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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Da Mook and BDR!

Here is a photo'chop' of what my mustang will look like with the colors I chose. I like it!

Car news:
Ok, after sulking for a week about not getting my car done sooner than later, I am back!
Won't go too much into the car but the last of the parts I needed have been coming in all week and I should have everything by the end of the week. This weekend I will be able to prep these parts for painting and then when my stepdad gets back we can finish up the whole thing lickity split! ......... I hope.

Poker news:
Haven't been playing lately as I lost most of my bankroll on a cooler that I won't go into. However I will be playing in the Mookie tonight and BuddyDank Radio will be Live On-Air!!!
Please tune in.

Fantasy Football:
Had my first draft of the season with Hoy's free league. Pretty sure this is not going to be a very serious league. But it sure looks like it will be fun. The draft was rather comical. Lot's of weird picks like kickers and tightends going in the early rounds.
I am playing in 5 leagues total but only 2 of them are live. The others are online with mostly people I've never met and for chump change.
God I love football season.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of the modern Mustang but that colour scheme is pretty freakin cool.

Schaubs said...

Chump change? You call $100 chump change? LOL JK. GL and make sure you get a good kicker...