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Sunday, September 7, 2008

3 American and an Englishman walk in to a bar.

Things are a hazy shade of grey. Lots of rain and bad weather. Not really the worst thing that could happen though.
Last night was a late night on the town. After meeting up with a local Englishman at the one of my current favorite shops for a couple hours I went back out into the wild. I had a recommendation from a friend that I had to look into.
Instructions read:
Remember this - Red Light District Cafe. Go up to the second floor and find
a seat in one of the booths right next to the window and wait for it to get
dark :) You'll thank me later... :)

Mission accomplished! This place was pretty sweet. 3 floors and the top one had a smoking area that you could actually smoke cigarettes. A foosball table in one corner and a few booths along the window.
Throw in a visit to your local smart shop and you have quite the night ahead of you. Just incredible.

I'm still trying to determine when I'm leaving but need to figure it out by tomorrow.

Amsterdam is fun.

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