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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big chance for the Big Dance

Many years ago, shortly after starting to play poker online for real money, I won a satellite in to one of the larger tourneys on Party Poker. I had never played a large MTT and was still grinding it out at limit hold em games. But boy was I excited about the chance to play for that much money. At the time I really thought I had a chance and started thinking about what I would do with all that money. I was out within the first hour but the rush I felt sitting down at that virtual table was quite the experience. Of course overtime I realized how slim my odds were and do not get nearly as worked up when playing these MTT's anymore.

Until now.....well except for that fact that this is more like an SNG.

Tonight we play the Bodonkey TOC. 18 bloggers battling it out for 1 Main Event seat. The field is tough but manageable. The rush is starting to hit me again and it feels good. I like my chances tonight and am more excited about playing poker then I have been in a long time.

Live Poker Radio will be on air tonight. We will have some things to talk about preshow but once the cards are dealt I will hopefully have someone else to take over the show for a bit. I really want to give the game my full attention tonight. And if for some strange reason I get knocked out early, I'll be back on air getting drunk. WOOT!

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