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Friday, July 6, 2007

Live Poker

You may not be aware of this but Iowa does have casinos. And there just happens to be one relatively close to me. So on Tuesday myself and a coworker decided to play some live poker. I used to play quite a lot but have not been in many months. Their games were always fairly lame. Usually a couple tables playing 3-6 limit and about the same number of 1-2 no limit. But in the past the problem was always that the 1-2 no limit had a min/max buy in of $100. That was it! If you didn't get lucky, the guys who had been there all day who sitting on $1000+ would run you over. Well to my surprise they had changed the buy in! It was now a $100-$300 buy in. What a great change for them to make because I had always heard everyone bitching about their games.
I sat down at a $3-6 limit table while I was waiting for a 1-2 spot to open up. God Damn do I fucking hate that freaking game. Every hand has 6 callers down to the river. So if you get lucky then yes you get paid. But that's not poker! I don't know why I even stayed there but soon enough I was down $100 and decided to take a break and wait for the other game. I went down to the table games and threw some money around on the roulette wheel. No big hits there but it was finally time to play some real poker. I chose to buy in for $200 so I could fold for a while and get a feel for the table. 45 minutes later and it's all gone. 2 rivered flushes and my 2 pair counterfitted by an over pair. No biggie as I was just getting to get a feel for the table. Bought back in for another $200 and went on a heater. KJo make 2 pair on the flop against a guy who just couldn't lay down big slick. And then later I finally got bullets and paid off. I was sitting on the button with a $15 raise in front of me. The guys in the blinds had proven to be very tight so I knew they both wouldn't call without great hands. I smooth call the $15, the SB calls and sure enought the BB folds. Flop comes out with AQx and 2 diamonds. They both check and I put out a $35 bet. Very quickly the SB raises to $70 and the MP folds. I put him all in for another $60 and pray he's not on a flush draw. He stands up and slams his cards on the table exclaiming that he finally got a hand. AQo! Teehee. Drawing almost completely dead except to the last two queens in the deck. But personally I would have loved for that to happen because it would have netted me around $35,000 from the bad beat jack pot. But nothing comes and I take down my biggest pot of the night. I left up just a little for the evening but I was just happy to get back my earlier losses.
All in all a fun night. I need to do it more often.

Don't forget Kat's $1 rebuy tonight! I took it down last week but we only had 11 entrants.


Numbbono said...

Which casino in Iowa? So you live in Iowa? Well guess what, so do I. I'm familiar with Prairie Meadows, and a few of the Council Bluffs casinos.

Any chance you live around Des Moines?

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Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

I thought there was nothing in Iowa but Corn and loonies waiting for politicians to come and suck up to them.