet now. Make sure and print that one off before you leave for Vegas people! And call me ANYTIME!!! Seriously!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vegas is so close I can smell it!

4 days!
Ice storms deluxe have me locked in my home for the weekend. I had hoped to go out and get a number of things for the trip but it will have to wait. I couldn't get into my car right now if I wanted to. I'd say there is at least 3 inches of ice on it and the sleet it still coming down good.

OK so last
It was a very casual evening. We met at a restaurant and ended up closing it down. It was funny because we were just chatting and then I got up to go to the bathroom and realized we were the last two people in the place. Time flies I guess. Then we went to a local bar and had a few drinks. It was a very nice time but has still left me a bit confused. I found that it was hard to really know completely what I felt about a woman who just looked so damn good! The years have been very kind and quite honestly she looks better now then way back when. Things like that seem to cloud my judgment.
Wow we talked about everything though. Even some things that we had never talked about at the time. Like the different times we broke up and cheated on each other and weird crap like that. She actually knew about one girl that I didn't know she knew about at the time. Yes yes our relationship was a little rocky at times but we always seemed to work it out and forgive each other.
BUT the main issue at hand was that I was really hoping I would have defined feelings once I saw her and that didn't happen. I would have been perfectly happy if there was no longer that spark and that would be that. This was not the case.
BUT there were other factors involved. Even though her fiance left her only just 2 months ago she acts like she is completely over it and fine now. AND she is going to Chicago later this weekend and already has a date with someone while she's in town. Hearing that did bother me but I am unable to completely understand why. Is it because I am still wanting to be protective of her and I think it's a mistake for her to see someone so soon? Or is it because I'm jealous that it's not me?
I could tell stories all day about last night and our past but writing this out has me reading it and seeing that there is really no chance for us. And I think I'm fine with that. Maybe. sorta kinda?

Today! Packing for Vegas and sitting on my ass. Might work on the website too.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Date night!

I have no clue why I even signed up for the Riverchasers last night. I sat out for over half of the first hour and then pushed A10 into AQ? What? Yep, I was in no mood to play and was tired as hell from the night before. After that I closed the laptop and fell asleep within 10 minutes. I feel so much better today!

Tonight! I have a date! But can I really call it a date? I'm meeting up with my ex from almost 10 years ago. She was dumped by her fiance two months ago and just recently got a hold of me. We have a very long sordid past but haven't spoken in years. I have no clue what to expect. And it is the first 'date' I've had since breaking it off with my last girlfriend about 6 months ago.
It's hard not to try to read into things. After all, 10 years ago I was 100% convinced she was the woman I would marry and live happily ever after. But she wanted to live in NY and I just couldn't hack it there. Maybe I'll rehash some tales from when I lived in the big apple sometime soon. Now she lives in the same city as I do and we're both single again. I never thought that would ever happen. My brain really hurts from going over all of this again and again. Argh!!!
Enough about that!


Wow, I keep hearing how BDR was the best it's ever been this past week. This is somewhat disturbing as I remember very little of it and it seems I'm only entertaining when I'm fucked up. I can't promise to be that trashed every week but I'll work on being just as entertaining when I'm not. Probably wouldn't hurt to actually do some planning for these shows.
But let me ask you this. Are people laughing with me or at me? Hmm.........pretty sure I know that answer but let's hear it!

The BuddyDank Radio website will be relaunching soon! The old one still works but my boys have been hard at work getting the new one ready to go. If it all works out, we may be ready this weekend! Woot!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

8 chicken scratches

I awoke this morning, still drunk and hurting pretty good. On my desk at home there was a piece of paper with 8 chicken scratches on it and half a bottle of tequila. My memory isn't so great this morning but I'm fairly sure this means I had 8 shots last night and what appears to be around 8 cans of beer. Most of the evening is a blur.
Here's a few signs that Buddy may have had too much to drink last night.
I had no idea who won the Mookie this morning.
I don't remember going to bed.
My FT account has much less of my bankroll then just the buy in for the Mookie and Dook would have cost me.
I don't remember throwing up but others seem to think I did. I'll have to check the condition of my toilet when I get home.

All in all I think I had a great time. This was just a warm up for Vegas baby! 6 Freaking DAYS!!!

FAWK! I just remembered something!!!!
BuddyDank Radio will be broadcasting from Cracknaces house next Wednesday. He was kind enough to offer his abode for a night of drunken debauchery. That must be who's phone number is written on my desk with sharpie. I was wondering what that was this morning.
More on this as plans develop!

Tonight! Riverchasers! Be there!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Head Spin

I'm a bit flustered at the moment due to a woman I once dated being back in my life. Wow am I clueless! More on that later.

Tonight! Please tune in to BuddyDank Radio during the Mookie. I admit that I'm a bit behind on my planning and such but we'll be on the air live tonight and I plan on getting might drunk. After reading Hoy's blog just now I think we may need to dedicate tonights show to playing drinking games! Woot!

7 days left until I'm in Vegas and I'm finally getting that nervous excited thing going on. I have so much to do before I go. Fawk! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

hrmf............ women!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!

Good god. Last night was just plain fucked up for me. I re bought a few times and won no hands that I can remember. Then I went out to Surflexus who called my all in after the flop and after an initial bet from himself. I get it, I understand why he called with J10 high on a raggy board. But do I have to like it? Fuck No! Suck outs SUCK! That's probably why it has the word 'suck' in the expression huh?!!! But Boy would I like someone to lay a hand down to me just fucking once. Say to yourself 'You know, I bet he's got me beat and I don't really feel like trying to suck out so I'll just fold.' Is that too much to fucking ask????
Apparently so.......and WHY???
Because of things like fucking pot odds, being pot cuntastic committed and fold big fat hairy cock equity right??? God I hate poker some days. And I really hate hearing that crap over and over and over and over and over and over.

The good news is that there are only 8 days left til I'm in Vegas!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Protege Rocks!

