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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I have Mad Skillz!

So I'm playing this SNG and I come up with a great idea. How about I get as low in chips as possible and see if I can work my way back up and win the sucker. Ok, so that's a lie. I took some beats and got way low on chips to the point where I just wanted to see if I could pull out a 3rd place finish.
My plan is working perfectly and we get down to the last 4 people. There were 2 short stacks and 2 big stacks. The big stacks continued to play poker as I and the other shorty did nothing but wait for the other to be blinded out. And then finally shorty made a move and was taken out! YES! I was gonna get back a little for my effort! Shortly after I got pocket 2's and pushed. I was called by pocket 6's and he hits a 6 on the flop.

But with my Mad Skillz I rivered the straight and now had a few chips to work with. A few hands go by and shortly after the guy that just doubled me up goes out loosing to a higher flush. It's now just me and big stack. He has about 10X more than me but I'm still just happy to make second after the run I had.
I was ready to go in on anything just to get it over with since I would be blinded out in about 2 rounds. I shove with crap cards and he just sits there. Huh? He times out, just checking and i hit middle pair on the flow and bet out. He insta folds. Huh? Next hand he insta folds. I'm a little slow so it took me a second to figure out what was going on. He was either disconnected or away. So I start to blind him out as quickly as possible. I take enough chips to get even and I'm thinking I'm gonna win this thing just because this poor sucker lost his internet connection. I steal a few more hands and then out of nowhere There Is A Five Minute Break!!!!! Now why there are breaks during single table tourneys on Full Tilt to begin with is beyond me. Luckily he doesn't come back and after the five minutes I continue to take the blinds and with him down to a little under 2000 chips he comes back and goes all in.
Here's how it went down.

I got lucky one last time and I take it down!
See? Mad Skillz!!!!!

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