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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This is my new favorite blog!
Check out the other pages also, it's all Gold! My favorite part is the interview with a former employee of some anonymous poker site. Good stuff.
Every now and again we all have something happen to us in an online game that might make us think it's rigged some how. Maybe because we can't remember something that bad ever happening in a live game. But as any player who plays a lot of live poker will tell you, it happens there too. You just play so many more hands online than you could possibly play live. I just love it when some kook comes out of the woodwork to let us all in on something he just figured out, all by himself. Woo hoo! But what's he going to do? Bring down the online poker scene? Wow, that'd be impressive. Go you!

Played the MATH last night. Played like shit but after awhile I was just trying to get to the points. Think whatever you want about it but I will take every advantage I can with this format. There's a reason I'm 3rd in points, above many many better poker players. And my starting table last night was wicked! Let's see, who was there? Wawfuls, Blinders, Lucko, Cmitch, Pushmonkey, Smokkee, JoeSpeaker, BoneDaddy and Me. Talk about rigged! All the action early on was at our table. I froze up and stayed out of the way. Big mistake but at least the chat was entertaining.

And I'm starting to hear more about this blogger tourney is Vegas in June. I mean, I've heard about it before but wasn't sure on the details. After the hotel, airfare, and whatnot I just can't see me making it this year. If anyone else is going and wants to share a room and perhaps is driving from the midwest, let me know. Otherwise I'd have to have one hell of a good month playing poker to afford it right now. Fudge! I really want to go!!! Maybe I can sell my other car. Anyone wanna buy a 93 Ford Explorer? Cheap!

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