Thursday during the Riverchasers event was the most fun I've had in awhile. Not because of how I played or did in the tourney. I went out in the middle of the pack and I don't even remember how because that is not important right now. What's important is that my boy Ricky424 took it down baby!!!!
Ricky's a friend of mine and part owner of BDR. We were roommates for a couple years and during that time I was playing a ton of poker. So I credit myself with his success as I feel I taught him well. Watching him play was so much fun that I was on the floor half the time. We were on Skype discussing this and that early and then after my dismissal I hung up and told him I'd call him back when he made the final table. I continued to watch his table and the tv and after seeing him win a huge pot with jackace off suit against jackace and if I remember right pocket queens or kings. He hit a four flush with his jack of spades and was back on top of the leader board after bleeding off chips with some really horrible calls.
Seriously only had one way to win this hand and got it. So sick! He did get a few railbirds following him around to make sure he knew what a donk he was. All good stuff.

But I'm not here just to tell you how bad he played, cause he also made some incredible moves with his newfound aggresive play. I made a point not to give him any advice on how to play any hands because his play had already gotten him to this point and I was just there for encouragement. Yes he got lucky when he needed to, like when he was all in with Ace rag against a bigger ace only to split the pot and stay alive when they both rivered a straight, but he also played very well and now has a seat in the TOC.

Make sure and visit his blog and leave nasty comments on how bad he is.

Tonight is the MATH and again it appears Hoy is experimenting as the game is a $10 rebuy! Wow, this should be interesting.

Turkey days was good and the family is as it should be. Not much to report there.
I did go to the local casino for a little live poker with Emptyman. Weird table with very little action and I left up $50 after watching Empty get stacked twice. Aces are not goot against Cowboys all in preflop and then he gets to play slots with the wifey. Ouchy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Family, Holidays, and Snow

We had our first snow storm start up this morning here in good ole Iowa. I love the snow but of course it happens the day that everyone has to travel. Good thing I don't have to go far but I'm not really concerned with my ability to drive in this weather, it's everyone else out there that I'm scared of. Please don't hit my car people!

BuddyDank Radio will be live on the air tonight for the Mookie! I may end up broadcasting remotely but either way I will be on. Not sure I'll have a cohost or any guests but I do have at least one thing planned for the show. 'Name That Donk!' will be part of the show again. Pokerpeaker expressed interest in being on last night during the Bodog thingy so now I just need 2 more contestants. I'll put the word out tonight but if you are interested just let me know. Plus if you feel like gabbing on the show tonight just drop me a comment and we will make things happen.

14 Days and counting!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I hate it when that happens!

It was a no poker weekend for Buddy as I decided to go to my friend Timmy's place and play Guitar Hero 2 & 3 all freaking weekend. We rocked hard and we rocked long!

I couldn't win a freaking token for the life of me last week so I skipped the Big Game. I was going to watch it and see who tuned in to BDR but I napped right through the darn thing.
And no MATH for me either as I have my local game. I'll get on air and see how things are going when I get home.

16 Days Baby! 16 Fucking Days!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Anal itch cream is the shit!

So I've run deep in the past two games but no final table goodness. I went out of the Mook in like 15th place and the Riverchasers in 11th. I won't go into the suckout that I lost on last night as I laid a doozy on VinNay shortly before that. But regardless I'm playing better than I had been so that's good. It would have been nice to at least make some money doing it though.

We had a great time on Wednesday during the Mookie on BDR. MiamiDon was our guest and he had quite a lot to add to the show so we will definitely have him on again soon. Cracknaces was a nice surprise to have on as well and he was way nicer then I had imagined. And the highlight of the evening came when Carmen stepped in and talked to us for a bit! Such a sweety.

Who know's what the weekend holds for me but I'm hoping to play in the Big Game on Sunday as long as my bankroll supports it. I've bombed out late in the token frenzies lately but will try again before Sunday.
I might even go play some live poker at the local casino tomorrow. We'll wait and see how that turns out.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mookie, Trauma, and Tragedy!

Mookie Tonight! Be there!

I stumbled upon Trauma Poker today and it turns out he was looking to split a room with in Vegas for December. Sweet! He's only going to be there Friday and leaves Saturday so he'll be crashing with me for 1 or 2 nights.

Tragedy! As always BuddyDank Radio is in full on Tragedy mode for the Mookie. There are plans to have MiamiDon on the show tonight but I have yet to confirm with him today. But don't worry we'll have a great show either way.
Be sure to check out my live streaming webcam during the show at JustinTV. Nothing extremely exciting but if things work out I will do some streaming from Vegas Baby!

Edit: Oh yeah I had a funny story. Last night after I was knocked out of the Bodog Tourney by Smokkee's almighty pocket 3's I played in the 28k. The double stacks are nice and the format is pretty slow so I like it. But just before the first break I lost a huge pot where I had pocket 10's, raised it up and had 4 more callers. 9 high flop and I bet the pot. 1 guy raises all in, the rest fold and I call. He had 67c and with the board he had a pair of 7's and a flush draw. Obviously he hit his flush and I was down to about 500+ in chips. I stayed silent and tried not to let it bother me but the chat window was going nuts. Half of my table was just berating this guy non stop. I had to chuckle to myself with that one. I went out a bit later jamming my AQ into the nutz, the nutz being 10,9 suited by the same guy. Now the chat really explodes! So funny and I didn't know a single person at my table. Oh well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oops! Maybe too much sexytime!

I want to apologize for this.
When the BuddyDankster is single he just can't control himself. I may have made a few laps around the country and it appears I wasn't very careful. So I'm sorry.

And all you ladies out there might want to have yourselves checked out. I know you can't help the irresistible attraction that over comes all foxy chicks when they meet Buddy. Hey, at least it's curable right?

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm am fucktarded.

