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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Thief made woman, 83, smoke crack, police say

Check this out.
Supposedly she forced her to smoke crack to steal her identity. But in the article the charges against her are all something related to identity theft and such. So is it not illegal to force someone to smoke crack?? And more importantly is it not illegal to smoke crack if someone is forcing it on you???

I suck at poker.

Played in the Hoy last night and my table was worthless. There was absolutely no action. By the first break we were all still dead even at our starting stacks. Now I would have loved to take advantage of this but I had no cards what so ever. I stole blinds every now and again just to keep even but I played horribly. The first time I actually had an ace and paint after the break I raised and was reraised. Stupid me I pushed and of course he had pocket rockets. I tried to be patient early and wait for a chance to chip up but with no action at our table it was impossible. I don't even know what to do in that situation. Anyone out there have any suggestions for this predicament??


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Smoke crack before you play.

Then steal your own identity and convince yourself to be more aggressive. It may burn you but at least the table will have to deal with you.

Blinders said...

Cant really help. I play best at hyper-aggressive tables, because it works with my tight style. I would prolly just try to keep even till they broke the table. If you are keeping even in a double stack you still have time. No reason to over commit with Ace-Paint