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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Traveling Blues

After doing so much traveling this summer I have found it difficult to get back into the swing of things. Poker has taken a backseat to searching for jobs, TV and just casual life. I still have plenty to write about my adventures in Europe and from The Bash but it's taking longer then I would like to get it into words.

Tonight we get back to poker with The Mookie! BDR will once again be broadcasting the event.

We also have an announcement for a new tournament that Numbbono has set up for us.
NumbBlowMe Invitational
Tournament # 63820195
8:30 pm CST
NLHE - 0.10 + 1.00
Unlimited dime rebuys until first break
Dime add-on of 1500 chips at first break
password = bdankradio

Yes a 10 cent REBUY! How many rebuys can a bunch of donkeys have in the first hour? My guess is A LOT. This is a one time event that depending on general interest may turn into a monthly event. We wanted to call it the FawkUNumbBlowMe Invitational but I guess that's to offensive. Go figure.

See you all at the tables tonight!

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