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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Times and Errgh?

Well, the past 3 days were a blast. We did our best to get and give the news and updates as they happened. But in the end there was disappointment. Dissappointment??? What?? Where?? When???
As some of you know the final four in the tourney worked out some sort of chop. We had been asked earlier in the day to take down anything in print on the live blog about the possibility of a chop. So when it actually happened we were stuck. We couldn't post about the chop without risking our ties with the Borgata. AND we were unable to get confirmation from anyone that we could even talk about it on the air. It took the steam out of our stride and just fizzled. Later we learned it WAS ok to mention it on the air but again were asked to tone down any mention of it in the live blog.
But the sick part was not being able to report the big story as it was happening. There were all sorts of problems with the chop. One guy put up a stink about not getting the deal he thought he signed for and tried to renegotiate AFTER he was out of the tourney. We were right in the thick of it and couldn't do a damn thing about it without risking everything. It all came down to some New Jersey law about casinos being involved in chops, which they were not, but were more intestested in covering there tracks just in case. There were no flops and no one ever turned up their cards as they took out each player in the order agreed. Completely fucked up and majorly anti-climatic.
Now I'm not at all disappointed with how the 3 days of coverage went for us on our first venture out. Things went very well and we had a damn good time. We learned from our mistakes and know more of what is needed for future broadcasts. Riggs and Pert went all out in AC to make this happen and I can't thank them enough. Tragedy came through with some incredible interviews with Scott Fischman and Allen Cunningham that we will probably be running on air for a long time. And I got to speak with, however so briefly, Cheryl Hines!!! I'm such a dork.

Speaking of dorks. I was going through some old videos I created a number of years ago and put some up on youtube. Here's my favorite.

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