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Monday, April 9, 2007

I like MATH! Who doesn't?

Last week was my first MATH tourney and it went pretty well. This week I hope to final table and win the sucka! I better do something because my play over the weekend was atrocious. I tried 3 times to win a token and 2 of the 3 I lost when I had top pair to a rivered straight. The 3rd I just donked off and have nothing to say about that one. Now I'm probably just going to give up and pay the buyin as to not lose anymore of these damn things. Previously I had played quite a few of the $8 token tourneys and won one in 4 outta 5. Now I can't even get to the bubble! Blah.

Had a good weekend. Our employee party was fun. Lot's of bowling and drinking and dumb games and drinking. I think I pulled muscle bowling but it's not really something I could bring myself to call in sick for.

Easter was Easter. Jesus came buy and drank some wine. I was late and missed the Easter bunny but I heard he was hilarious. And of course the family drilled me as to why my now EX girlfriend was not with me. Fun stuff.

3 $8 token tourneys = $24
2 $6 token tourneys = $12
1 Actual token win = $36 token that's only worth $26

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