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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hours away from the tourney!

Woot! BuddyDank is still kicking it in Vegas. Good times.

More on that later......

I will be attempting to give updates on the game today if possible. Still trying to see what I am allowed to do here. Currently I'm sitting in the Venitian's Sports Book using their wifi so if I bust early I can at least get online and post some updates. But if at all possible I will be attempting to broadcast.

I will update soon!

We are just past the first break and Buddydank is out! Big suprise huh?
Rivered by a king is all she wrote for me today. I had a blast and a great table.
Other victims I know of.
Waffles is out.
Carmen is out
JJOK is out
Al is out on an all in AA vs KK vs QQ. Al's aces are no good to the king on the flop for Blinders.

No broadcast as it would be difficult and no one is really around right now to listen anyways.

More updates as they come

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