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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Live broadcasting the Mookie! TONIGHT!!

I've setup a shoutcast server to give some play by play action during the Mookie. I'll also be playing some bitchin' tunes so please tune in.
Click Here to Listen! is the address to connect to.

This link will work for iTunes or WinAMP.
1. If you have WinAMP it should automatically open it up and start playing. This is the easiest way to listen to the stream.

2. If you only have iTunes you can open the stream using two different methods. First one is when you click on the stream it should offer to let you Choose the program you would like to open it with. You will need to Browse to the Program Files/iTunes directory and choose itunes.exe. The second slightly simpler way is to Choose to save the file listen.pls to you computer. I suggest the desktop or my documents folder. Then open iTunes and go to the top heading of File. Select Add File to Library and browse to the listen.pls file and select it. This will add it to your library toward the bottom of the list if sorting by Artist. Double click on it to start it.

I have seen these streams work with Windows Media Player but I couldn't get it working right away on mine so I'll have to look into that for a later date.

I'm interested to see how many people tune in. Please feel free to give me any feedback in the comment section.

ALSO I TAKE SONG REQUESTS! I have a couple messenger services but not sure which one to use. I'll post my Yahoo messenger for now. Contact me at with suggestions, requests, and just to girly chat.


Matt said...

My live blog > your live broadcast.

yabi said...

Play .pls files in Windows Media Player:

crazdgamer said...

Very nice setting up the stream. It skipped at times though, so by 11:00 ET, the stream was about 3 minutes behind real life. Not sure if using a lower-quality stream would result in less skippage.

Hopefully you'll continue doing it, as I enjoyed the broadcast.

yabi said...

Lower settings will help with the skipping and the delay. I ended up turning it off myself because it kept cutting out every 10 minutes. I love the idea though, looking forward to the next one.