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Saturday, December 15, 2007

So there I was with 2 hookers and a limp dick

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Geisha Bar.

After having a few drinks and meeting others such as Zeem, Al, Fat Guy, Weak, Pauly and good lord this list could go on forever, I had the chance to sit down and talk to Pauly. It was great to catch him early in the trip before the hordes all showed up. It will come as no surprise that he's just a downright nice guy. I could have talked his ear off all night and I even managed to get some advice out of him.

More and more bloggers started rolling in and I looked at my phone to see what time it was. Sure enough I had not heard it ring earlier and I had a couple missed calls and a text message from Tragedy. It read 'I'm in the lobby of the IP' and was only a few minutes old. I wandered toward the front and see a man with a guitar wearing an ugly ass Brown's football jersery. IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING TRAGEDY!

Now it seems not everyone knows that until then Sean and I had never met. The whole BuddyDank Radio co hosts thing came up from him commenting here on my blog after one of my first shows. It was great to finally meet the man and we would spend a fair amount of the time together and have some good times.

We got Tragedy's gear stowed away in my room which led to him staying with me out of convenience. While Tragedy was introducing himself to every person in the joint I went and grabbed a quick dinner with Jordan and Peaker. CK joined us as well and we all got a chance to get to know eachother. Jordan is freaking hilarious and not quite what I expected. A funny jewish guy? Who would of guessed it? Peaker is pretty much exactly what I would have thought. We have a fair amount in common with our love for the mountains. Although my knowledge of fourteener's was put to shame when I was telling him about my climbing experience. I may have to try to get him to guide me on a climb some time.

Dinner was good but it was time to get back to the drinking. So I strolled right back into the mix where I was met my Iggy asking 'How the hell are ya?'. I made the mistake of responding 'Well, I'm not drunk yet', and he and Al came up with a remedy. Minutes later I had a double Patron in hand and my first shot of the trip was in my belly. Seconds after that ScottMc made sure I had another double in hand and I was well on my way. I don't think I bought myself more then 3 drinks that night but I was never without a drink in hand.

It was now time to gambooool! The Paigow tables were hoping and I was ready to get in on what was obviously The Game to play with the bloggers. GCox's wife Carrie was sitting in and offered me her seat so I could play my first hand of Paigow. Carrie is so incredibly great. She helped me set my hands and showed me the ropes. With my minimum bets out I threw some money away and lost around $30 in 30 minutes but had at least 5 drinks. They say it's a win and so I'll go with that. Shortly after I gave Carrie her seat back and went back to socializing.
Bankroll - $280 - $30 = $250 Ruh Roh Raggy!

As the night rolled on I met Blinders, Astin, Schaubs, and Fuel. Blinders and I had a great chat and have a fair amount in common as well. Cough cough and ready to go again. More drinking and then somewhere in there the call went out for anyone interested who wanted to play craps need head to the Casino Royale. Why not? I'd never played but the game there is $3 craps so now was as good of a time as any to learn the game. Oh wait, I was drunk and stoned. Maybe not the best time to learn but a great time to gamble and have fun. Quite honestly at the time I had no clue what was going on with the game. Blinders tried to explain it but there was no chance. I just bet what he bet and soon enough on ScottMc's roll we started to make some money. Cashing out +$30, this would be my first win of the trip. And watching the excitement from Tragedy, Al and GCox on the other table was priceless. Al kept yelling toward our table about his wins and for some odd reason was calling Blinders Lucko all night.
Bankroll - $250 + $30 = $280 I WIN!

By this time it was way late and so I dragged my ass back to my room and passed out for the night. There is a good chance that more happened that evening but it's the fuzziest of all my days memories.

Come back to hear about my first win over $100. Woot!

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