Played bad all last week. Played drunk Friday and went out of the donkament because I am in fact a fucking retard! But that was only the begining. I lost my cash bankroll on Bodog to some more retardedness on my part but at least I have my T-cash for the Tuesday games.
I don't know how else to fix my bad play other than just not playing at all. Once I'm in retard mode there is no turning back. But of course I didn't stop, how could I? I was down and need to be up right? BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAHGGS!

Hopefully I slept those sessions off last night and can get back to my A game tonight.

This weekend was just full of it. Had a family reunion on Sunday with part of my family that has not spoken in 47 years.(Don't ask!) Watched some great football games but missed the biggest one being the Steelers coming back to take down the Browns. And cleaned 80% of my place almost to the point where I could probably have a woman over and she might not run out screaming.

Make sure and get into the MATH tonight! BDR will be on with some announcements and we'll see what else I can conjur up.

December Gathering info for BuddyDank.
I'm flying in on Wednesday the 5th. I've never been to Vegas so I wanted an extra day to check things out before I start hanging out with everyone.
Staying at the IP because it's cheap, a lot of other bloggers are staying there, and I don't really plan on spending too much time in the room.
And I'm flying out Monday morning on the 10th.
Can't wait to meet everyone!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Remeber the scene with the zipper in Something about Mary. It's still the most action I've had in months!

BuddyDank Radio! Now with 2X the Ghey!

I'm experimenting with a streaming webcam in my studio. The address is and it is also on my main page I will normally have it on when I'm broadcasting in the evenings and definitely during Wednesdays Mookie broadcasts. Yes it's kinda boring but the main idea behind it is to use it during the December Blogger Gathering. We'll see how that goes though.

Crapped out about halfway through the field during the Mook. I was my own worst enemy and just wasn't paying enough attention to my table to use any information to my advantage. I find I often have this problem when on BDR so tonight will be all about poker. Yes BDR will be on air but don't expect me to ramble on with Tragedy or anything until possibly later in the evening. Well that is, if I go out before that I guess.

See you tonight at the Riverchasers!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sex with kittens!

Hopefully BDR should be back up and running completely by the time the Mookie starts tonight. Almost everything works except having guests on the air and that is kind of important otherwise you would never get to hear Tragedy's side of the conversation. Wait....maybe this isn't such a bad thing! I'm torn I tells ya.

Took 3rd in Smokkee's Bodog tourney last night for $40 ecash and $109 tcash. Not bad for a $11 investment. This game is such a great bankroll builder and I can't figure out why more people don't play. Are you really having trouble getting money into Bodog? That's all I can figure since you can't transfer funds like FT. My recommendation is to try harder and get in the game.

Missed the MATH on Monday due to my local game. Unfortunately I bubbled in 7th but still kept my streak alive of getting to the final table. The tourney was insane though. I have never seen cards come up like they did. One guy had rockets 8 freaking times in about an hour. It was funny because this guy plays almost every hand every week and is usually easy pickins but not this week. He took out most of the big name players and easily won after coming into the final table with a huge lead over the rest of us. He got me when I push garbage from the SB into his BB and of course he had cowboys.
I was in an interesting hand early in this game. During the first orbit I am dealt rockets. I raise 4x and get 2 callers. Board comes AK4 with 2 spades. I check my set and a shorty shoves but only has about half of what was in the pot left anyway. Other guy calls and so do I. Turn is a queen of clubs and I'm almost certain I'm still ahead. I put out a bet around half the pot size and he calls. River is a red ten. Guy pushes. FAWK! I only had about 800+ left of my original 2500. So obviously I lay it down and all in shorty turns up a set of 10's get made on the river and of course the guy turns up the freaking jackace! Part of me thinks I played this wrong and could have gotten the jackace out but I think I got out pretty cheap considering. This game is super loose and Ace face is freaking gold to these guys. Thoughts?

Last chance to share a hotel room with BuddyDank during the gathering!!! I'm booking my hotel by this weekend so let me know if you want to save some cash.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey baby! How'd you like to sugar my cookie?

No MATH for me tonight as it is my every other week local game with Numbono. I wish I could play for the sake of the BBT2 but I can't pass on the super soft free money game.

BuddyDank Radio update!
I am changing the computer that I broadcast from and have not finished. This means that unless I get off my butt when I get home after work, you will not be able to request music. I will do my best to get that working even if it is with a limited number of songs.
Everything should be back up and running as usual by Wednesdays show.

I played no poker after Friday night and felt good about it. There was plenty of time for me to play but I have not been in the right frame of mind lately and feared throwing away my bankroll. So football it was! Nothing but football and occasionally trying to fix the computer situation. The crowning success for the weekend was when I managed to piece back together a broken hard drive with a few parts from another drive and rescue all my live Dead shows!!!! There was about 60gigs of music on there but I just wanted my complete set of all of the Deads Dick's Picks albums. I was amazed that it worked but I got them and then while starting to copy the complete anathology for Metallica, it died for good. I was happy just to get the Dead.

So BDR will be up and running soon enough and plenty more changes coming shortly after.

...oh yeah. Go visit Ricky424's blog. If people actually visit he may blog.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Like seriously! Can a guy get laid already?


A). Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...
B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...
Fine.(see below)

C). Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs...

D). Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
How about NOT!

1. I was a virgin until I was 19.

2. I once ate a habanero pepper and didn't take a drink or eat anything else for 10 minutes after that for 6 bucks. There is a good chance some of my stomach related problems derive from this event in my life.

3. Some friends and I once found a dead body in a pond. Turns out we were all on acid and it was just a log.

4. I have no feeling in either of my pinky toes. My sister put my feet in hot water after coming home with frostbite. I think I was 7.

5. I lost my keys while skiing in Colorado and found them the next day on the mountain after falling down on the same run.

6. I've been to a strip bar twice in my life. The first time(in Iowa) was one of the worst experiences of my life and the second(in Texas) was easily the best.

