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Friday, April 27, 2007

Fuck Sprint! Fuck them in their stupid asses!

I am so confused right now that I couldn't even berate the customer support person from Sprint.
So I'm overdue in paying my cell phone bill. After receiving calls from them and a text msg reminding me that I need to pay it I decided that I might as well get it out of the way. I go to their website where I have my online billing setup with them to view my bill and pay it. My handy dandy browser remembers my login and password as I bring up their site and hit enter to log on. But I get an error that there is something wrong with my password. Hmm, did I change it and forget? Might as well try again right? Nope, no luck. It keeps telling me to call customer service and they even give me the number. I dial them up and get in their queue. After waiting about 10 minutes on hold I get an apologetic customer service rep that explains if I have entered my password incorrectly 3 times it will lock me out. Now I have to tell him my password to even talk to him so I'm pretty sure I know it but he offers to change it for me so I can try to log in again. Super! What should I change it to, he asks. I suggest changing it to the same password I was using so as to create less confusion for me. That's not really changing it though is it? Oh well then just add the number 2 to the end. Now I'm figuring since he's offered to change it so I can try again that this is so I can get in right away and take care of my bill. But after changing it he tells me it will take 2 to 4 hours for the change to take affect! WTF!! OK, so he lost me there. Whatever. But he has another offer for me. This one time only he can take my payment over the phone and waive the surcharge for helping me give him my money. No thanks, I'd rather review my bill online before I pay it. Plus I signed up for paperless billing which means I can only view my bill online and they no longer send me statements in the mail. I'll just do it later so I go home and forget about it and figure I'll just try again the next day.
Now it's the next day. I bring up their website and attempt to login with my new password and again it tells me there is a problem and I need to call customer support. Figures. I call em up and again get in the queue. This time I wait a bit longer at around 15 to 20 minutes. Another nice lady eventually gets to me and I explain my situation. But I guess I somehow got to a different department this time because she can't help me and transfers me to a different department even though I dialed the same exact phone number as the day before. Again I get to wait in the queue for about 15 minutes before the next nice lady gets to me. She looks up my info and actually has an answer to why I'm having problems! Yes, finally someone who knows what's going on. I'm so excited!! She explains that because my bill is past due that this locks me out of my online account as well....................uhmm.... but.......hey.....what?
So because I'm late paying my bill, I can't view my bill or pay my bill?? How does this make any sense. I'm not paying a bill that I haven't even seen yet. I couldn't even really get that mad because I was so confused. She offers to send me to yet another department to help me take care of my bill and says they can review my charges over the phone. Wow, they are going to go through my bill, call by call, minute by minute??? No thanks not really want to do that. What I want is to look at my bill and then I'm more that happy to pay the damn thing but NOOOOOOO this is not an option.
I have no idea what to even do next. I suppose I'll have to break down and pay over the phone and then go look at it online after they've unlocked my online account. But if there are problems can I dispute charges that I've already payed for?? And trust me there have been many times I've had to get them to take crap off my bill.

My head hurts. I give up.

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