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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Soooooo Sick! Kill me, please.

The end of last week I started to feel a little sickish. Well wouldn't you know it, just in time to destroy my weekend I come down with the flu. Friday night was horrible. I was sweating like a pig and aching like crazy. I could barely think straight. I couldn't bring myself to play any real poker so I played the friday night donkament instead.
Fun Stuff! I was completely out of it the whole time but that's when you catch cards. I never even had to rebuy. After a couple hours of pure donkey goodness I was at the final table and Pokerwoolf was running everyone over. I only remember one hand from the whole night. Waffles was the shortstack(shocking I know) at the table and he pushed all in on me from the SB. I got the BB special of the hammer and just couldn't resist calling. What does he turn over? 24o! Sweet! Karma comes around the corner and smacks him with two pair and keeps him in the game. A few hands later and I'm down to heads up against the Woolf and I lose that heads up match in a record 1 hand. I think he had around a 100-1 chip lead but no biggie cause it was a good time.
After the game I pop a couple Nyquil and head off to bed. Feverish and drugged up do some funky shit to your dreams. I was hallucinating all night. That was not as much fun as some trips I've had.
Next comes Sunday, not sure what happened to Saturday, and the Big Game. I had my token ready started her up. I was all over the place in that game and never really had anything. Of course we come the the halfway mark and I get rockets so me thinking I can double up real quick I push preflop against a raise from ooosssuuu guy since he was the big stack and I'm possitive he'll call. He turns up AK! Woohoo! But then the flop give him a king and so does the river. Boohoo!
Monday rolls around and I'm still feeling like crap so I call in sick to work. But that of course doesn't stop me from playing in the MATH. Again ready to go with my token I start it up. Not sure if I was feeling better but I was surely playing better. Spent most of the tourney in the top 4 and got down to the final table. Then I make a mistake? I have hooks and the BB pushes. I have him covered but only my a little. I decide to make the call and he turns up AK. Off to the races we go and an ace on the river cripples me. I'm out a rotation or so later on the bubble in 7th.
Now the interesting part. After 7 games in the Blogger Tournament thingy, I am 7 for 7 in the points! That keeps me in the running. Now all I have to do is win one of these damn things.

Tonight I hope to win the car of my dreams on Ebay! Wish me luck!

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