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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hammer Tourney and Lost!

I had a blast last night playing in the Hammer Day Tourney. 158 players!!! That's huge!
Started off with Smokkee on my right and there was not a lot of action right away.

This was the first hammer I saw anyone drop. As you can see the hammer is good on hammer day. I believe he took most of Smokkee's chips in this hand.
I didn't play many hands for the first half hour or so and then I was moved to another table.
And now I have Smokkee's better half on my right, LoveElf!
Shortly after being moved to this table the following happened.

I'm not really sure why he called me after I moved all in after the flop but it got me moving.
I also took our Miami Don by slow playing my top two pair against his top and middle pair.
I finished 13 and got a little money back but over all I was very happy with my play. I was surprised because I didn't play more than 1 hand the entire time Lost was on. I have an addiction and I'm working on it.

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