7. I had a skateboard when I was younger but lived on gravel roads. We eventually built our own halfpipe but I always sucked at it.

No one gets tagged cause I'm a party pooper.

Cash in hand and waiting for someone to sex me up.

I think I made it to almost the midway point of all 3 tourneys last night. No real memorable hands but I did have a good time as we had a great turn out for the games and for people listening in to BDR.
Tragedy was on early and then bailed to make an appearance at his work party but was back in time for the Dook and the Spook. Not sure what went wrong but shortly after he was taken out of the Spook, he disappeared. Tragedy strikes again. Don't know what happened but I hope to hear from him soon. Buck up camper!

Hoy has picked me as one of his pick 5 for tonights Riverchasers. That would be sweet. It's one of the only blogger events that I have never won, the other being the Big Game. The biggest obstacle for me to get past is my belief in streaks. I was hot a couple weeks ago but have been cold cold cold ever since. I feel fine about my game but what do I know. It may be best for me to go get that stupid book that tells you if you want something bad enough you will just make it happen kinda crap. Fuck that shit.

BDR will be jamming out the tunes during the game and we'll see if I can line up any other entertainment in time.

OK so I have my flight reserved for the trip to Vegas in December. I got it cheap and it's the only direct flight from Des Moines to Vegas it seems. After many hours of searching for the best deal on hotel and airfare combos I didn't really find anything that was much of a deal at all. So now I just need to book my hotel and I am still open to sharing a room with someone if anyone wants to save some money. Let me know ASAP because I really need to get it booked next week or shortly after.

How much is a hooker in Vegas anyway?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I am only interested in having sex for money

Wow things are moving along so quickly with the BBT2. Next thing you know I'll be in Australia!

Tonight we all get another chance to qualify for the TOC. I had high hopes in taking down the MATH this week but failed just short of the points bubble. But this time I'm 87% sure I'm going to win the Mook. Heck I might as well win the Dook and the Spook while I'm at it.
While I had hopes of being invited to a party for Halloween, it appears I'm not as popular as I had thought. Of course I blame my EX because she pretty much got all of our mutual friends in the breakup. I got my balls back. Seemed like a fair deal at the time. So tonight BuddyDank Radio will be broadcasting all 3 events. And if everything works out we should be having a very special guest on the show tonight. I'll update here as soon as I get confirmation.

It will also be the third installment of Name that Donk this evening to determine who will be fighting it out in the championship for the Name that Donk title. We need 3 contestants and all are welcome. Tonights winner will receive a headset with microphone so they can be on BuddyDank Radio. Then I will schedule the 3 previous winners to be on air together for the big finale. Good times! So far MiamiDon and DrJ have won the two previous installments of the show and if you think you know the most about the bloggers then tune in tonight for more information on how you can be a winner!

I guess I've been neglecting my duties on the internet lately. The internet forum that I was updating while fixing my car is now searching for me because I haven't posted in over a month. It seems they feel jilted because after I fixed the car I stopped updating. But honestly I haven't done anything else to the car since then and have nothing for them. I need to take some pictures and let them know I'm not dead.

Tune in tonight for more fantabulous hilarity from Tragedy and Co.

EDIT: I suck balls. I must have mistyped a number in Miami Don's zipcode and now he won't get the fucking headset so he can be on the show tonight. FAWK!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007


I've been under the weather for many days now but am hopefully getting back to normal. Very little poker was played over the weekend but I am ready for tonights MATH! Token in hand and after a short break I can pretty much just declare myself the winner right now. So for all you who thought tonight you'd have a chance to get you seat in the TOC, just give it up and wait for the next game.

Eventhough I felt like crap all weekend I did have a little fun. Guitar Hero 3 came out and a friend of mine bought it so we could play with 2 guitars and it is awesome. I've played a ton of GH2 and the new one is just incredible. 2 player battle mode is all you will ever need!

BuddyDank Radio will be live during the MATH. But it will mainly be a music night as I do not have anything else planned. I'm working on getting a bunch of stuff ready for Wednesdays big show during the Mook!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California ain't got nothing on me!

Hot hot hot with lots of fire! That's me!

Monday I missed the MATH to play in the local game I go to every other Monday. I have now been to this game 7 times. After winning again this past Monday, I have now won this game 3 times, been in the money 2 other times and made the final table every time. It's a tough call for me on Mondays because I want to play in as many BBT2 events as possible but I just can't pass up the soft action of this game. 25 guys and only a handful know what they are doing. But his week was easy because my starting table had the 3 biggest fish in this game and none of guys I know are good. Plus they play with a bounty of $5 for every player you take out. That's some easy money right there. I must have taken out at least 7 people and I think my record is 9.

Tuesday I put a few more bucks into Bodog so I could play in the overlayilicious blogger game that Smokkee setup. I went out in 4th on the money bubble but still got $109 tourney bucks for my time. It's pretty funny when first place prize money is less than the bonus money we were paid. My quest to get another bankroll going on a different site begins NOW!

Why you ask? Well because BuddyDank Radio will be kickin it live on the air and since the numbers are rising for the number of entrants with the BBT2 kicking off, I'm hoping to get the largest audience yet for BDR!
Plans to have MiamiDon on the show this week were nixed when I delayed sending out his headset he won last week during 'Name that Donk!'(Thanks for the suggestion Mook!) He will be on next week if everything goes right.
But tonight we should have Tragedy and myself busting on eachother and all that good stuff. OHHHHHH WAIT!!! NO! I believe there was an agreement last week that he has to be nice to me for the whole freaking show! HAHAHAHAHA! EAT THAT!
We'll see who we can get on for more entertainment tonight but if you are interested in being on the show, please let me know. Everyone is welcome.

Also anyone interested in being on the new sensation that is 'Name that Donk!', we are looking for 3 contestants to battle it out with their knowledge of the blogger world. The prize is a headset with microphone so you too can be on BuddyDank Radio.

