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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good lord the PAIN!!

I've felt like I was going to die for the past couple days. BLAH!!! Sick of being sick you know how it goes. Enough of that!

Back to business!!!!
Starting this Sunday BDR will be broadcasting LIVE from the Borgata. Tragedy and myself will be on the air giving updates and interviews while Riggs and Perticelli will be at the Borgata giving us the live feed!!!! Coverage will continue during the day on Monday and Tuesday but with certain limitations due to our day jobs. But we do hope to be completely live during the final table on Tuesday when they get down to around 6 players. More details to come.

So much to do and very little time left. Wish us luck and thanks Mookie for the cool banner. YOU ROCK!

Tonight is of course THE MOOK!!! Be there! I know I will. Tune in! BuddyDank Radio Beotches!!!

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