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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Donkey Fuckers!

I like that term.
Last night was the Mookie. I could rant and rave about how I went out of the tournament but I won't. I could also scream about how my satellite tv went out during the storm we had here during the last 20 minutes of Lost. I won't do that because I wasn't watching it live because I was focusing on the Mookie and was going to watch it right afterward on my good old tivo. Now I have the choice of watching it on the ABC website or downloading a better copy and playing in on my computer that is plugged into my gigantic television. See, I am a relatively low key kinda guy who rolls with the punches. After getting a bit upset last night, I sat back and did what I do best. I blamed myself for losing the tournament by playing too tight and not making enough moves earlier when I had chips and also blamed myself for not just bucking up and watch Lost live on my huge HD TV using the off-air antenna that would not have lost signal during the storm. That's right, I ball everything up deep down inside myself and wont let anyone else see there is something wrong.

Why am I going into this? It seems some people out there who are like the shock jocks of the blogging world. They are more popular as it is entertaining for the masses to see people get offended and upset. But I'm not sure I can go that direction with this blog.

So what I need is a theme for this blog. Yes it's partially based on my poker experience and successes and failures. Quite honestly though, unless I crank out a win here or there it's not really all that enthralling.
I'd like to continue my work with my animations and get those going but it's very time consuming and it's going to be months before that's even remotely ready.
And then there is the live broadcasting idea that I had. Do you think people will tune in to hear me talk about who busted who in the Mookie? Maybe with some excellent tunes mixed in? Even then it seems it would be more interesting of an idea to people if they knew there would be drama and all that ranting and raving crap. I'm clueless at the moment.

In more interesting news, Waffles can suck my balls!(is that what people want?)

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SirFWALGMan said...

What did I do to you donkey fucker? Lol. I can help you bring out your inner Waffles.. otherwise you can write strategy posts.. If I can get everyone playing like you then I can win a lot of money.