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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nice little run tonight.

I played in the Riverchasers tourney tonight and out of 100+ people I managed to finish in the money in 15th place. Nothing really big or shocking happened during play, it was just a normal game for me and I felt I played pretty well.
After that I played several sng's. I finished first in 2 10 dollars 9 player tourneys and was the first out in a 5 dollar 9 person tourney. The second 10 dollar tourney was a hoot. 4 people were knocked out before the blinds even went up. then the last 5 of us battled it out for about an hour. I had my ups and downs but toward the end I was short stacked and I had to just start pushing. But I got lucky my fair share and got my stack back up to a decent amount. Then finally the other 2 small stacks were eliminated and it was down to 3. Right away they battled it out when one of them flopped 2 pair and pushed only to get called by a flush draw that fell on the turn. Now it was just me against a very very big stack. I hit just about every flop I played and took it down with a flush against his trips. It feels so good to be the one getting the lucky breaks for once.

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