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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Down but not out.

It's been a tough week. I've been having trouble putting everything into perspective. A good friend died unexpectedly last week. We attended her funeral on Friday. I then spent the weekend with my friends who were all close with her. After moving away I still keep in touch with my friends but only see them once every few months. But of course this time was different.
I am a hopeless wreck and the only thing that will help me is time. Time that now seems so precious and short. Or does it? I feel like it should. But how do I know that it really will in the long run. I have my doubts.

On to other happenings. It rained and sleeted and snowed about 10+inches over the weekend. So lots of downed power lines from tree limbs breaking under the weight of the ice and snow. Fun times were had shoveling out cars and chainsaw wielding amateurs cutting up trees so the city would eventually plow out street.

Then the sickness set in. My head filled up with mucus and I was home for the first 2 days of the week in bed. I'm back at work today, not sure I should be but someones got to pay the rent.

**After I started writing this, I stopped to gather my thoughts. Then I read a post almost everyone had linked on their site from Miami Don's blog. All I can say is Thank You Don. I needed that.

Oh, and now it's Mookie time tonight!
Plus I almost forgot, I got 6th in last weeks riverchasers event. That puts me in the top 10 in this years standings. Groovy!

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