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Friday, May 11, 2007

Tag! You're A Git!

I've seen a number of people posting these on their blogs lately. Schaubs being the most recent and he passes on this great honor to me and some others.
I'm not a fan of chain letters or similar crap on myspace and such but this is relatively harmless so I will go ahead and post 7 random things about myself.

1. I'm legally blind in my right eye and have been since birth. It's called a lazy eye and mine is bad enough just to be annoying. I can't see the effects of 3D movies with those special glasses, I suck at most sports involving depth perception and people often think I am ignoring them if they wave at me from my bad side. But it's not all bad. As a child I got to wear a patch over my good eye in order to strengthen my bad one. I thought it was cool and no one else had one.

2. I used to be a professional Magic:TG player in my younger years. One of my many truly geeky traits.

3. I'm tall now, 6 foot 4, but I was very short in high school. My freshman year I was 5'2" and when I graduated I was just under 6 foot tall. My growth spurt was rather sudden and unexpected as my family is on the shorter side. My mom is 5'4", my dad is 5'8" and my sister is 5'6". Yes, yes go a head with all the milkman jokes, I've heard it all before.

4. I'm an actor of sorts. When I was in college, I was a theater major and did mostly acting. At one point I moved to New York City to give acting a shot but I hated it there. I still do some local theater every now and again. Most recently I was one of the leads in a Neil Simon show this past winter.

5. The Pittsburgh Steelers are my favorite NFL team. Growing up in Iowa where we have no professional sports teams you tend to latch on to closest teams doing well at the time, like Chicago or KC or Minnesota. But growing up in the 70s it seems most people were either Cowboys fans or Steelers fans. My neighbors were big time Steelers fans so I went with them and never looked back. FUCK THE COWBOYS!

6. I had a mullet in high school and was very proud of it. My prom pictures are priceless.

7. I've spent many years of my life living in Colorado being a ski bum. I absolutely love the mountains and the outdoors. Now that I'm in my 30's, my knees aren't what they used to be.

Now I don't remember reading any rules about this tagging 7 people or what happens if I break the chain so fug it.
I tag the following.
Dopey(my fav)

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