Since we have new folks coming in to the BBT2 I figured I'd post more information on how to connect to BuddyDank Radio again. Plus if anyone is having trouble, feel free to hit me up on the girly chat and I can help you out. Yahoo messenger: cracksmokingrobot or AIM: boydoisuck

To listen to BuddyDank Radio you can use a number of different media players. I have 3 links at that work like this:

1. Click to Listen - This link is designed to open in your browser(IE or Firefox) and should work for just about anyone. People using Vista with Firefox may want to use IE if they are having trouble.

2. Click to Listen External WinAMP/iTunes - If you have WinAMP or Itunes then this link should work for you. You may be asked what program should be used to open this link. Point it to which ever you prefer. I believe this also works with RealPlayer, VLC and other mediaplayers but I haven't tested them. If you don't understand how to 'Point' to which ever you prefer then use option 1.

3. Click to Listen External Windows Media Player - Just what it says. Using this link should automatically open up WMP and start playing. Again, if not, use option 1 or msg me for help.

And also for anyone new, my entire library of music is available under Playlist and Requests. You can request any song you would like and it automatically gets put into the queue to be played. The list can fill up fast so make sure and get your requests in early. Also feel free to IM me about music you would like to see added to BuddyDank Radio.

I'm going to be making an effort to get the word out about the broadcast tonight to as many people as possible. This may include me putting up info in the chats at different tables. I've never been big on shameless promotion but with so many new faces I want to make sure everyone knows about it.

TUNE IN TONIGHT! I usually get started about an hour before the game starts.

Monday, October 22, 2007

That went fairly well.

Last night was just the beginning of the BBT2 and things are already heating up! 57 entrants in the Big Game and I managed to finish in 3rd. How?
I played a tight game and got some decent cards when I needed them. But I wanted to check out my stats and see what really did it for me. After loading all my hand histories into PT I see that I had Aces 4 times, Kings twice, Queens Twice and Ducks 4 times. I only had 2 other pocket pairs all night AKo twice. But the biggest glaring figure was that I won almost every single one(I lost with ducks once and AKo once) of those hands and only 3 of those hands didn't make it to the river. So this leads me to believe that my success last night was due to my patience and possibly something to do with my big hands holding up 95% of the time! Now that's just crazy.

After having one of my largest cashes to date I am almost positive that I am going to Vegas in December. I'm going to try to book my flight this week. I still need to book a room though and that's the problem. I'd love to find someone to help split the cost of a room but if I can't then where should I stay? What's cheap but not too far from everyone else?
BDR needs to be in Vegas for the gathering and a big part of that is my cohost Tragedy. Things are looking good for both of us being there but make sure an drop Sean a note so he knows you all love him and can't wait to see him. He's kind of insecure like that.

Tonight is the MATH and everyones next chance to get into the TOC. I doubt I will be there tonight as my regular local game is tonight and not going to it is like passing up free money. But BDR will be on in full force on Wednesday during the Mookie!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I finished 3rd in the Big Game tonight! One of my largest cashes to date! Woot Woot!
An incredibly great ending to a horrible weekend of poker.

Congrat to DrJ for taking it down in style and winning the first seat into the BBTwo TOC!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Still on fire!

4th in the Riverchasers last night! Woot!
Sat down with a game plan last night and it worked fairly well. I did have one good suckout when I tried to steal the blinds but played good and finally got sucked out on to go out in 4th. Who knew that KQsWith the BBT2 starting this weekend, I've began thinking about what my chances are. Because if they are good enough I need to go get my passport right freakin now so I will have it in time. I wonder what happens if the winner can't go?

Tonight is my second favorite tourney of the week! Katitude's 1$ Rebuy baby!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh good lord

I'm still a bit drunk this morning but if my memory serves me right, I won the Mook!!!
I can't say that I remember many of the hands but there might have been some luck involved along with catching some cards. I do remember taking out Kat with my flopped quad 3's. Sorry for the slow roll, but I was..... a jerk.

Miami Don won the first edition of 'Name that Donk!' and won himself a new headset with microphone so he can be on BuddyDank Radio.

Thanks to Alcanthang and Mookie for being guests on the show last night. Good stuff!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BDR, Mookie, and Super Fantastical Prizes.

OK! This feels better! The Boobies are back baby!!

Tonight on BuddyDank Radio! There will hopefully be a very special guest. Tragedy will be with us but late as usual. And new this week we are going to start a weekly quiz show where we test your knowledge of other bloggers. There will be prizes!

I still need a name for the quiz show thingy so if anyone has any goofy ideas, shoot!

EDIT: So far we have:
Are you smarter then a poker blogger?
QQQ- Quiz Question Qualifier
Wheel of Ghey
Name That Donk(I like this one!)
Donkial Pursuit
Who Wants to Be a Ghey Blogger

Oh and yes the possible guest is Alcanthang himself.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1 more day of this crap.

Buddy Doooooosh here and for only 1 more fucking day. Prop bets can be a bitch.

Tonight is Smokkee's Bodog tourney. Last week they gave away over $600 in free tourny dollars and this week that money is mine. I'm going to go in, rip that shit up, spit out the chunks, and take home the cashola!!! I can feel it!

BuddyDoooooosh Radio will be back on air for the Mook tomorrow. I hope to have a very special guest but he has to remember to go buy a microphone so we'll see.
BDR is also starting up a new weekly contest with prizes! Check back tomorrow for more information on how you can be a winner!

Monday, October 15, 2007

MATH Monday

I've got my token ready! Do you?

My hot streak continues as I've done pretty well with cash games lately but I have been stinking it up in my MTT appearances. Donked out of the Pokerstars Blogger thingy in 500th somthing place when I got sucked out on. I had gotten lucky earlier in the day so I was sure it was coming sooner or later.
I also tried the 28k, 24k, and various other tourney with no luck. My best results were winning a couple tokens and doing well enough at the cash game to recuperate my losses.
Plus it always helps when this happens.

