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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Box O' Wine=Dookie Win!!

Fawk me. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to get so hammered that early last night. I forgot to play old clips from shows I had spent hours cutting up. I lost track of who was going to come on air and was too wasted to help those having trouble getting connected. And I'm pretty sure that I made a huge ass of myself on the webcam.


I had one hell of a good time!

Thanks to everyone who stopped in and hung out during the show. I had hoped to get more people on but failed. My memory isn't the greatest from that later hours so hopefully I'm not forgetting something stupid I did or said.

However I do remember WINNING THE DOOKIE!!! No clue how I won but I'll take it. I just remember looking down at the final table to see just 3 of us left and I seriously have no idea what got me to that point. I hope I have the hand histories saved because I thought I was folding the whole time but must have a played a few hands in there. And I've read that I was a 10-1 dog when we got heads up. Maybe I should try to play poker more often after half a box o wine?

I feel like hell today and can't imagine doing much tonight but I'll stick my head in during the Riverchasers to see what's up.

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