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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm going to kill everyone

Frustration, stress and life in general are really starting to get to me. Today I had thoughts of just running down a rollerblader with my car, strangling the girl who made my sandwich at Subway, and turning my car around to chase the fucker who yelled at me while at a stop sign. I, of course, would never harm another human without better reasons then I had here but something about today has me fuming. The slightest things have been setting me off.

But poker is not one of them. I find myself caring less and less about playing poker. My chances of winning anything worthwhile in the BBT or the Bodonk series are slim to none. I still enjoy playing but I've lost sight of any goals for the time being. It may have more to do with money being tight than anything else but for now I'm content playing once or twice a week. Plus I keep hearing more and more about people not being able to withdraw funds from FT and PS. Not that it's a big issue with me at the moment but it's kind of a buzz kill.

I'll stop my bitching and moaning for now and get on with things.

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Don't forget that next week is BDR/LPR's 1 year aniversary! We'll be drinking it up, heavily, next Wednesday during The Mookie. Tonight we'll be on air doing that thing we love to do. Tune in!

PS- I really need to get laid. That should help with the murderous thoughts don't ya think?

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