I have been hitting trips like a madman lately! Gotta love it while it lasts!

By now everyone should have seen the information on the BBT2. Exciting stuff!
I am going to do my best to be on the air with BDR during as many events as possible. I really need to get Al on the air to discuss more BBT2 stuff soon. Let's pester him until that happens, OK people!!!

OMG!!! Follow the link NOW!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Buddy Dooooooosh and Vegas

I really really really want to go but I need to work a few things out. I should just buy the damn ticket for a flight to Vegas and go from there but my biggest concern is where am I going to stay. Seeing how I've never been to Vegas it feels like I should go all out but I'm not the richest guy in the world either. I'll just throw it out there!
Maybe a bunch of us single guys can share a room and maybe even get something nice that when split between us all won't cost a fortune? Ideas?

Once I work out the details I'll make an official announcement.

Buddy Dooooooosh Radio would be attempting to do a broadcast while in Vegas but not sure how that's going to work out yet. I have a cell phone that will get me internet access anywhere but it's not the most reliable. Do all Vegas casinos have internet service throughout the hotel and casino areas?
I'm also wondering how the Venetian will be about us doing a broadcast during the poker tourney. I read that the last tourney had some issues with the noise level and people having to leave after being knocked out? and such so not sure what will happen there.
If anyone out there who is involved in media coverage during different events might know more about restrictions at the Venetian?

Don't forget the Friday $1 Rebuy Donkament this evening. I plan on being there to defend my title from last week! Bring it bitches!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buddy Dank is now Buddy Doooooosh

....or Buddy Douche.(which do you like better?)
Well, at least until next Wednesday.

Last night was great! I had an incredibly fun time playing in the Mook with Mookie himself joining us during the broadcast. The show felt like it flowed well and we had a great turnout. I'd like to thank Mookie for being on the show! It was a blast!
The big event of the night was me taking out Alcanthang to win the signed SoCo T-Shirt. The only problem was that Al was not very happy with me having AK when he pushed with AJ and he let me know it for about 2+ hours in the chat. Tragedy spun this into his own little Buddy Doooosh haters club and things progressed from there. Eventually there was a prop bet made for a last longer bet during the Dook with me and Al. If I went out first I had to change my blog to read Buddy Doooooosh for 1 week. I'm not sure what he would have had to do if I won the bet but I'm am terrible at horse so it wasn't really an issue.

So yeah, now I will refer to myself, the blog and the radio station as Buddy Dooooosh for 1 week. Ugh.

Monday, October 8, 2007


It feels so good to go on a heater and just keep on winning!
Last week was the best week I've had in a good while. After winning the MATH on Monday, I final tabled the Riverchasers but bubbled, and then won the Friday Donkarama! But it didn't end there!!!
Saturday Emptyman and myself went to the local casino to play some live cash games. Sat down for some 1/2 NL action and the table was incredible. Donkeys Ahoy!!! I was up an down for about the first 2 hours when this hand came about.
Sitting on the button with 99 and it's $12 to me. I call and then the BB makes it $32 total. The original raiser calls as do I. Flop come up a beautiful 932 rainbow. BB bets just $25 into a $100 pot, original raiser folds and I just smooth call. Turn is an ace but now the board is 4 suited. Checked to me so I put out smallish bet of $30 with about $50 left behind. He raises me and we're all-in! What does he turn up? Obviously AA!!!!! 2 freaking outed on the turn!!! Sick Sick Sick!!! I sat there for a second, too stunned to even show my hand. Just as I table my 9's the dealer puts down the river card. THE CASE 9 BABY!!!!! $300+ pot and soo soo close to qualifying for the Bad Beat Jackpot. At this casino it's Aces over Jacks that has to be beaten.
The rest of the day went very well and I ended up cashing out for over $600. See Emptyman's blog for how he did.(Post not up yet but should be soon) He had a sick hand as well late in the day.

Here's the thing! I have been getting absolutely the greatest cards all freaking week. High pocket pairs, hitting flops, and I'd say I hit a set about 30+ times in the past week. I think I played well too but could not have had nearly as much success without the cards I was getting.

I will not be able to defend my title during the MATH tonight as I cannot pass up the juicy home game I play in every other Monday with Numbono.

Make sure and tune in this Wednesday during the Mookie for BuddyDank Radio! This week the main man himself with be on the show. MOOKIE!!!!!!!!!! Good stuff!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Bad laydowns

I finished 7th last night in the Riverchasers. I could and should have done better but I made some really bad laydowns.
Early in the tourney I get cowboys and 2 callers. Board comes with all rags and the betting takes off. By the turn card the other 2 people are all in and I would have to call off my whole stack. But since they both were maniacs I figured one of them actually might have and eight and do I really want to go out this early so I folded after the turn.

Turns out I was ahead the whole fucking time! Shit! Fuck!

Now it's later in the game and we're getting close to the final table. I see the first face cards I'd seen in awhile and I am in the big blind. I folded to a smallish raise cause I'm a fucking pussy it turns out.

Either one of these would have helped as they happened at opportune times during the game. So here's the question. Did I really fuck up that bad by laying these hands down? I was beating myself up about it pretty bad last night cause I think the answer is yes. I realize the actual hand history would help but I don't have that.

Finished off the night playing some small cash games. I did fairly well but lost a decent size pot when I couldn't lay my fucking hand down. I must have just been way off on my reads last night. Fuck it!

I did make one laydown that may have been right. What do you think?

I probably just played the hand poorly.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tonight on BuddyDank Radio!!!

We'll be broadcasting live during The Mook again this week. Tonight will be jam packed with suck outs, rants, raves, and a secret guest host!
Tune in!

I forgot that I even had a PS account.

