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Monday, September 29, 2008

Home and sober......finally

A few delays during the trip back to cornytown but I am back.

Obviously I had a great time. What the fuck else do you expect? I guess I'll start with a small number of highlights and try to tell more detailed stories later cause I'm a whiny tired little bitch.

1. Meeting some bad asses that I had not had the pleasure with before. Tuckfards Carson and DonK! Evy! Dawn Summers! Big Mike! LuckTruck! Perticelli! Riggs! MillerD! Corron10! BadBlood! DocChako! Spaceman! Fuck this list is just going to keep going. Links and stories soon I promise.

2. Got to spend way more time with others I had met before! A huge advantage during a smaller event like this where we are pretty much all together all day!! That list is everyone else!

3. Crashing at Casa de Al! What a guy! My last minute plans left me scraping to figure out what to do and he was kind enough to take me in. Good thing he told me a story about having to break into his own home cause I had to do it Saturday when we couldn't find him. Luckily the neighbors didn't call the cops.

4. Drunk and drunker! FAWK! First breakfast rocks the house!

5. Boobies!!! I won't give that one away quite yet but I saw boobies!

6. MillerD and Jordan are my boyees! Perfect timing! Cough cough

7. Lost numerous bets but it was worth it. Sorry Rooster.

8. Quote from Otis 'BuddyDank Radio doesn't have a radio in his own car?' Busted.

9. Sleep is overrated.

I could just keep going but I need to give some mojo to my Steelers cause they are sucking right now. WTF happened to the offense?

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