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Thursday, May 31, 2007


I took 3rd in the Mook last night. Wow, I'm still not sure how that worked out.
Plus I got my live broadcast up and going, plus there was some positive feedback. Sorry for anyone who had troubles or was getting a lot of re buffering. After my computer crashed on me last night, I ended up doing the whole thing from my laptop. Ran the shoutcast server, DJ'd the tunes, played in the game myself, and had 6 tables open trying to watch all the action! I was fairly surprised it worked at all with that kind of setup. Plus with the fact that my DSL connection at home only has about 640kb upstream I was limited to about 7 or 8 people listening in. But don't fret, I have a plan.
I know a guy, who has a friend, who is a relative of someone that owns an ISP. I'll be setting up the server on his network and should have all the bandwidth I need. Now I just have to talk him into it.
Also I'd like to get something setup so others can DJ as well as call into the show to get on the air. I've used Skype in the past but I'm not sure this is the best option. Anyone out there have a suggestion or opinion on this? I'd love to hear anything from anyone.

Checking out the BBT Standings I now see that I have climbed from 9th to 4th with my finish in the Mookie! Good times.


mookie99 said...

Congrats on the finish last night. I loved the broadcast. Very cool. Thanks for doing it.

Matt said...

Nice work man. I was hoping to get a little more competitive action between the blog & the broadcast, but it didn't seem like anyone else cared about that or the bounty.

I was only able to hear a bit of the broadcast, but what I heard was pretty cool. Maybe I'll get more out of it next time.