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 8063229

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I've been on a pretty decent hot streak lately. But just with live games as my bankroll online was on life support. So last night I had planned on watching Heroes and checking out some of the new shows. Emptyman had come by my place after work and offered to buy me into the MATH to return a favor. Well obviously I took the cash and got myself registered.
3 hours later and I am victorious!
I rarely play the MATH anymore due to a live game I now play in every other Monday with Numbbono. But now I'll have to make sure I get in there whenever I can.
So a big thanks to Emptyman, who I took out of the tourney, for the buy in!

I really need to write more often as quite a bit has been happening lately. The best has to be this past Friday though!
I used to play in a regular Friday home game with 16 guys before I moved last year. A few of them now live closer to me so last week I got an invitation to a game. I wasn't sure what the setup would be but it would at least be good to see some old friends.
7 guys of which I knew 3 of them. $10 max buyin playing .25/.50 blinds. ERRRRRRR!!!! OOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKK!!! Why not huh?
Yes this was retarded and after about 30 minutes I was up close to $50. A few of them rebought but by 10:00pm we were down to 3 people and the game broke up. 10pm on a freaking Friday!
They want to have this game every other Friday but I doubt I'll go very often. Maybe I can straighten out the game and play for real. We'll see.

I live in a duplex and have been there for a year now. The neighbors I share the duplex with are cool and we hang out a fair amount. But our other neighbors across the street have started stopping by because it looks like we're having a block party or something. The issue is that these across the street neighbors scare the shit out of me and I don't want them in my house or near me in general. I'm too nice to tell them to fuck off so I've been making up reasons to leave if they are around and now it's like I'm back in fucking high school. You know, when you are hanging out with your cool friends and end up hiding from the annoying kid who you all hate and avoid at all costs! ERG! What to do? Not sure but life goes on.

Tune in to BuddyDank Radio on Wednesday for another really big show!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!

First the Mook, then the Friday Donkament, NOW BuddyDank adds the MATH to his list of wins!!!


On the second to last hand I had trip 10's and in the excitement I never looked at what my opponent had. But the heads up action ended quickly with that one followed by pocket jacks. The deck freaking cold cocked me late in the game.

Sure is fun to win again!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Really big show tonight!

Tonight on BuddyDank Radio we have two very special guests!! Blinders and Smokkee!!!
It should be a great show tonight as I expect to have my regular partner in crime, Tragedy, to help me handle to newly 6 handed Mookie!!

More to come!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The nut low is still the nuts! Right?!!

Some seriously fun times and some seriously funny shit happened this weekend. I went out to the local casino to play some live poker with Emptyman. It's not the biggest casino so when we showed up in the early afternoon, they only had 3 or 4 tables going. After a short wait they started up a new 1-2NL table that we were both at. It's fairly easy to stay out of each other's way when it's a full ring which it was most of the day.
I had a decent day but had to watch Emptyman struggle as he couldn't lay down his cowboys when the board was 1 card to a straight and saw him make a spectacular laydown with trip jacks to a similar board. The jacks hand was pretty funny because he showed the jack and so the other guy showed his hand and Empty read it wrong and was beating himself up about laying down the best hand when actually he had made the right decision and saved himself $50.
But the stunner of the day would put Emptyman up for the day and leave him with a story to tell his grandchildren some day. The hand played out like this but I'm not sure of the exact amount bet on every card.
Emptyman is dealt 66 and raises preflop to around $20. I believe there was only 1 caller. Flop comes two low cards and 1 over, like 34J or something. Guy checks to him and Empty bets out close to the pot size of $40. Call from the new resident genius. Turn is another low card, a 7 or an 8, I can't remember. Genius checks and Empty goes all in for his remaining $140. INSTA-CALL FROM THE MASTER POKER GENIUS. Empty turns up his pocket 6's and is sure he is beat seeing how quickly he called. What does this guy turn up? Seriously!!! 2-5 off fucking suit!!!! Open ended with the nut low!!! Wow. Well the river was another 3 or something harmless and after the chips were counted it turns out they originally had the exact same amount of chips. ChaChing!
The table was stunned. The dealer was stunned. When the dealer announced the guys hand as 5 high we couldn't help but laugh. The only thing we can think is that he misread his hand and he thought he already had the straight. This guy was pretty bad and only had those chips because he had gotten lucky on a few funny calls earlier. Check out the Emptyman's blog for the real details.

My day was alright. I finished up about $100 largely due to a couple big calls I made to this guy who thought he could bluff anyone off any pot. I made a number of good reads that day. Some may say it's cause I can't lay down a pair but trust me, I layed down a number of large hands that day. Overall I felt good about my game and am looking forward to going back soon.

Tonight is my regular game with Numbono. This tourney is my favorite because I have now played it 4 times and it's the softest game in town. I won it once, placed 4th twice and bubbled in 7th the other time. 26 guys and only 4 of them know anything about poker at all. It's really not that tough to just fold your way to the final table.

So no Live BDR broadcast tonight during the MATH but you can still groove to the music.


Monday, September 10, 2007

The Stang!!!

Here she is!! I only have these few pictures. I'll take more when it stops raining.

It's so great to be driving it again. Check out Mustang Forums to see how everything progressed.
***Careful! It's a fairly long read.

On the poker front, I will finally have more time to play. Tonight is the local game Numbono got me invited to. I won it last week, was the bubble boy the time before, and finished 4th the first time I played in it. It has to be one of the softest games around.

I won't be DJ'ing tonight during the MATH but feel free to pick out some music and tune in to BuddyDank Radio. I will be live this week for the Mook!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I have been challenged on my knowledge of Canada. I was hoping a fake accent was good enough but Schaubs, Astin and Fuel seem to think I should know a little something more about their lovely country.
Astin wrote "I say that for Buddy to get in with the hosers, he has to be able to have a convincing conversation about hockey and name our national sport. (hint: NOT hockey).

Also, 4 Prime Ministers and 1 Governor General.

He also must talk about the worst poutine he's ever had, debate which coast has the best salmon, and show us a picture of him in a touque.

