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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Vegas is so close I can smell it!

4 days!
Ice storms deluxe have me locked in my home for the weekend. I had hoped to go out and get a number of things for the trip but it will have to wait. I couldn't get into my car right now if I wanted to. I'd say there is at least 3 inches of ice on it and the sleet it still coming down good.

OK so last
It was a very casual evening. We met at a restaurant and ended up closing it down. It was funny because we were just chatting and then I got up to go to the bathroom and realized we were the last two people in the place. Time flies I guess. Then we went to a local bar and had a few drinks. It was a very nice time but has still left me a bit confused. I found that it was hard to really know completely what I felt about a woman who just looked so damn good! The years have been very kind and quite honestly she looks better now then way back when. Things like that seem to cloud my judgment.
Wow we talked about everything though. Even some things that we had never talked about at the time. Like the different times we broke up and cheated on each other and weird crap like that. She actually knew about one girl that I didn't know she knew about at the time. Yes yes our relationship was a little rocky at times but we always seemed to work it out and forgive each other.
BUT the main issue at hand was that I was really hoping I would have defined feelings once I saw her and that didn't happen. I would have been perfectly happy if there was no longer that spark and that would be that. This was not the case.
BUT there were other factors involved. Even though her fiance left her only just 2 months ago she acts like she is completely over it and fine now. AND she is going to Chicago later this weekend and already has a date with someone while she's in town. Hearing that did bother me but I am unable to completely understand why. Is it because I am still wanting to be protective of her and I think it's a mistake for her to see someone so soon? Or is it because I'm jealous that it's not me?
I could tell stories all day about last night and our past but writing this out has me reading it and seeing that there is really no chance for us. And I think I'm fine with that. Maybe. sorta kinda?

Today! Packing for Vegas and sitting on my ass. Might work on the website too.

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