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Friday, July 27, 2007

I gots my Sex Machine!!

It's here! Drove it last night. Handles like a dream and looks like shit. More pictures later today after work when I start cleaning it up.

OK so last night was the Riverchasers event. I'm expecting to get a lot of shit talk due to my humorous play last night. I seriously was pushing with every single face card last night. It started out as me trying to leave so I could go get my car. But I just kept winning every race! I mean EVERY RACE! It was sick. I must have taken out 5 or 6 people with paint rag.
So go ahead and berate my poor play and choices. I don't care! I got 2nd last night but should have waited for a few better cards heads up. Drizz took it down and played very well.

I will be taking a break from playing as much poker as I normally do to focus on rebuilding my new car. Of course I will be doing BuddyDank Radio during the main Bloggerments but won't be playing most of them for a bit. It will be good for me to get some other things done in my life and when I come back I should be refreshed and hopefully not as willing to push K4s.

Currently I'm really leaning toward the Grabber Orange color. Not sure on the stripes yet but we'll see when I get closer to that stage.

Doubt I'll make it to Kat's $1 rebuy tonight but that doesn't mean you should miss it too. GO PLAY! It's a Blast!


SirFWALGMan said...

Its a really key point but a small one "Pushing K4 is OK, Calling all in with K4 is not"..

RaisingCayne said...

GG Buddy! And congrats on the car! (I vote orange.)