There will also be a surprise situation at the end of the test."

Wow! OK, so I'm not up on my Canadian history and don't know much about it in general but I'm going to give it a shot.

he has to be able to have a convincing conversation about hockey
I'll work on the conversation about hockey when I actually get face to face with one of these canucks.

name our national sport. (hint: NOT hockey).
I'd have to guess.......Hockey! Ohh
Is it Curling?

4 Prime Ministers and 1 Governor General.
This is a tough one. I can barely name anyone in the US government.
Prime Ministers
1. Doug McKenzie
2. Bob McKenzie
3. Terrence but not Phillip
4. Frenchy McFrenchguy

Governor General
1. Wayne Gretzky

He also must talk about the worst poutine he's ever had
It was the summer of 94'. My girlfriend had just left me for another man and I was lonely and hurt. The following weekend some friends and I went out to our local pub for a few brews. We all immediately noticed the new waitress as we sat down and started calling dibs on that sweet juicy goodness that she was.
This was a regular routine for us. When we saw a hot chick that none of us has a chance at, we all like to fight over the chance to even talk to such a wonder of gods creations. But most, if not all of my friends back then(and now) were pretty geeky and shy around girls. So we never really could back up all of out shit talk.
But something that evening was different for me. Maybe it was the fact that my girlfriend left me. And maybe it was the beers I'd had before we even got to the bar, And yet still maybe it was destiny! Because I made my move on her like a lion going after some kind of animal that lion's eat. I was slick, witty, charming, and she was eating it up and I couldn't believe it.
Since she was working, she gave me her number and said she would be off work around 2:00 am. We had arrived pretty early in the evening so when we left around 11:00pm I had to get ready. And by ready, I mean clean the house, my room, hide everything porn and drug related and even did a load of laundry real quick so I'd have clean sheets. Looking back I'm not even sure why I was so sure I was going to score that night but even my friends knew because they were helping me clean.
At 1am I started to get a bit nervous so I kicked my friends out and said I'd call them later. I sit down and try to relax by watching some TV but I can't sit still. Did I clean the bathroom good enough? The other rooms? Are 6 month old condoms still good? Should I play music? What kind of music? Oh crap! I don't have any way to play music! Pretty much just freaking out.
2am arrives! Now mind you, this was long before I had a cell phone and so I had to think about waiting for her to get home so I could call. How long should I wait? Should I really call this late? What if she lives with her parents? All that crap is running through my head! But at 2:20am I finally make the call!!!!!
*ring ring
Whew! She answered. I recognized her voice so I just went into my cool guy act. After being thoroughly wooed by me, she said I could come pick her up. Woo to the Hoo!!!
My blood was pumping, my heart was racing and my 91 Hyundai was in high gear. It turns out she lived on the same side of town so it was just a few minutes away. Got to her house and she was waiting outside. Good sign? I thought so.
On the car ride back to my place we chatted about work and school. She was a few years younger but we were both college students going to different Universities.
When we got to the house, I gave her a quick tour and we sat down on the couch. Right about this time there is a long uncomfortable silence. I start to mumble about any random thing when all of the sudden she plants one on me! I never was very good at making the first move.
I'll skip some of the lurid details but the action soon moved to my bedroom. The lights are off, the clothes are off and things are going so well..................or so I thought.
I didn't hear a knock at the front door but I did hear the one on my bedroom door. I turn around to see my ex opening the door and flip on the lights. The look on her face screams devastation. No one speaks. Just silence.
After the shock starts to wear off I notice she is holding something. It was a big, huge, dangerously large...
*end of story

Eat that beotch! I knew that one and no I did not cheat. I've been to Canada and I'm fairly sure that is the only thing I learned about Canadian culture. How sad am I?

debate which coast has the best salmon
Seriously? Uhmmmmm... The west coast does because Alaska is on that side and anything associated with the US is good. Ok I have no clue on this one and I soooo don't care.

show us a picture of him in a touque.
I don't have a picture of me in one but I do know what it is. A hat! HA!

While I was writing this, Schaubs decided it would be a good idea to give me more questions for the test. I will answer those later when I have more time. I need to get some work done.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fantasy Drafts so far

Last night was my second fantasy draft of the year. This was a live draft with 10 guys and I drew the 6th pick.
Here's my team.(*not in the order I picked them)
Grossman, Rex CHI QB
Manning, Peyton IND QB
Benson, Cedric CHI RB
Bush, Michael OAK RB
Norwood, Jerious ATL RB
Peterson, Adrian MIN RB
Williams, Carnell TBB RB
Davis, Rashied CHI WR
Holmes, Santonio PIT WR
Johnson, Calvin DET WR
Johnson, Chad CIN WR
Owens, Terrell DAL WR
Williamson, Troy MIN WR
Gates, Antonio SDC TE
Gonzalez, Tony KCC TE
Lindell, Rian BUF PK
Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def
Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def

Since I was the 6th in the draft, I chose a different strategy. I went with Manning and then 2 top WR's. I think it worked out pretty well. Of course my RB's are nothing great but I think I can get some points out of a couple of them.

The other league I drafted in last weekend went pretty good as well. But I was 1st pick in this one.
1. (1) LaDainian Tomlinson RB
2. (20) Tom Brady QB
3. (21) Carnell Williams RB
4. (40) Plaxico Burress WR
5. (41) Javon Walker WR
6. (60) Jerious Norwood RB
7. (61) Joey Galloway WR
8. (80) Pittsburgh DEF
9. (81) Chris Chambers WR
10. (100) Julius Jones RB
11. (101) Jake Delhomme QB
12. (120) Dallas Clark TE
13. (121) Jerry Porter WR
14. (140) Josh Brown K
15. (141) Denver DEF

I have one last live draft on Saturday and then I'm pretty much set.

Tonight I will be starting up work on the car again. Shouldn't be much more than a week before we get done and I can drive the darn thing again. I WANT MY CAR BACK!