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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Damn it!!!!!!!

I've been gone pretty much every night working on my car. My step dad has been busting his butt to finish the paint job. We were going to be putting on the base coat today and finishing up with the clear coat tomorrow. After that he is leaving for 2 weeks on a job and I was going to start putting the car back together and cleaning up the inside and such. There is a lot more work to do that I can do by myself when he is gone.
Wes was unable to work on the car for most of the day and we now no longer have enough time to finish before he has to leave!!!! FUCK!!!
Now I can't do ANY more work on the car until he gets back! NONE! It's going to have to sit there for 2 weeks while I drive my shitmobile. FUCK!!!
I really thought we were going to finish. Everything seemed to be going so well. Now I have to break the news to the people on I've been stringing them along by not telling them the colors I am using to paint the car but no I suppose I'll let the cat out of the bag. It would be cruel to make them wait 2 more weeks when I was planning on telling them tonight when I had the first pictures of the new color on my fucking car.

If you haven't heard already, I'm painting it gold with a black stripe on the hood and a black spoiler. I'd put up a picture of the design but I'm just to pissed off right now to bother.

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