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Friday, April 6, 2007

5th in the Riverchasers Event AND...

6th on the overall leaderboard for the Battle of the Bloggers!!!! Woot woot!
I had a good tourney last night. Caught some great cards and played pretty good. Toward the end I did catch a 3 outer against JJOK to keep on truckin but besides that it was usually just catching good cards in your normal race situation and patience. My goal was to place higher than MiamiDon but nope. He finished in 4th I think.
Fun stuff.

Plus if my calculations are correct I should move into the top 10 with that finish in the overall Riverchasers leaderboard.

Now all I have to do is WIN one of these damn things.

Big weekend coming up. Easter with the family and Saturday my company is hosting a party at some Bar/Arcade thingy called Inplay. Never heard of it but it's free booze so that's all that matters.

Have a great weekend everyone. Say Hi to Jesus for me.

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jjok said...

nicely done man....