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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


errrr....OK so NO I didn't win the BIG Bodog TOC game last night but I did win this.

Here's what happened.

Got home last night and figured I'd fire up a game to get warmed up or something for the TOC. I only had T cash on Bodog so that means no SNG's. I found the next MTT starting in 2 minutes and it was this 5K Guarantee. Not sure what I was thinking when I joined this because I wasn't interested in playing 2 games. I guess I just figured I'd donk out since it was 1500 starting stacks with a blind structure almost twice as fast as the Bodonkey. Slowly I crept up and all the sudden I'm at the final table. I felt I played well in the tourney but I have to be honest here. I was lucky enough to have Aces 8 Freaking Times! None were cracked and I was paid off on almost all of them. Funny because I was playing super tight and still getting action on the few hands I was playing. Slowly I began to bring up the aggression and BAM BOOM ROAR! I took it down.

While all of this was going on I was in the Bodonkey and never really got anything started. Made the final table but went out in 9th. I'm disappointed in not winning the Bodonkey but at the same time I just had my largest MTT score ever. Hard to be too upset.

Congrats to GoldenHammer who is a Japanese blogger that I'm pretty sure none of us know. A bit sad as it's hard to see him flying over for the WSOP but who knows.

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