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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Amsterdam? Why would I possibly go there?

My trip to Europe started off with my dad offering me a plane ticket to England where he was staying for a good part of the summer. Plans were to tour around just England but changed to include Paris the more we got talking about it. 2 weeks of museums and beautiful countryside views.

But a few days into the trip we got word that my step mom was not feeling well and had gone to the doctor. Tests showed that she may have a problem with her heart. My grandfather had passed away last year while he was overseas and he was not sure he'd be able to finish off the trip with me. After talking to a few more doctors my dad decided to head back early and changed his flight. The final arrangements were being made while we were in Paris so I had to decide what I was going to do. I chose to stay in Paris and looked into catching a train to Holland. Turns out that it's very easy to travel around once you're already in Europe to other areas of the continent. So I said my goodbyes to my father and got on a train headed for Amsterdam.

Most everyone I had spoken to about my trip before leaving couldn't believe I was going to be so close to Amsterdam and not going there. Why not right? It wouldn't have been quite the same journey if I had family with me but now I was in a great situation to let it all hang out. My dad even warned me that some coffee shops cake might have 'marijuana' in it before I left. He really is clueless sometimes.

Coming into the station and getting off the train with no plans, no hotel arrangements and no idea how to get around the city was a bit frightening at first. Now I have lived in large cities before so I wasn't all that concerned but I do admit to being a bit clueless myself. I wandered around for a short time. Took in the sights of the canals and such and finally decided I better find a place to stay before partaking in any of the smokables.

It didn't take long to find a suitable hotel so I got rid of my backpack and headed back out into the streets of sin. First coffee shop was The Green House. It sat along one of the canals and seemed comfortable enough. Little did I know that I would spend the next 2 hours in this place just trying to make sure I was good enough to be out on the streets again. First joint kicked my ass!

That's all I've got time for today but come back soon for more.

Some of my pictures are up over at my Picasa page for right now. Check em out!

Don't forget that tonight is The Mookie and my first broadcast in a long time. I'm dubbing it the Official Relaunch Party for BDR! Come hang out and stay awhile.

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