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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 1

My last minute plans for The Bash went into effect Friday morning on a very early flight. A short layover in Chicago and I arrived in Philly. Luckily I got a txt msg from Riggs that Drizz was coming in around the same time. Quick call to Drizz and we're off to the closest bar to wait for BadBlood and Otis. Capn Cokes, burgers and the wonderful company of Drizzle. Hour or so later and we get the call that they have arrived. Off to the car rental place and we're ready to go. Met BadBlood for the first time and Otis for the second.

BadBlood is the master of the 12 point turn. Otis is one hell of a navigator and by that I mean we only got lost 2 or 3 times. During the drive I was exposed to the wonderfulness of XM Radio. They all seemed to have favorite channels but we managed to find something we could all enjoy. During the conversation about my ignorance of the latest satellite technologies was apparent and I let it slip that I didn't actually even have a radio in my car at all. Otis' response, 'BuddyDank Radio doesn't have a radio in his own car?' I felt ashamed. Ok not really but it still struck me as pretty humorous.

After a few minor detours we arrived in Pheonixville PA! Tyler James Pub was easy enough to find and who else would be standing out front other than the main man Alcanthang himself. It was still early enough that most of the group wasn't there but slowly but surely they arrived. Bam Bam, Pebbles and the Tuckfards Carson and DonK somehow snuck in the country from Canada. Big hugs from CK are the bestest. I hadn't played Buck Hunter in a long time but I had a good run and somehow still lost to Drizz.

Superfantabulous Poker Time!
Needless to say but I was feeling good. Good and Drunk! Fawking good thing this was a rebuy. Pushed a couple times could never catch up. REBUY! Raised like I was a rich man. REBUY! But our table was actually fairly quiet compared to Al's. I think he pushed the first 5 hands and about a half hour in, Al Drizz and Falstaff had 15 to 20 buyins between them. I had BadBlood, LuckTruck, KevinwithanAK, Carson and some cranky old dude at my starting table.

My most notable hand gave me a pretty shitty image. The details are skectchy but here goes. I look down to see K-9os and raise. 1 or 2 callers and the flop comes out 88x. Checked to me so I figure I can buy it. I bet and get 1 caller. No help on the turn so I bet it again. Same guy calls but I can't give up now. Ace on the river is a shitty card. Fawk it! I again bet it, he tanks and calls showing his Ace for a pair on the river. I look at the guy and say 'Good call, I was bluffing' but my drunk ass decides to show my shitty bluff. As I turn over my cards I didn't even look at them but Badblood points out that I have trip 8's. Whoops. Guess I should have taken another look at my hand. My K-8 takes the pot and my opponent is crushed and the table is shocked. I'm pretty sure that put a permanent bullseye on my forehead for the rest of the game. It was right about this time I became ZombieDank. Little sleep, too much drink and a little smokey smokey turns Buddy into the walking dead. Dead money that is.

I did get the better of cranky old dude though when I pushed my flush draw against his TPSK. Flush hits on the turn and he's ready to lose it. Seriously wouldn't shut up about it for the next half hour. Acting like I'm the first schmoe to ever push his flush draw. Yes I invented it! Whatever. I eventually went out after getting short and pushing my AQ into Spaceman's AA. GG.

The rest of the evening was spent waiting for the game to finish. There might be a few pictures of me sleeping in a chair but at least I didn't set up a bed of chairs like Drizz who was passed out way before me. The cash game seemed like a bad idea in my state plus crank old dude was in it and I really didn't want to have to kill him.

Early morning Saturday after it was over a bunch of us headed over to a little diner for first breakfast. No clue what I ate. I do remember the waitress being the only one working the place and Rooster trying to get her to be my date for the Bash. Plus to get back to town 7 of us had to jam ourselves into the Man Truck. It was ugly but we made it.

Next up! Day 2 and the Pub Olympics.

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