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Friday, February 2, 2007

1 rendering almost done.

Here's my dealer. He's supposed to be the joker from a deck of cards but I still need to get him wrapped to look good. I've got 6 other character to make for my animated short series and am pretty sure of what I'm doing for all of them.

I played in the 30k last night on FT after playing in the qualifier and easily making the top 9 for a seat. I'd read about it on Hoy's blog and he's always going on and on about how easy it is. Well, I only played 4 hands then entire time. Midway through the tourney I had more that double everyone else left in the thing so I just sat there and coasted into the last 2 tables. Hoy was there and we weren't at the same table but I was watching his and he made some interesting plays. But you can read about that in his blog. I have some screenshots and what not but there are at home. After all that I donked out of the 30k event very early. I was playing horribly and had some trouble transitioning from the qualifier to the main event. Live and learn, I'll do better in the future.

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