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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Never been so happy to be in the Dank

Bodonkey! Me no play goot so me no have more points. Had to sweat it out as it was unclear on how or if Bodog was rounding to determine how many people got points. Looks like they round down so that was good for me as I clinched the 18th spot but just barely. Whew!

Drama Bombs will be dropping as talk of collusion and whatnot that are almost a given when there is a prize this big at stake. This of course should shock no one if you've been around even for a short while. Cause you know online poker is rigged! Right Smokkee?

Bastard took down his own tourney again to claim the bounty place on his head. I don't really have a good conspiracy theory yet but if he wins the TOC we should have plenty of ammo. Best of luck to everyone in next weeks TOC.

Mookie tonight! Tragedy and I will be broadcasting yet another annivesary show. This time it's for when IT joined the show. No drunken box o wine Buddy tonight. I think it's IT's turn.

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