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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Happy Hammer Day!

I guess it's not exactly the biggest holiday of the year but a good one no less. Tonight should be fun with the Hammer Day tourney. But I'm not sure that the poker will be very serious, so I expect a lot of suckouts.

Last night I played in several tourneys. I won a $10 SNG that I shouldn't have. I played in a qualifier for FTOPS #3 and got to the final table and the money but didn't get the seat. And then I played in several $8.80 tourneys for a level 1 token. Wow are those easy. People are just plain dumb when it gets down toward the end.

My animated poker series is still coming along slowly but surely. If this first one works out it will be tons easier to do more. Creating all the original characters is taking quite a bit of my time. Anyone out there interested in such a project? I could use help with voice over work and just someone else to bounce ideas off. Let me know..

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