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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Gravy

Some of you may have heard our big announcement during the show last night but I am going to wait until everything is finalized before I start putting it out in print. For those who missed it, we are going to be broadcasting during a live tourney for a certain casino. Lots of things to plan and talk about so as soon as I have the word I'll be telling you all about it.

Final tabled the Bodonkey but was knocked out somewhere around seventh place. Congrats to Emptyman for taking it down and to Hoy for winning the Skillz and the TOC seat. Great job!

You will have your shot at the TOC again tonight during the MOOKIE!!!! Be there! BDR will be on live doing out thing. Most likely next week we plan to have a very special guest on the show. The Blogfather himself has agreed to grace us with his presence. Woot!
Check back on BDR soon for a complete schedule of upcoming shows and downloads of previous shows.

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