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Thursday, April 12, 2007



Ok, so I just got done playing the tier 2 token frenzy. Lots of bloggers trying to get their token for The Big Game.
But here is why I'm steaming. Now I can't be too upset due to the fact that I was NEVER above 2000 chips the WHOLE tourney!!! I got lucky when I needed to and had almost no cards the whole time. Plus I played crappy early on. But we were on the bubble of the money sitting at 22. It paid top 20 but only the top 17 got tokens. I had just won my BB hand we were down to 20 so if I could sweat out 3 more people I'd have that freaking token.
What Happens??!!!

Well I don't have a screen shot because the table closed after the hand. And I don't have the hand history because I'm an idiot!!!
But to sum up!
I'm on the button!
I had cowboys!
I had a small chip stack!
Raiser in front of me! (raised more than i had)
BOTH blinds reraise behind me!
The flop was all small cards!
Turn was small!
River was small!
I turn up my kings!
Small blind turns up aces!
Big blind turns up KINGS!
Not sure what the other guy had cause of my previously stated stupidity!

So close! Could or should I have gotten away from that hand? Doubtful.

Fuckity fuck fuck.

Try some of this!


BigPirate said...

I had the other Kings and thought about not calling there as we were so close to the prize. If I fold, I was going to be shortstacked and hoping someone else busted before I anted out. Double (triple) up and I was a lock for the token. Lose and I get my entry back plus a little.

If I had a few more moments to think there, I may have actually folded. I would have been in the $ regardless so the smart move was probably a fold. I'm glad my play didn't end up screwing you as we were both soundly beat.

I made a bad move, but who the hell was expecting AA?

HighOnPoker said...

The cat dance isn't as good as weed, but its close!