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Friday, March 16, 2007

What to do?

Sorry, no real poker news. I again taking a short break. With the break up situation with my ex and driving her around to look at apartments and cars and such in hopes that she will actually move out at the end of the month, arghhhhhhhh.
Plus I think I'm going to buy another car. I found this 99 Mustang at the junk yard that has minimal front end damage. The front bumper has been torn off, but the hood and fenders are untouched. The engine also seems peachy so I'm going to make an offer on Saturday. Then since the front bumper is missing anyway, I'm looking into an after market front end that looks a little snazzier. I'll trick it out a bit and then maybe repaint the whole thing. It's currently blue, which isn't bad but I might go for something a bit more interesting.
You may be wondering, is this guy a mechanic who fixes up cars and shit. Or is he loaded and pays to have this kinda work done. Well, if I was loaded I wouldn't be buying a car from a junkyard. Let alone a 99. I'm lucky enough to have a family that is very gifted. My stepdad is the freakin master. I've fixed up a couple cars with him already and they always go from wrecked to looking like they just came from the factory. I always learn alot but at my place I don't have the garage or the tools to even attempt something like this.
Ok enough about cars.

My tourney brackets aren't going so well. In Miami Don's freebie I went with some crazy upsets that aren't panning out and in my company one we have 1 person who hasn't missed a single game yet. And she's our freaking secretary. Seriously she needs to be banned from office pools. During the heads up PGA golf thingy last month she destroyed us all and took down the money. She was the only one not to pick Tiger to go all the way. Talk about a luckbox.

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